Best Tips To Keep Your Car’s Interior Shiny And New

When you spend quite a considerable amount of time inside your car, it is natural to keep the interiors in pristine condition so you enjoy your ride to the best possible extent. Clean and well maintained interiors not only look beautiful, but also ensure the health of the people inside the car.


Cleaning the interior takes only a mere one to two hours. But make sure you clean without damaging the parts that are susceptible to corrosion and other related trouble. Here are some of the aspects that need to be taken care of to keep your car looking as good as new.

Car seats easily collect huge amount of dust, spills and gunk. To keep the seats clean and fresh you need to begin with a quick dry cleaning of the seat upholstery and end up with a linen spray spritz to give the fresh and clean look. Cleaning the seats is similar to cleaning your sofa. Instead of soaking up the fabric to get it clean use damp sponges to remove stains and dirt.

Since your hands are almost always on the steering wheel while you drive, you need to take additional car to keep the steering wheel in good condition. Sweat, dirt from hands and hand lotion can make your steering wheel leather cover peel, crack and lose its shine.

To clean the steering wheel use a damp cloth made of cotton fabric and leather cleaner. Clean the steering wheel gently. Once you have rinsed the wheel with water wipe the excess cleaning liquid from the steering wheel and let it dry. Use leather conditioners to keep the steering wheel cover soft and supple and with minimal risk of wear and tear.

The interior of the car is often overlooked with most maintenance care being focused on the exterior cleaning, tire/wheel check etc. But with clean interiors, you can be assured of safe driving free from dust and pollution. Some of the accessories needed for interior care include

  • check
    Protective gloves
  • check
    Spray Bottle
  • check
    Vacuum cleaner (wet and dry)
  • check
    Soft cleaning brush for cleaning panel seams, air vents etc.
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    Cleaning liquids for glass, vinyl/leather upholstery and rubber moldings.

Other interior parts to take care of include floor mats, carpets, interior trim, dashboard, audio player surface, cup holders, windows and windshields, and other crevices and nooks. Make sure you use the appropriate brushes, cloth wipes and cleaning agents to ensure the cleaning is thorough and does not damage the interior finish.