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Are you looking for a simple way to get in touch with thousands of clients for your automotive website? Well, we understand that marketing your website in the current market is no joke. To help your business stand out from average, we have provides you with a platform that allows you reach thousands of clients quickly.


AutomotiveBros is a leading automotive blog dedicated to providing useful tips, tricks, and informative guides to help automotive lovers get the best gadgets for their automobiles.

We focus on offering the reader the best advice on improving the performance of your car as well as making it more comfortable. To ensure that our clients get the best, we will only present the best tips and car gadgets only when we have vetted them.

Over the years we have been in business, we have managed to reach a wide number of clients who are following our blog. This has helped us boost our sales immensely. Unlike our competitors, we would want to share our success with other partners who support our values.

What Can We Offer You?

Well, currently we are open to partnership, sponsorship, banner and advertising. Here are some of the services that we offer.


We offer full coverage of your product(s) on our blog. This includes written articles on car news as well as reviews for any car brand that you may want to promote. We have created a section in our blog that is dedicated to gadgets reviews as well as automotive safety tips posts. This section is carefully crafted to allow more visibility of your post, ensuring that your products reach the target audience.


We have also listed tips and tricks that improve the comfort of the user as well as the performance of the user’s car.

Partnering with Us

As mentioned earlier, we are currently focusing on the creation of useful content to the reader. To ensure constituency and quality of articles posted on our blog, however, we accept sponsored content written by us only.

To save you time and energy, you don’t need to write the content or provide us with ideas for the sponsored posts.Instead, we will write articles based on our plan and cite your brand in the article body by use of anchor text that links back to your URL.

We charge a flat rate of $99(non-negotiable) for mentioning your brand in our sponsored post.

Contacting Us

1. Send us an email to alice.automotivebros{@}gmail doc com with the subject line; AutomotiveBros sponsored content. You should also state your first and last name. For instance, AutomotiveBros Sponsored content – Alice Brown.

Note, we get a lot of emails every day and it hard to sort them. Sending your email will enable us to consider it as important and avoid going to our trash.

2. In the email body please tell us;

  • The reason why you would want to become our partner with us through our sponsored content
  • Indicate your website and the URLs (list form) you would want to be featured in our sponsored post

Note, we pick ONLY ONE of your URL which we feel that is most important for the post at hand

We only pick the URLs pointing back to a website that has informative content. URLs with promotional or commercial content are not accepted.

3. After fulfilling the above requirements, we will contact you and discuss the following in details

  • The article we would write and the date to publish it
  • How to feature your URL in the post
  • How to make the payment, here you need to send, the payment first leaves the rest to us

4. Finally, we will send you a report after publishing the report


A few statistics from AutomotiveBros (October 2017):

  • Monthly Pageviews: 25,512+ (Growing rapidly)
  • Domain Authority: 23

Last Few Words

At AutomotiveBros, we are always ready to promote automotive product and services that are relevant to our brand. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about prices and any other information you may need.