How do You Identify the Best Car Buffer for Starters and Professionals at First Sight?

Have you realized that no matter how much you take care of your car, the exterior tends to lose its glossy appearance over time? Another question, have you ever thought of ways to keep your car looking brilliant and brand new? That is where buffing comes in. I can tell you that I’ve been there, and I did a lot of things before I finally spotted a gorgeous lady detailing her vehicle with the best car buffer at a backyard in her compound.


I’m a guy but a neighbor next to my fence is a single beautiful lady I must say so. We bought our vehicles almost the same month; she having a Toyota R4 and me a Benz. Apart from admiring her looks, she made me rethink how I did my car detailing. One day in a chat, I asked her what she used on her car’s body but she deceived me that she depended solely on hand waxing.

I tried the same thing but every time we met at a function, I realized her car kinder looked more glossy and without scratches. One time I creped to examine the paint at a closer range, and men, I realized that the car looked dam smooth and shinning!

Now, let me share what I did to catch her: being a handsome guy, I knew without a doubt that the lady will let me into her compound one of the fine Saturdays -when she will be home, and you know what she did? Exactly that, at the time when she was buffing her car!

Retain That New Look!

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Car detailing is very essential and it is necessary to do it with the best car buffer to avoid spoiling your paint. Even without your knowledge, the vehicle gets bombarded by objects and this can be mind-boggling because you expect your car to retain that new look. The use of buffers has become really popular as it retains a chick look for the car.

But Can We Define What Exactly Car Buffing is?

Most likely if you’ve never had your car detailed before, and even if you’ve done, it is possible that you have not clearly known what buffing is all about. Some folks think that it’s nothing beyond another word for polishing. Well, it close to that but, buffing is actually a process of removing a minute layer that often forms on top of the car’s paint.

Now, What is a Car Buffer tool?

It is a gadget that looks like a metal grinder. It’s made of an electrically powered mortar and other mechanical parts. The disk, which is the most important component here, does the buffing work, revolving at a very high speed. The user of this tool has two places to hold when doing the job, slightly pressing the rotating disc on to the car’s body surface.

Often, we think that buffing is simply a task left to mechanics and it’s not that important. But I came to know that no matter how a person takes care of the exterior of their car, there is a layer of paint and scratches that form after some time which makes your car look old and outdated.

In fact, people have become really smart that they actually possess detailing tools like this to save cash from having to outsource the service. While it is something you can comfortably do yourself, you may be amazed at the amount of money you’ll have to pay your mechanic to do the service; which also means that buffing actually makes a real difference in the appearance of your car.

Why Should You Have a Car Buffer?

  • It exposes a fresh layer underneath the car’s paint thereby making it look almost new again.
  • Gives the car a longer lasting finish that you’ll surely love and also gives you the confidence to drive in VIP places.
  • It also removes minor scratches that often find their way on your car's body over time. Buffing helps to clear away these blemishes as long as they are not that deep.
  • It also makes maintaining your car cheaper and enjoyable

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Car Buffer

  • Speed- the rotation speed that a buffer runs with influences the rate of friction, heat, and efficiency. Powerful buffers will rotate faster but are best for larger vehicles as well as tackling deeper scratches.
  • Weight- it is smart to have a buffer that you can use comfortably without straining, as in, when deciding on the buffer, have it in mind that it should not be too heavy for your use.
  • Vibration- this is a tricky thing because all car buffers do vibrate, however, some vibrate more than others do and MINIMAL VIBRATION is what you should go for.
  • Maneuverability- in your choices also remember that orbital buffers are larger than rotating buffers. Small is good as it will help you reach those hard-to-reach spots.
  • Maintenance– off cause, you’ll want a gadget that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.
  • Price –while this may not be the least aspect to focus on, it’s good to always note that higher quality models would cost a bit higher.

Top 5 Quality Best Car Buffers to Consider in 2018

While there are many good buffers in the market, I have done the research for you and below are top five gadgets that can offer exactly what you want in a buffer:

The Black & Decker has a gracious conical shape. It features a 6-inch-Orbital Action for a wonderful high-quality finish. Regarding usability, it has two handles that make it extremely easy to use. Its orbits/min is 4,400 OPM, which gives it the strength to accomplish tasks faster.

The 10 ft cord is also another feature that makes the user able to reach the farthest corners of the car while buffing. Comes with 1 Waxer/polisher, and two bonnet wool as additional items of the job, making it a perfect composition of everything a detailing task needs.

The random waxer/polisher is designed in a way that it provides a swirl-free and smooth finish without hassle, off cause facilitated by its random orbiting motions.


Our Rating


  • Its 4,400 OPM speeds helps to attain a swirl-free finish faster
  • It runs on random orbit which helps it cover more space
  • Comes with a 10-feet cord that makes it accommodate even boat polishing projects because it’s longer
  • The design of its two handles offers that comfort while working
  • It weighs 5.3 pounds only and measures 13.8 x 8.6 x 6.2 inches which makes it very compact and portable
  • Comes with one form applicator, and two polishing bonnets


  • Some people might not like the shape as it is not angled

The Porter is not only ideal for sanding autos but also works very well on marine projects. It features a powerful 4.5 amp motor that gives it reliable protection against overload. Its polishing pad is 6-inches which offers it a bigger surface area. Talk of the weight, it is only 5.5 pounds which make it a light object suitable for anyone’s use, not only for the masculine.

