Best Pressure Washer for Car 2017 Review Edition! The Main Features to Focus on.

Do you want your car to sparkle and outshine the rest including your neighbor's, which always seem to outdo yours in glossiness? It’s not really about spending hours scabbing and rewashing the car 2 or 3 times a day, hell no, that too much work. The secret is simple; get the best pressure washer for car not just any other.


I vouch you will definitely “salivate” on seeing my car every time after I have washed it with my machine, it’s superb I tell you. Everything about car washing becomes so effortless with the right pressure washer. You'll no longer be bending over unnecessarily. All you do is direct the machine's handle and shoot the dirt with the pressured water.

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Unwashed stubborn dirt may have detrimental effects on the car; it often leads to rust formation in that area. For some of us who are ever busy and want to account for every minute, I used to ignore the stubborn dirt when using the garden hose, only to realize my vehicle was rusting along those areas. You know what that meant, costly paint reworks.

Is the Pressure Washer a Viable Solution for Car Washing?

I used to appreciate a garden hose because it came to liberate me from buckets and basins. What? Yes, buckets were core accessories for vehicle washing until the garden hose, but as of today, the best car wash solution is the pressure washer machine.

Important Questions to Answer When Reading About Pressure Washer Reviews

Be factual and realistic when making choices.

#1. Is the Machine Heavy or Light-Which is Best?

A pressure cleaner can be either heavy or light to carry around. For instance, if you like washing the car after work, having to struggle with a bulky and heavy machine bringing it out and back will be ado, because you’re already tired.

Personally, I had to change my timetable to morning hours because the "crap" I sometimes used back was so cumbersome and bulky, and even with all that it was low quality, as it didn’t last, after developing an irreparable pump issue.

To be frank, I jumped into buying that pressure washer without doing research, but now, I have the best. So try choosing a machine that is light and easy to move around.

#2. Bulk or Compact

It is obvious that nowadays space has become an issue of concern. A bulk pressure cleaner will be a headache when it comes to storage, so pick something that is within 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches to avoid further starving your home.

Also, focus on the hose, is it easy or difficult to wrap. What material is it made of, silk or something complicated? I prefer silk hose because it’s easy to wrap to something smaller hence reducing the size of the whole thing.

#3. What’s the Preferred Cleaning Power of a Machine?

Did you know that not all pressure cleaners have the same cleaning power? So what’s that? This is the amount of work that a particular type of pressure washer does, which also relates to the pressure of water coming from the nozzle.

Extreme water pressure can be destructive the car’s paint, while those cleaners with below average pressure will do the job slow than you require.

#4. How Many Gallons of Water per Minute Does the Cleaner Use?

A machine that helps you save some bucks on water and yet does the job fast should be your target in the search for the best pressure washer for car. Most machines operate within the brackets of 1-5 GPM flow rate. More flow translates to less time on the job.

Professional car wash companies buy machines with higher GPM so as to complete more jobs within the shortest time possible. So mark this and other specs if you are planning to begin a car wash business.

So What are the Major Benefits of Using a Car Pressure Washer?

It Saves Time and Water by “5x”

How true is it that a pressure cleaner saves you time and water, want to know? Let’s make some comparisons;

A garden hose provides 8 GPM of water at 60 PSI, which equals to 480 cleaning power units. On the other hand, an electric pressure washer for car provides 1.6 GPM at 1500 PSI, which equals to 2400 cleaning power units.

Divide the two options; you get that a pressure cleaner saves both time and water "5x” over. Check the below table to understand more:

Garden Hose

Pressure Washer


8 at 60 PSI

1.6 at 1500 PSI





GPM: Gallons Per Minute

CP   : Cleaning Power

Helps You Save Money

A pressure washer can save you money in two significant ways. Before I started using it, I never realized that my bills were so high until my electric pressure cleaner finally revealed it.

  • You can earn some cash from the time you could have spent with a garden hose. The machine uses fewer gallons of water per minute, which pulls your bills down.
  • Renting the machine is very costly, as high as $80 per day and on the other hand, paying for the car cleaning service comes at a pinch in costs.

It is Safe for Your Car Paint

If you manage to choose the best pressure washer for car, you’ll no longer need to worry about your vehicle paint being dented. Good pressure should be regulated to flush dirt and grime off and leave the paint safe.

Below are 2017's Featured Pressure Washer for Cars to Focus on

***Below are more information on the recommended Pressure Washers, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

This pressure cleaner is great in performance and versatility because it has an 1800/14.5 amp motor.

Its pressure is good and can be adjusted without the wastage of water.

It also possesses a hunger on one side to place the hose after you’ve coiled it, so that the hose and the machine are always together, to avoid misplacing it. 


