A Smart Guide to the Best Car Seat that Warrants Comfort and Maximum Security

Did you know that you don’t have to keep holding the kid in the arms every time you are traveling in your car? Well, perhaps you have spotted a friend or neighbor transporting their child perfectly in the back seat -and you wondered, how in the world could such a small child be left alone in their seat?


Is that safe?

Well, in fact, a million times safer than when the kid is on mama’s hands, trust me!

That is a special car seat designed for kids’ safety -and it comes with many other benefits. As soon, as the child is able to sit on their own -on the couch, they can have their own best car seat fitted.

Having the kid in your arms every time you are traveling in your car is always tiresome, sometimes nerve wrecking and even dangerous -worse of all, when you are blessed with twins. You know exactly what that means, right. Thank goodness you have not yet experienced the worst-case scenario -and let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

Nevertheless, we can’t be blind to facts:

Recently -as you have heard or read on the internet there occurred a terrible accident in Lancaster County, which brought out the exact importance of a car seat. A car from nowhere slammed into Jenna Casado’s CRV-2015 Honda -on Sept the 25th. Fortunately, the vehicle was fitted with two best car seats which helped in saving the life of her two kids. One was 6 weeks and the other 2 years. See the image of the accident posted by Jenna on her

Image source: Jenna Casado’s facebook wall

You can see the condition of the car, and for sure the seats appear completely unharmed, just as the kids also come out of the grisly accident unscratched. The kids were taken to hospital for scanning and all their bones were intact.

The doctors thanked Jenna for her two minutes of ensuring the kids were buckled nicely in the super seat which saved the kids.

“I knew having car seats for my kids would help me a lot but I didn't really think they are that good when it comes to safety,” Jenna exclaimed with joy. Ideally, the life of your kid comes fast as a mother, and that’s why a reliable car seat comes in handy when you have to transport your kid in the car.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt this seat could keep you from the stress of having to hospitalize your kid as well as having to spend thousands of dollars. Those are a bit weighty matters to ponder, right? but it’s the truth.

But, what Exactly is a Car Seat?

Known with several other names such as infant safety seat, baby seat, child seat, child system restraint, restraining car seat and more -this seat is purposely designed to protect kids from injury, impact or death during collisions.

Ideally, you can buy the seat and install it yourself. As in, depending on your car’s -whether the manufacture has integrated the idea of an infant safety seat in the design. All you’ll require are anchors to hold the seat in position.

Nonetheless -in many occasions, consumers install these car seats themselves, off cause after getting the perfect one (with respect to age and quality).

The Benefits of a Car Seat

While they are so many; below are a few amazing advantages that come with baby seats:

  • They give the mother or whoever is traveling with the kid maximum convenience -as they can do other things on board
  • No extra buckles will be required, the seat is self-sufficient
  • They are adjustable to accommodate the size of the kids
  • Their lightweight design makes them easy to handle
  • Right from buying to keeping you from accident-related expenses the seat is cost effective.
  • It also adds some aesthetic value, as well as price-value to a car.
  • There are numerous choices to pick from

But, do I really Need to pick the Best Car Seat?

Well, it’s so far clear that having a child system restraint in place -for transporting infants in the car is the safest thing you can do. But sometimes, it’s easy to think any car seat in the market would do the job as long as it’s called an infant safety seat.

That is not the case -there is more to focus on when it comes to this car accessory. You need to focus on features that would enhance safety, those that ensure comfort and others that allow the seat to grow with the kid. All these must come together in defining the most reliable child system restraint for you.

Top Five Car Seat Picks You May want to Focus on

***Below are more information on the recommended headlight bulbs, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Evenflo Tribute LX (Convertible)

The Tribute is an LX convertible seat with an adjustable height spun. It can securely hold a rear-facing infant who weights between 5 to 30lbs (with heights between 19 to 37 inches -as well as a forward-facing kid of between 22 to 40lbs and heights ranging 28-40 inches. To accommodate growing children, the seat comes with a 4 shoulder strap positions, these make it usable for a longer time so you’ll not think of replacement till the toddler comes of age. Its linear is energy absorbing thus providing extra comfort like it is the case with the harness cover, plush head pillow and buckle covers which keep the toddler rested during long trips.

Via amazon.com

Our Rating


  • You can choose the lightweight and compatible size in case you do not want anything bulky
  • The design makes it a great fit for different cars
  • It is tested against Federal Safety Standards and found to be 2 times better than the set expectation
  • Comes with LATCH( Anchors) that makes it easy to install
  • Allows upfront harness adjustment as well as buckle release which makes it easy to custom set


  • The item must be shipped separately from other items in your order, but at the same cost
  • Some people complain that it does not tilt or lay to the angle they prefer

2. Evenflo AMP Booster (Big Kid)

This seat comes with a special Belt-positioning and an Amp Booster that makes kids excited -with that feeling of sitting in a booster seat! Well, that means you’ll not have a hard time compelling the kid to stay on the seat. It has 6 positions for adjusting -as the kid grows in height -ensuring proper positioning of sides and the head support. Its design also offers elastic cup holders -perfect for carrying around a juice box or a quick snack.

