How To Find the Best Car Seat Cushion: All You Need to Know

If you have driven for long hours then you probably know how uncomfortable and tiring car seats can be. Your comfort level on the road is to a significant extent affected by the type of car seats you have.


The cushions, the seat covers, the foam in the seats, etc. Sadly though, there is nothing much you can do to improve the comfort of stock car seats, but this doesn’t mean you cannot. I have prepared a guide on how to find the best car seat cushion without breaking a sweat.

When used as an accessory to your seats, car seat can significantly improve your seating posture by distributing the pressure on your buttock area. Car seat cushions come in all shapes and sizes.

Most are designed just to protect your car seat from wear and tear while others are designed to both protect your new car seats and alleviate back pain problems during long driving hours or during long office hours.

What to Consider When Buying a Car Seat Cushion

1. Comfort

Especially for long drives, I feel very uncomfortable driving without a car seat cushion. If you are a professional driver, then it is not negotiable. You need a docile and comfortable and well-designed car seat cushion.

You can easily buy a car seat cushion that is tailor made to distribute your weight making it much more comfortable.

2. Protect the Leather Seats

If you have a leather seat, then you will notice that it has been poked or scratched somewhere. This happens when you drive with your keys, wallets or even coins in your pockets.

A good car seat cushion should have a smooth bottom that will not damage the leather seats and a tough to handle all the “keys” in your pocket

3. Health

Well-designed car seat cushions are made to improve blood circulation, remove fatigue and damp excess stress. We have different seat cushions for different functions.

Ensure you get the seat cushion that solves your specific problem. Speaking of health, here is a short article I found about how car seat cushions promote a good posture.

4. Aesthetics

Car seat cushions may boost the aesthetic appearance of your car. You can get tailor made and custom designs for your car cushions. In any case, you can buy separate covers for your seat cushions to match your mood or occasion.

5. Warmth

If you have ever driven on a freezing car seat then you will appreciate having car cushions. They are easy to heat up and thus make driving in cold weather more comfortable. Check out this video on heated car seat cushions.

6. Air Circulation

A good car seat cushion should have good breathability and the ability to absorb moisture. The fabric should allow for free air flow within the cushion itself.

The Question About Kids' Safety

There is no explicit law governing the use of seat cushions for kids. All the same, the traffic department recommends using seat cushions that have a back and side wings.

Lack of side wings and a back may endanger the child in case of side impacts causing head and side injuries. Depending on the age of the child, it might also make it hard to strap a diagonal adult size safety belt.

My Experience With Seat Cushions

Being an owner of a Toyota Station Wagon, I know how bad it can get when you drive for long hours. It is like sitting in a hard plastic chair at the subway station all day.

There was this time I drove for 600 miles (trust me even truck drivers don’t do this much) to go and watch a basketball match in Canada. The seats they have in a Toyota Fielder can really give you serious back pain. After that day, I went into a serious shopping spree for seat covers.

Here Are My Top 5 Picks for Seats

***Below are more information on the recommended car seat cushions, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

This is the one I first bought. According to the packaging, the seat cushion is designed to alleviate lower back pain for drivers. The science behind it all is alleviating pressure on your tailbone thus reducing the back pain.

At that time I was ignorant and I thought it was the only seat cushion that can be used both in the office and in my car. Just for the record, I bought it on my way from Canada and thus got a chance to test it for my 600 mile journey back.

Buying it is pretty straightforward since there are not many colours to choose from. When I bought it, there was only black to choose from and this had me gutted since I wanted something to match with my car seat.

The seat is light (only 700 grams) and thus can be carried around easily. You can buy just one for both the office and the car.

     Our Rating

The producers claim that the cushion will reduce pain generated from certain conditions as sciatica nerve pain and herniated discs. I swear I don’t know what those are but I found a research that backs up the claim here


  • The build quality is excellent
  • It feels well compact and light
  • The foam doesn’t collapse under heavy weight
  • Reduces lower back ache for drivers


  • Poor grip on the seat. It slides!
  • It lacks a removable seat cover

Well, I had to buy something that is almost perfect. I took the Xtreme comfort cushion to my home office and ordered the Aylio one for my car. This one looked promising from the very beginning.

