The 2017 List of Best Car Polish That Won’t Make You Regret!

Have you been searching recently for the best car polish yet fails to find the one that actually delivers great results? The quest must have made you so frustrated already, knowing that the market has endless products to offer yet not all of them are actually true to what they claim.


Desiring to have a clean and mirror-like paint is a normal thing for every car owner who wishes to preserve the value of their auto. Polishing is just one of the most important requirements you have to fulfill to keep your car in its best shape. However, looking for a product to enhance the beauty of your ride may lead you to an endless searching which can be energy-draining!

Often times we can be easily seduced with car polishes through attractive packaging or advertisements and only end up collecting a pile of products in the garage that doesn’t actually work. Here’s the thing – you don’t need to be a car expert to know the right products. Let me show you my list of best car polishes in the market today that actually give great results and will not let you down!

Why Investing For a Car Polish Is So Important

Polishing is as important as washing your car regularly. Doing it at least once a year will ensure that your paint will last for years. We may all have different opinions and reasons about polishing our auto. I have created a list of motivations why polishing is important that somehow applies to every car owner:

  • Polishing is a way to show you care and value your car
  • Fix minor scratches on the paint especially around the door handles
  • Remove swirl marks
  • Protect the paint from surface deterioration, such as corrosion
  • To easily remove minor stains and contaminants, such as bird droppings, bugs, and grime
  • To keep your car glossy and looking great

How to Choose the Best Car Polish that Actually Works

As mentioned above, choosing a car polish can be so frustrating. Sometimes, you just want to remove minor scratches without using a product that’s too aggressive, or want to make your car look shiny and great without complicated instructions.

In a nutshell, our end goal of a car polish is to enhance and protect the car paint. To get the best car polish, you should know certain factors to consider before jumping into the hype of the market.

Here are the things you should look for when choosing a car polish:

#1. Does Not Clog When Used With a Buffer

When choosing a car polish, it is very important to consider a product that will work all types of buffing pads, whether you are foam pads or wool buffing pads. A heavy polish will lead to clogging and may damage your paint. Plus you need to replace pad which can be very inconvenient.

#2. No Dusty Residue

One characteristic of a great car polish is that it should not easily dry out. You don’t want to see a dry and dusty leftover throughout the buffing process which doubles your job.

#3. Good Consistency

A polish that easily liquefies and spatter especially in a hot environment should discourage you from choosing the product. One way to know if it’s the right choice is that it should have a good consistency, even when you apply it on a horizontal surface of your car.

Otherwise, you will need to spend another time cleaning up the messes created due to a poor-quality polish.

#4. Smooth and Easy to Wipe

Removing the scratches and other problems with your paint is already a tough job. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort to take off the polish from your car. So make sure to choose a polish that’s easy to apply and remove, even by hand.

#5. Shiny and Glossy Finish

The ultimate goal why we want our car to be polished is to enhance the paint and make it look shiny. Your car polish should be able to do this job and as much as possible correct some minor imperfections on your auto’s paint.

The Top 5 Best Car Polish in the Market!

***Below are more information on the recommended Car Polish, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

Are you ready to know our top 5 best car polish for 2017? Here they are:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is best known for being a pure polish rather than an all-in-one solution (no sealant or wax).

The product itself is already pretty amazing as it leaves your paint a mirror-like finish while protecting it from marks and contaminants.

Meguiar’s has a Super Micro Abrasive Technology (SMAT) that effectively eliminates minor scratches and swirl marks.

This innovation works like thousands of fine aluminum oxide particles that remove those unsightly fine defects while leaving your paint with a sharp finish, just like brand new!


Our Rating

This product was once given to me as a gift from a friend. I tried to apply on my auto, especially on the rear side where there are minor scratches. I have two large dogs and sometimes they love to play and brush along the sides of the car, causing some marks and scratches.

Meguiar’s worked well in removing the minor defects. It leaves a glossy finish and you can hardly see the marks even under the sun. You can see some sample pictures below.


  • Formulated with Super Micro Abrasive Technology to restore vibrancy of the paint without causing swirl marks
  • Effective in removing oxidation, water spots, minor scratches and blemishes
  • Safe to use on your auto’s clear coat
  • Leaves a mirror-like finish on your auto’s paint


  • Not effective in restoring deep cuts and scratches on the paint

Autoglym car polish is an all-in-one product that cleans, polishes, and protects the paint which I believe provides great value on your purchase.

