Ultimate Guide to Fix a Cigarette Burn in 3 Easy Ways!

Are you a smoker and you have accidentally made a cigarette burn hole in your car seat? This is frustrating and also makes your car seat looks terrible. Seeing your car seat filled with dirt and dust doesn’t speak well about the value of your car amid reselling.


So are you wondering how to fix it? Do not fret, it’s nothing serious and in this article, you will learn how to do it in 3 different ways.

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Why You Should Fix the Burn Immediately

Cigarette burn holes can be baffling. Some burn holes are noticeable immediately, while others might be too small to be noticed. The issue with a burn hole in an automobile seat is that, the fabric have the tendency to spread open more after some time if nothing serious is done about it.

The issue can also deteriorate as a result of the steady wear and tear after some time. It is recommended for you to have them fixed as quickly as you can!

3 Different Ways to Fix a Cigarette Burn in Car Seat

As stated earlier, a cigarette burn hole isn’t as serious as you may think and can easily be done in 3 different ways without wasting much of your time. The 3 methods include; reweaving the fabric of the car seat, gluing the fabric of the car seat and utilizing the cigarette burn repair kit, specifically made for incident like this.

However, you are most likely to opt for a method contingent upon the intensity of the burn. For example, a minor burn may just require you to glue the seat fabric.

Reweaving the Seat Fabric

Tools Needed:

  • Small scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle

For a few sorts of fabrics, reweaving is a reasonable option. Particularly helpful for fixing antique fabrics in some classic cars, this method enables a car owner to keep up with the original car seat without replacing a whole segment of the fabric. Fabrics with loosely woven threads and plain tweeds are the best contender for this technique. The 3 steps involved are listed below.

Step by Step Guide to Fixing Cigarette Burn in Car Seat Using Reweaving Method

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Trim Off the Melted Edges

With a sharp, small scissors, owners can trim away the melted edges in the seat, to begin with, so there could be a neat and plain platform to weave on.

Gluing the Seat Fabric

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors/razor
  • Pencil

For a splendidly uniformed repair, this method uses encompassing fabric to disguise the cigarette burn hole and thus, a decent alternative for delicate fabrics, such as velour. Below are the 3 simple steps involved in this process.

Step by Step Guide to Fixing Cigarette Burn in Car Seat Using Gluing Method

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Cut Off An Unnoticeable Part of the Seat

The owner have to cut a part of the car seat that is not easily noticeable using a razor blade so it could release a pea-sized measure of fuzz.

Fix the Cigarette Burn Using Cigarette Burn Repair Kit

Car seat repair kits are available at different prices for a wide range of sorts of upholstery. Owners must ensure to carefully read the label in order to know precisely which application the repair kit is made for.

For example, cigarette burn holes found on the seat of a car need a sturdier repair solution than holes found in areas that experience less stress do.

Tools Needed:

The kit has 27 different velour colors in 1oz. containers, Mask-A-Tak velour spray glue, water based velour glue, twofold sided stiff bristle and hogs hair brush to equitably apply velour atomizer, velour flock, foam sub bunch trim outs, and a cleverly compact case. This is an awesome beginner kit, if you are just starting out.

Fixing Cigarette Burn Hole in Car Seat Using Cigarette Burn Repair Kit

This method has to be broken down into a step by step guide because it is somewhat longer and has to be done more delicately than the aforementioned two methods.

Keep in mind that you won’t necessarily make use of all the tools in the kit for this process as the kit is also made for other burns. So the following are 8 basic steps involved in fixing your car seat with a cigarette burn repair starter kit;

Step 1: Trim Off the Blackened Fabric

Using the nail trimming scissors, trim off the blackened fabric. Try not to cut excessively and do not touch any of the unaffected fabric.

Step 2: Use the Foam Cushioning to Form a Plug Like Foam

Get the craft scissors and slice the foam cushioning to shape up a little plug like foam that fits in to the hole caused by cigarette burn. The plug made ought to be sufficiently big to fit cozily into the burn hole, yet not all that big as to make a bump in the seat.

You may have to try out various sizes until the point that you find the correct one for your requirements.

Step 3: Sew Fabric and the Foam Plug Together

What is next now is to use a clear, thin fishing line to thread the curved needle and precisely sew fabric and the foam plug together. Try not to get the needle caught in the foam.

The objective is to have the attachment situated underneath the fabric weave. This deals with the affected area that cannot be easily reached or the small cigarette burns.

Step 4: Check the Seat’s Underside for Material Swatches

Check the seat’s underside. In the event that you have multiple or larger cigarette burns you need material swatches that match the texture of your fabric seat. Much of the time you will find that the material extended over the framing has a touch of overage that is not required but rather was not totally cut off amid manufacture. Remove that bit of overage.

Step 5: Fill the Holes with the Foam Plugs

Cut through the foam plugs to fill in the multiple holes or hole. Indeed, ensure the fit is cozy and the holes aren’t overstuffed by the plugs.

Step 6: Stitch Both Edges Together

Thread the color matched sewing thread with the curved needle. Stitch the edges of the plugs and the edges of the cigarette burns together. Try not to pull the thread too hard, since it can tear directly over the foam.

Step 7: Cover up the Remaining Holes

Cut the piece of material you removed, so you could fit it over the rest of the holes. Make it slightly bigger than the real hole. Clue the foam plug with the piece of fabric using super glue.

Try not to utilize excess glue but rather utilize sufficiently only to cover the foam plug and an unendingly small bit of the edge that exhibits your sewing.

Step 8: Let the Glue Dry off Completely

Allow the applied glue to dry off totally. Cut off any overage that is left subsequent to covering the foam plugs using the nail trimming scissors.

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Final Thought!

If you are similar to the majority of in-a-hurry people, odds are you invest a considerable amount of your time in your car, turning it to your mobile home away from home. When you are spending hours running errands or cruising down the open roads, the exact opposite thing you need to see in the rear view of your car is a big cigarette burn hole in your car seat.

When something hot like a cigarette inadvertently touches your car seat, do not freeze because it’s nothing serious. With the above do-it-yourself steps, you can impeccably fix the cigarette burn hole yourself. You can also use the car seat cushion to prevent the cigarette burn and protect your health.

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