With the removable back –also adjustable between 38 - 57 inches you can quickly convert it to a backless seat. One hand is enough to adjust the heights -as in, you don’t need to be a superman to tackle it.

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Our Rating


  • It's 2 seats in 1 – that’s in case you want to transition to a no back booster
  • The adjustable heights are designed to accommodate kids of various ages including those growing up
  • It is machine washable so you’ll manage to keep it clean throughout
  • Has added safety, facilitated by the energy foam liner
  • The kid gets to carry his bites through the snack holders


  • Best for bigger kids, although works quite fine for all ages beginning from zero weeks

3. Graco 4ever All in One

The Craco offers more liberty with its 10-position headrest, which facilitates continuous comfort as the kid, develops. It is side impact tested and engineered to exceed the US standard FMVSS 213. Its steel reinforced frames give it extended durability especially when utilized well.

Covered with an EPS -energy saving foam, you can trust it during the times of extreme -car interior temperatures. It is also back impact tested - and found to withstand all set standards -above and beyond the expected cut lines of the international standards. Besides being a bit costly, most professionals see this as the optimal safety for infants on-board.

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Our Rating


  • Accommodates rear facing kids weighing 4 to 40 pounds
  • Handles forward facing toddlers of 20 to 65 pounds
  • The belt positioning mode ranges from 30 to 100 pounds
  • It also has 6 reclining positions
  • Comes with an easy to read indicator level
  • Easy to remove, and machine washable


  • It is expensive compared to others
  • Might appear complex to use for some people

4. Safety 1st Grow

This is a 3-in-1 grow and go baby seat ideally designed to offer comfortable rides to babies at all stages –from the newly born up to kids approaching age 12. It comes with two comfy-grow-with-baby pillows that offer the child a snug fit, nonetheless, you can remove the pillows if the baby has outgrown them. Its harness design eases the practice of removing the kid in and out of the seat.

On top of that –the Go 3-in 1 offers up to 100 pounds in booster mode. It also occupies less room when in the rear facing, availing up to 7 inches of additional legroom for those parents or passengers in the front seat.

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Our Rating


  • The QuickFit harness helps to ease adjustments of both headrest and harness in one step
  • Its side impact protection is enhanced
  • You can dry it after machine washing
  • Its rear-facing covers kids from 5 to 40, forward facing between 22 to 65 and booster belt positioning of 40 to 100 pounds


  • Have complex adjustments
  • May take time to dry after washing which necessitates the need for a dryer

5. Disney APT

This special 40RT Convertible car seat presents three buckle locations and five harness heights that easily accommodate growing infants. If your baby has begun using a sippy cup -this seat gives you two easily reachable cup holders, thus you’ll not need a separate carrier. Its LATCH is designed to allow correct and fast installation.

The mouse-ear cushion offers extra cozy, which enhances fun and comfort. In particular, this baby seat is designed for children weighing 50 to 40 pounds in weight and 19 to 43 in height, facing forward and backward.

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Our Rating


  • Designed for side impact safety
  • Has a Deluxe Disney softgoods package
  • 5 point up-front adjustment
  • It LATCH equipped
  • Max of 40 pounds and 43 inches in height which gives room to wider toddler age span
  • The straps are stronger, guaranteeing safety to kids during collisions


  • If not careful during installation –the metal hooks may seem to veer off to one side
  • When the straps are in the highest position it may be hard to attach those Mickey shaped pillows

Well, you’ve got the detail of each car seat with regard to their features and properties -now, it’s time for us to run a quick comparison; which should help us peak the best car seat. Ready? go!

Comparison Table


Rear Facing(w/h)

Front Facing(w/h)


1. Evenflo Tribute LX

5-30lbs/ 19-37”



2. Evenflo Big Kid AMP

30-110p /38-57”

Up to 13year old (all)


3. Graco 4ever


22-65p/7-inch leg room


4. Safety 1st




3. Disney APT

4-40pnds & 40” hgt

22-40pnds & 43” hgt


Which One Should You Choose?

Well, all these car seats are special, each in its own ways, but since you only need one, the Evenflo Big Kid AMP would be best according to my analysis. First, it’s a booster seat, which enthralls kids really much and offers 6 adjustable positions to accommodate growing kids.

What's amazing is that you can single-handedly operate the Evenflo AMP which makes it more usable. On top of that, it comes with cup/snack holders, placed where the kid can easily access on their own.

Via amazon.com

The removable 38-57 inch back makes it easily convertible to a backless seat -that off cause avails much freedom to the baby so that he or she doesn’t remain stuck in one position.


Age, height, and weight are some of the key points people like to focus on when choosing the right car seat, well that is very important, but safety should be the top priority. As in, confirm whether the make has been back and side impact tested to ensure maximum protection. The car seat should also be compact to fit nicely in the vehicle.

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