Super Resin Polish has been a popular car care product for years but it has recently improved since 2015, enhancing its capability to protect the paint without leaving any residues.

The polish also boasts its solution with man-made polymers, emulsifiers and conditioners to effectively clean, condition and enhance the paint of your car. It wipes off easily and provides an amazing glossy finish.


Our Rating


  • Cleans, polishes, and protects the paint in one solution
  • Formulated with synthetic polymer to effectively blend with the paint and provide optimum protection
  • Wipes off easily
  • Effective against bird dropping etches, hard water spots and minor stains
  • Contains emulsifiers and conditioners that are gentle on your paint


  • Doesn’t offer permanent fixes on blemishes and cuts

NOVUS is a popular care kit that cleans, polishes, and removes blemishes effectively. It is safe and gentle on your paint and even on plastic parts. The kit already includes a bottle of Plastic Clean & Shine, Fine Scratch Remover, and Heavy Scratch Remover.

Unlike other polishes, NOVUS repairs scratches by removing it instead of filling the defect. It works perfectly on your windshield as well.

Aside from cleaning and polishing your car’s exterior, you may also use this polish in restoring your headlamps, boats, and other parts made of acrylic and plastic.


Our Rating


  • Effectively repairs minor scratches by removing it instead of filling it
  • Corrects fading and dulling of your car’s paint
  • Kit provides 3-in-1 solution to clean, polish, and remove scratches and marks
  • Works perfectly on your vehicle’s windshield
  • May be used to clean and polish plastic parts of your car


  • Some customers complained that the product left streaks on the surface

If you have a black car that needed corrections on the paint, then Turtle Wax Color Magic Car Polish could be an ideal product for you. Although available in other colors, the polish is more popular on its black and white versions.

This product from Turtle Wax is embedded with dyes for the color enhancement of your paint. It repairs the scratches by filling it in with pigments.

You can expect this polish to work well on oxidized and faded paints, as well as providing a long lasting shine and UV protection.


Our Rating

I would recommend Turtle Wax if you have a black car since this is great in providing a sharp and showroom-like outcome through its black-tinted technology. It is very well suited for metallic surfaces and clear coats for a mirror-like finish.


  • Solution is blended with dyes and black-tinted technology to correct dull paints and blemishes
  • Restores paint from scratches by filling in the defects with pigments
  • Works perfectly with metallic and clear coats
  • Provides protection against UV rays
  • Rejuvenates old auto paint and leaves a mirror-like outcome


  • Stains on plastic and rubber
  • Not effective in removing oxidation

One of the oldest car polishes in the market today would be Liquid Glass Auto Polish. It’s a strongly trusted brand by professionals because of its capability to enhance the exterior parts of the car while protecting it from various contaminants. Moreover, it doesn’t crack or cause discolorations of your paint.

What I personally love about Liquid Glass is that you don’t need to remove it once you have applied it on the paint.

The polish acts as a synthetic sealant to give that brilliant shine your car deserves. It’s very simple to use and gives a clear, durable, and almost a wet-look outcome.


Our Rating

I would personally say that this product is one of the top-rated car polishes in the market. There was a time when I have to polish my car under the sun and it doesn’t easily dry out (unlike the other polishes which may create a mess when done under direct sunlight). Once air-cured, the formula solidifies on the surface making it durable and resistant against cracks and peels.


  • Doesn’t cause cracks, peels, and paint discolorations
  • Protects your car from road grime, corrosion, and extreme temperatures
  • Solidifies and becomes more durable once the formula is air-cured
  • Safe on the plastic rim of your vehicle
  • Can be used even under the sun


  • May leave streaks if not properly used

The Best Polish among the List

Among the top products listed above, I would highly recommend Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound. Take note that the other product can be also good which might depend on your personal preferences. But for me, Meguiar’s did the best job for the following reasons:

  • Very easy application
  • Effective in removing minor scratches and blemishes
  • Does not leave streaks and swirl marks when applied on the paint
  • Provides a glossy outcome
  • Protects the paint from early signs of deterioration caused by various contaminants
  • Effective against corrosion, oxidation, and hard water spots

You can see some sample pictures below.



Polishing your car can be an exhausting effort if you do not know the right product to use. In this primer, I have revealed to you the top 5 best car polishes in the market according to experts and customer reviews.

Have you found this article valuable? I do hope that I’ve helped you choose the right polish for your auto. Please let your friends know about this as well.

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