There is also the outstanding aspect of an electronic variable-speed dial that ranks between 2,500 to 6,800 OPM (obits per minute) -this guarantees a faster swirl-free sanding action. The 7424XP is compatible with all spindle thread accessories that fall between 5/16 to 24 in size and also offers a full ball bearing for durability under industrial type workloads.


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  • Its polisher measures 11.5-by-10.5-by-6’’ which offers it a recommendable coverage for faster tasks
  • It accepts spindle threads of 5/16 to 24 accessories
  • Has a two-position handle that is also removable
  • Electronic variable speed ranging between 2,500 to 6,800 OPM, which is ideal for both heavy and light tasks
  • Random-orbit with swirl-free polishing/sanding action
  • It is compact and portable


  • It's a bit expensive because it is made of high-quality parts

The Dewalt is specifically built to last longer and handle tougher detailing works. It comes with a 12.0 amp-powered motor and maintains a specified speed even under load to deliver premium finish results. You can also adjust the speed from zero to 600/3500 Revolution Per Minute (rpm) depending on material and application.

It’s Non-Mar Rubber Case reduces surface imperfections as well as improves the gripping surface. Talking about size, you can have it either 7 or 9 inches. It also comes with a 180mm Velcro pad, a comfy Bail side handle as well as a Horizontal side handle. It also comes with 5/8 to 11 inches spindle thread.


Our Rating


  • Powerful 12.amp mortar ideal for harder tasks
  • Wool ingesting shields that hinder wool ingestion for longer life
  • Comes with Non-Mar Rubber cover case that improves gripping
  • Maintains specified speed on all pressure which helps it deliver finish results faster
  • Adjustable for varied use with regard to materials and applications


  • May consume more power because it has a heavy motor, 12.0 amp

If you are after speed in particular, that is, you want to be able to clean the whole car in 30 minutes; the Meguiar’s is yours as it operates with 1200-2500 revolutions per minute. It runs on a Dual-Action motion that helps you remove scratches and apply polish without damaging your paint.

Basically, it is ideal for waxing, compounding, and polishing and also doing carpet and interior. It has a DA power pack G3502 that helps enhance a glossy shine and also a DA waxing pack G3503 for maximum surface protection. Whatever hand you use, lefty or right-handed, the Meguir feels really good on either.


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  • Wax your car in ten minutes with the 1200 to 2500 revolution per minute
  • Dual-Action motions help you knock away defects and spreads polish without damaging your paint
  • DA Compound Pack G3502 polish and enhance glossiness and shine
  • DA waxing Power G3503 helps to protect surfaces.
  • Fits into any power system

The WEN 10-inch polisher and Waxer keep your car up to its new look. Its dual-handle grips are fashioned in a way that increases accuracy and control, and the random tech provides a top finish for your car. Its spindle is fine enough for any delicate paint job but also powerful for any blemish or stain.

It doesn’t choose surfaces, whether soft or hard the gadget is handy to vanquish any unwanted grim or dirt. It is also quite convenient to carry around with its shape allowing you to venture into those hidden places. It comes with two polishing bonnets, and two applicator bonnets and one washing mint, which is a good package for the job.


Our Rating


  • Made with a high performance inbuilt 120-V 0.75-amp magnet motor
  • Clocks 3200 orbits per minute to action tasks in short time
  • Rigid insulated housing that proves durability
  • Can be used for countertops, banisters, bathrooms and other surfaces
  • Essential accessories like applicators, polishers, mitt and wool blends are included in the package.


  • It may lose speed when force is exerted
  • Poor application of pads makes them short lasting.

Comparison Table






1. Black & Decker WP900

4,400 OPM

5.3 pounds

Orbital Action


2. Porter-Cable 7424XP

2,500 to 6,800 OPM

5.5 pounds

Orbital Action


3. DEWALT DWP849X7’’

600/3500 RPM

6.7 pounds



4. Meguiar’s G3500

1200-2500 RPM

1.54 pounds



5. WEN 10PMC

3200 OPM

3.08 pounds

Orbital Action


Now Which one should you PICK?

After doing the legwork for you, I can confidently recommend the Portable-Cable 7424XP. First, its performance is incomparable to the rest because of its features. The powerful 4.5 amp motor is designed to protect against any form of overload besides running at a speed of 2,500 to 6,800 Orbits Per Minute. Talking of the OPM and how it randomly orbits, the two aspects are ideal to offer swirl-free polishing/sanding action within the shortest time.


It also accepts all accessories ranging from 5/16 to 24 spindle thread. For comfort in use it possesses two-position removable handles, so you can be sure to handle your work more professionally. On top of that, it includes a 6’’ polishing pad - an okay surface area per revolution. And you know what? it not only works on vehicles, marine projects like boats and the rest are covered as well.


Choosing the best car buffer is a bit difficult and needs a keen eye on matters speed, portability, and maneuverability -not to forget the length of the cable. There is also the aspect of durability because the item will be spending sometime powered, so it needs to be overload resistance. A buffer with a 4.5 amp motor is okay. Another important thing is vibration, as in choose a product that vibrates at a lower rate. Well, price is also a factor, but don’t go for something too cheap that may not really last.

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