How to Keep a Black Car Clean for Less Than $55 in 2018

A black car symbolizes power, elegance, and mystery. People will notice its sleek exterior. They will be impressed. If the exterior is dirty or scratched, it might not get the same attention. In fact, an old black car can easily get the ire of citizens. The solution is to maintain a clean surface. But how? Many car owners ask, “How to keep a black car clean?” 


Here's a helpful tutorial that shows you how to maintain your black car affordably. You won't spend more than $55. Your black car will look like a new car every day. A clean black car looks great and makes the city look good too.

The Best Course of Action

This car maintenance plan includes several car cleaning products including soap, tire cleaners, wax, and polish. The main areas of concern are the wheels, tires, windows, windshield, door panels, hood, and trunk. These parts of the car are most likely to get dirty or scratched. The goal is to apply protective coatings to the car so that it is less likely to get dirty. Another goal is to clean the car easily with the proper cleaning products and methods.

List of Items Needed to Maintain the Surface of a Black Car

Here's a list of items you will need to clean and maintain your black car.

  • Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

A wheel cleaner is designed to dissolve dirt stuck to a wheel. This includes brake dust, grease, and road dirt. Some wheel cleaners also polishes the wheel with a protective film. The wheel will appear shiny.

  • Car Wash Soap

Clean the surfaces of the car with car wash soap. Expect long-lasting suds and safe formulas. Use it on clear coated cars without worrying about any side effects. These formulas are free of phosphates. Most car soaps are sold in a concentrated formula in a bottle.

  • Paste or liquid Wax

Apply a paste wax or liquid wax to protect the surface from water. Waxes make the surface shiny. The hardest wax available is carnauba wax. Some brands include micro-polishing agents that remove scratches. You can expect 12 months of protection. It is sold in a flat jar or flat cylinder.

  • Finishing Polish

A finishing polish removes defects from paint including light and swirls. The result is deep reflections and glossy appearance. It is sold in a bottle.

  • Smoothening Kit

Smoothening clay removes contaminants from the surface. It is used to prolong the effects of wax. The surface will appear extremely smooth after scrubbing with clay. It is sold in a box.

  • Rag
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Hose

Step by Step Instructions

Here's a detailed guide for maintaining the appearance of your black car.

Step 1: Clean the Surface of the Car

The first step involves cleaning the car. Use car wash soap. It is concentrated so dilute it before applying it. Mix one part soap to 100 parts water. Mix the soap in a bucket.

Then, dip a sponge into the mixture and apply the solution to the car. Squeeze the sponge to release all the soapy water onto the car. Scrub the hood, door panels, fenders, bumpers, windows, and windshields. 

Wash the soap away with a hose.

Step 2: Clean the Wheels and Tires

Use an aluminum wheel cleaner/spray to clean the wheels and tires. Spray the cleaning solution and scrub with a rag. Afterward, remove the cleaning solution from the wheels and tires with a hose.

A hose with a spray nozzle will spray water in all parts of the wheel. This is much better than using a hose without a spray nozzle.

Step 3: Polish the Car

The next step is to polish the car. Wait until the car dries. Then, apply a polish to the surface. This includes the door panels, hood, trunk, fenders, and bumpers.

Don't apply to the windows or windshields. Use a rag to apply the polish to the surface. Move from one part of the car to another, applying polish as you go. Wipe away cleanly before moving to next section.

Step 4: Apply Wax

The next step involves wax. If you use paste wax, use an applicator to apply the wax to the surface. It's recommended to dampen the applicator. Then, apply wax in a circular motion to the surface of the car. This includes the door panels, hood, trunk, fenders, and bumpers. 

Don't apply to windows or windshields. Let the wax dry until it appears hazy. Then, wipe off with a soft cloth repeatedly. Move from one section to another, applying wax as you go.

Step 5: Smoothen the Surface

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The last step is smoothening. Use a smoothing bar. Clay is easy to work with. It will remove paint overspray and contaminants. Rub the surface with long strokes. This method will shorten the time it takes to smoothen all surfaces of the car. Once the surface is smooth, it should appear like glass.

A Successful Cleaning Operation

Now you have a black car that is ready to survive the harsh elements. It will look new for several months. Its exterior might even make it through all four seasons without any additional cleaning. This doesn't include the everyday household products (rag, sponge, bucket, hose, and water).

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