Useful Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

An automobile is no longer a luxury that boasts your status in the society. Rather it has become an essential part of your life whether it is for the purpose of commuting to work or travelling for luxury. A vehicle gives your freedom of mobility and lets you avoid the hassle of public transportation.


But to truly enjoy the benefits of your vehicle you need to make sure it is kept in excellent shape which is where our car care and repair tips come in handy. Hop in to know how you can keep your car performance at optimal levels always.

Lighting is an often overlooked aspect in car care and repair. But indicator lights and headlights are vital for your driving. You can easily replace the indicator lights without going to a repair shop as the lighting modules are easy to buy and replace.

While replacing the headlight bulb, take care to touch the holder alone and not the bulb. Use proper protective gloves while replacing the bulb. This will prevent the dust or grime from sticking to the exterior surface of the bulb, which can affect the coating and lead to cracking of the surface when the headlights are used.

Batteries provide the power needed for starting the engine. When the engine is in operation, the alternator will recharge the battery. To keep the battery in good shape, you should have it cleaned and secured properly and check the level of water if needed.

To retain the shiny and new look of your car, you need to use the proper detailing supplies and tools. The detailing also helps to protect your vehicle from the elements. The car polishes and waxes available now offer excellent protection making cleaning easy and simple.

There are three important things to check when it comes to the wheels and tires:

Tire Pressure

If you want your vehicle to maintain its fuel economy, checking the tire pressure will help a lot. Proper tire pressure also ensures you get maximum handling and comfort.

Find out the recommended pressure for your vehicle’s tires from the owner’s manual. Check the pressure every week using pressure checking gadgets or monitoring systems or the latest smart gadgets that let you read the pressure from your mobile.

Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned wheels also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle and most importantly your safety. Make sure you have the alignment checked as per the owner’s manual recommendation. Rotate the tires for each 5000 mile distance you cover.

Check the Tread

For your tires to function optimally in any weather condition, the tire treads should not be too worn out. Many car models have inbuilt tread wear indicator bars, if not you can use the old penny test.

And finally last but not least, clean the dust, dirt, and grime etc. from the wheel using a damp sponge to keep the brake system working properly.

The cooling mechanism in your car helps regulate the temperature of engine by pumping the coolant from engine to radiator. Check coolant levels in the reservoir and check the connecting hoses for any wear and tear. Cleaning the coolant system regularly and refilling it will drain dirty fluid and keep the coolant working correctly.

The emission system moves exhaust from the passenger and engine area, refines gases into least harmful gases and water vapor, and expels them via dampers for minimal noise. Since this is a tough job you need to ensure the exhaust system is checked regularly. This will keep your vehicle operating efficiently, smoothly and quietly.