Our Rating

Other Pros

  • It has two detergent tank with a capacity of 0.9liters which can carry and store two types of detergents
  • It possesses a 34-inch extension spray wand that helps to access the hard to reach areas of your car
  • Have rear wheels that ease mobility and portability from your garage to the driveway and back
  • Come with a 20-foot high-pressure hose, which is enough to keep you from having to change the source because it is long.
  • It also has a safety lock switch that shuts off the pump when the trigger is disengaged to allow the saving of power; this also prolongs its lifespan


  • It cannot be gas powered
  • You’ve got to ensure they send you all parts in the shipping or else you have to wait for a forgotten accessory i.e. the hose

Below we have a video of the machine for you.

This machine comes with easy to use accessories such as a garden hose adaptor and an adjustable spray lance that makes working very convenient.

It comes with a 35-foot power cord to enable you tap power from a long distance. Besides car washing, it is also easy to use in most home cleaning tasks because it is easy to assemble.


Our Rating

Other Pros

  • It has a classy and professional-stylish washer gun that makes it admirable
  • Comes with 14 oz detergent bottle that eases soap application in the process of washing your car
  • Have 2 high-pressure wands that make it more effective at work
  • It has a pressure washer turbo that helps to boost pressure when you want it to work faster
  • It has the property of converting water by 80 percent and a 40 percent cleaning power compared to the standard garden hose
  • Works with a motor other than an engine, so it is quieter.


  • It is mostly blue, which some people don’t like
  • To some people, the 20-foot hose might be a bit short, so they might have to pay extra for a longer hose

You can have a look at the image of the machine or watch a short video of it below.

This pressure washer for car is gas powered, so you don’t need to depend on electrical energy.

It's compact combustion design is necessary for the reason that it reduces fuel consumption by far.

I realized the machine is very easy to start perhaps that’s because it employs the latest technology.


Our Rating

Other Pros

  • Has 10" Pneumatic tires which ease mobility
  • Its siphon tube makes the process of detergent application easy
  • Has a flexible 1/4” x25’ hose that makes it easy to use
  • Made with prime material both inside and outside to enhance durability
  • You can request the nozzle tip you want from a variety of 0˚, 15˚, 25˚ and 40˚


  • It doesn't have a detergent tank. Instead, it uses a tube
  • Cannot use electric power
  • Poor maintenance may cause hard-start

Below is an image and video for clear understanding:

The OneWash from Generac features a large and powerful engine. It has a PowerDial that gives you total control to adjust the intensity of spray, thereby helping you accomplish jobs faster.

Has an amazing handle and rear wheels, which allow you to drag the machine with ease to different places of work because its a gas powered pressure washer.


Our Rating

Other Pros

  • Operates on axial cam pump which is known to be very robust and durable
  • The ergonomic spray gun provides excellent comfort
  • For improved use and range extension, it comes with 30' high-pressure hose
  • Has consolidated control panel that allows unique settings for pressure variations
  • Comes with 3 quick-change (0 degrees, 25 degrees, and soap) nozzle tips for the exact particular use
  • It has a cleaning solution inject system for easy maintenance


  • It is designed and limited to cold water use only, so may spoil faster with hot water
  • It is noisier than electric powered washers as this is a gas powered machine
  • You have to maintain proper oil level for proper functioning

The image and short video below tells it all.

This pressure washer is four-wheeled; thus it will follow as you clean the car. It has a compact and convenient design but still possesses an onboard detergent chamber.

It’s most likely that you’ll like the hose material as well as the quality of material used on its bodywork.


Our Rating

Other Pros

  • Comes with a Dirt blaster spray that provides consistent high pressure and boosts cleaning power by up to 80%
  • It has a pressure control switch that helps to regulate the speed of the motor, so you can manage the pressure you want to use
  • Uses up to 80 percent less water compared to a garden hose
  • Can be employed from gravity fed harvested sources, and it will boost the water pressure to the required force
  • There is no need to dismantle it during storage


  • It’s expensive than other pressure washers
  • Shipping may sometimes take much longer time than expected but it’s guaranteed

You can view the image and a the short video below.


Now, we have 3 electric pressure washers and 2 gas pressure cleaners. So which is best? My analysis puts the Karcher K3 Follow-Me ahead of the rest. See my table below on the summary of them all:


Powered by

Max Cleaning Power


1. Sun Joe SPX3000



31 pounds

2. AR Blue Clean AR383



27 pounds

3. Simpson MSH3125-S



65 pounds

4. Generac 6602 OneWash



68 pounds

5. The Karcher K3 Follow Me



16.3 pounds

Since what you want is the best pressure washer for car, Karcher K3 Follow-Me stands out. It has a moderate PSI as reflected in its cleaning power, which is safer for your car’s paint. It is lighter, 16.3 pounds and on top of that is has four wheels, which eases mobility.

Or which one do you prefer, a gas powered pressure cleaner? Pick either in this list because these are the highest rated pressure cleaners you can find. All these are highly rated machines, so you can pick any of them and still be safe.

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