It was lacking a slot at the back, unlike the Xtreme comfort, and this meant that it had more grip on the car seat (this was the reason I bought it in the first place). When driving, I didn’t even know it was there.

When buying this cover, ensure you inspect the stitching at the joints. I noticed some of the cushions had thread which was not tucked up. When pulled, the thread could come out altogether.

Well, it is refreshing to know that I had three colours to choose from; grey, white and black.

     Our Rating

I did some research on this specific brand of cushion and found out that it was first designed for people with sciatica and pressure sores. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for back pains.


  • It has an extra removable cover
  • Alleviate lower back pain for drivers
  • It doesn’t collapse under heavy weight
  • Has lumbar support to take care of fatigue


  • The foam is too stiff
  • It was so small. It felt like it was designed for kids
  • Flatten quickly after extended use

I am a hard man to please. I have had people complain a lot about my preferences. In case you are already wondering, I didn’t buy this particular one. But I was about to buy it. It looks and feels like the Aylio one

In fact, weren’t it not for the label I wouldn’t have noticed it was different. Simply put, it distributes pressure better along your cheeks.

If you are on a budget, I would recommend that you buy this specific one. The reason is because it is lighter (0.5kgs) than the rest of them meaning you can easily carry it around.

     Our Rating

Second, even though the design is the same as Xtreme Comfort’s this one looks more hybrid (designed for both office and car)

The manufacturer recommends using this product at room temperature. There is nothing special about this recommendation. All Memory foam change their firmness with temperature. The hotter it is the more soft it becomes.


  • It has a deeper ergo shape
  • Comes with a removable cover
  • Alleviates pressure on your tailbone


  • The foam is stiff. Very stiff for my liking
  • Looks too small

I had to buy this one. It was recommended to me by Amazon based on “search history”. You will want to be careful with what you search for… these people will recommend you to buy “Today’s Weather” rain coat. Anyways, this is a cushion with a wide variety of covers to choose from.

When I first used this cushion, it felt like it was a seat booster. Being a tall guy, I was seated way high for my liking, but given the fluffy foam, it was not long before my seat position resumed.

This makes it ideal in situations where you want to boost your sitting height. Great for short guys while driving

Once you get the positioning right, you will enjoy the cushion. Your butt will sit somewhere inside the cushion with the thighs pressing on the inside.

This looks like a cushion you would use on a wooden chair. You know instead of buying an expensive office chair

     Our Rating


  • Very comfortable!
  • It doesn’t change its shape
  • It has quite a good grip on the seat of your car


  • It doesn’t come cheap

Well, this another seat cushion that I am planning on buying a second one. I have no major issues with the ones I have but I like to try it on my lawn chairs since it is different. Nonetheless, I know of a colleague who uses for his wooden office chair and he rates it relatively well.

The main notable difference is the fact that the cushion is made with memory foam, but with gel to make it cooler (low temperatures cooler) relatively better than any of the cushions I have reviewed previously.

Perhaps because it is reinforced with gel. I found this video on YouTube that talks about advantages of having gel in seat cushions.

Via Amazon

     Our Rating

I recommend not using this cushion on your driving chair. Well, this is from personal experience. Not only doesn’t it feel awkward but it changes the driving too much that hitting a bump may through you off balance


  • Helps reduce back pain and promote upright posture
  • Sits perfectly on the chair and it doesn’t slip
  • The cushion can hold more weight without flattening


  • Sadly, the cushion flattens when used for extended periods of time
  • Smells funky

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Parting shot!

Seat cushions are an aesthetic addition to any seat. However, the primary objective of using a seat cushion should be to keep a healthy posture while you work or drive.

If you work in an office where you get to sit for extended periods of times, you definitely need seat cushions to distribute the pressure on your back evenly.

The cushions are cheap, but the advantages they will give you is tremendous. Just to clarify, I gave the review based on my own personal experience. Since you might be having a different physique than me, some of the cushion I have rated lower might feel better for you and vice versa.

If possible, make sure you try them at the store before buying. I hope this short article has been of help to you. Feel free to share this information with your friends or family. And buy them seat cushions as gifts too.

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