How to Start a Car With a Bad Starter? The Best Way Possible

How to start a car with a bad starter is a question that might’ve popped into your mind, when your car stopped just in the middle while you were making your way to an important meeting. At certain times during certain weathers, have you ever had to find your car’s battery dead? Has it ever happened that you sit in the car, but it just keeps cranking and doesn’t start?


Well my friend, you can’t imagine how many times I have had to deal with such a situation. Living in an area where it snows most of the year, I have had to deal with a bad starter numerous times, when my car just won’t start off in the morning.

After doing hours of research, I have come to find some very detailed ways to deal with such a situation, and hope to help all you folks out there.

Things You Might Need:

1. Voltmeter


A voltmeter is basically required to check the voltage of the car, that whether your starter is the real problem or not. This will also help you in other ways, as testing the battery will let you know about the condition of the battery. You can normally do it frequently just to be sure about your battery. Here is a detailed article on how to test a car battery.

2. Jumping Cables


These will be needed in the case that you car does have a bad starter, and no other method is working, during jumpstarting your car.

3. Another Car with a Well Charged Battery

In jumpstarting you car, you would be needing to connect your car’s battery to another car’s through the jumper cables, so the availability of such a car might be necessary.

4. Water/Caustic Sodas

In the case that there is corrosion on your car batteries, you’d need the caustic soda along with the water to wash it off. You can either use baking soda as well; any kind of a caustic soda would work. And generally, before starting the procedure, just to be sure that the starter is the real problem; you will need to wash and clean the car battery terminals and then check the battery.

5. Pliers & Hammer

You’ll need these to pull some essential wires out of the starter solenoid in order to check its condition and make sure before labeling it bad. You know, you’re not going to judge it without knowing for sure.

This might be needed for tapping the starter and checking if it’s fine or not.

6. Goggles and Gloves

These two things might be needed as a safety measure. You’re dealing with a battery, so always try to wear rubber, insulated gloves along with goggles while doing such work.

What Should We Do Now?

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Try Tapping With a Hammer

If your starter is bad, sometimes just giving it just the right tap with a hammer can miraculously help. When you turn the ignition on, and the car isn’t turning on, go forward and tap on the starter for about 4-5 times. When done, try to start the car again.

The reason for it can be that maybe something got stuck inside the starter, and in the case that the problem is small and the starter is not actually bad, you might not even have to do all the steps over here. But my battery kept dying way too often, and I always wondered why does my car battery keep dying?

Even though tapping the starter did help me to get the car to temporarily start, the starter might still be faulty, like I’ve experienced.

Jumpstarting a Car Battery

Jumpstarting is the thing you would need to do, in order to bring your car back to life. For those of you who aren’t sure, jumpstarting includes the connecting of the battery of a disabled car with the battery of a car that is perfectly working.

Your starter is basically a device present in your car battery, and this is the device that provides the electric current to the battery. If not working, then an external source to provide this electric current would be needed, thus the jumpstart method.

What to Do When there’s No Other Car Nearby?

Well, your car can definitely stop working at a deserted place, where you can’t see any car nearby. In such situations, you should always have this Jumpstart Device.

This will basically work as a substitute, supplying current to the battery. It is also very compact, and it is also rechargeable. This is a device you should have at all times, so that you’re always having a solution.

Some Advantages You May Like

  • Boasts 1000 PEAK battery Amps / 500 instant starting Amps
  • Features 12-volt USB outlet to help you charge your gadgets
  • Powerful LED light which rotates 270 degrees
  • A powerful 120 PSI Compressor with a Backlight Gauge
  • A reverse polarity alarm to notify you on improper connections

In order to get a detailed info on how to use this Jumpstart Device, this YouTube Video might help.


I hope the tutorial wasn’t only very helpful, but enjoyable as well. I aim to help all the other people struggling with battery issues out there, especially the ones who have to deal with a bad starter every other day like me. So tell us in the comments if you found these steps helpful enough, and spread the message so that other people might be helped as well.

About the Author Alice Brown

I am just a car girl. Simply interested in the automotive and vehicular world. I started out as an apprentice mechanic working at my father’s garage. I'm hoping my two cents will help you fix a blinking light on the dashboard or that cranking noise that you don’t seem to know where it is coming from.