How To Get Rid Of Ants In Car: An Effective Guide For A Quick And Permanent Solution

Being invaded by an army of ants anywhere is a nightmare no one would care to be in. And if this happens in your car, you are sure to be terrified out of your wits. Imagine getting in the car and coming upon ants crawling all over the seats, floor and dashboard? The ants can easily distract you with their crawling and worse with their painful bites.


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Trust us; it’s not an experience you would like to have. And worse still is the damage these tiny pests can inflict upon your car. From damaged wires to wrecking your engine, the ants can wreak havoc on your precious vehicle in no time.

So, if you come across ants in your car, don’t panic. We have just the guide for you that will help you know how to get rid of ants in car. No matter where the ants are causing damage in your car, we have the appropriate solution that will make you get rid of the ants permanently and breathe easy. Read on to know how to get rid of ants in your car.

How Do Ants Get In?

Before we find out about how to get rid of ants, let us first look into how they gain entry first. Ants are omnipotent in the sense that they find entry into your home and of course your car easily.

Whether you leave behind food crumbs or in some cases even without the food you can find the ants occupying your space. Even if they do not bother you much, it is certainly annoying to find the ants crawling near you.

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And in case of your car, they are not the most worrisome pests like a rodent for instance, but they do cause minor issues such as block the oil pump or in some cases major problems like damaging the wiring (this is especially true in case of termites). So, it is best to get rid of the ants permanently.

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Possible Reason For Ant Siege

Ants tend to infest your car even after you have had it vacuumed thoroughly. Even the minutest smudges, stains or crumbs can draw an army of ants. Here are a few possible reasons:

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  • You may have parked accidentally in a spot with ant hill or near a tree that has ants in droves. In such cases the ants just make a short visit, look for food and if they don’t find any, they disappear eventually.
  • If you leave left over food or even untouched food packets lying around in the car, it is a great attraction for ants. If you continue such habits, the ants may begin to reside permanently in your car.
  • Leaving behind traces of other food items like groceries you buy in the car will also attract the ants.

So, the gist of it is, you need to be careful while eating or keeping foods in your car.

How Much Harm Can The Ants Cause?

Aside from driving you crazy with their crawling all over the place, if it is red ants or large ants, their bite can be quite painful and in some cases even distract you leading to accidents.

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Other than the personal harm they inflict, ants can also affect your car. Even a few common types of ants like garden ants can cause electrical damage to your car. They can affect

  • Relays
  • Wiring Insulation
  • Engine by blocking the oil pump

The repair can cost you prettily and if there are replacements, the cost will further escalate.

Materials Needed

  • Vacuum Cleaner

A good handy vacuum cleaner will help in cleaning the upholstery in your car

  • Ant Pesticide

Purchase a pesticide of sprayer type or one with a nozzle to help easy application

  • Ant Traps

This is very useful for applying inside your car. It is odorless and attracts the ants making it easy to remove them.

Step By Step Instruction To Get Rid Of Ants

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Location Change

Since ants come into the car from some outside source, the parking spot of your car may be the culprit here. Either the parking location may be ant infested or the sidewalk beside your parking spot may be the source. Even parking under trees or near bushes can attract the ants. So if possible, find another location that is not infested with ants.

When you pay proper attention to maintaining your car’s interior and exterior, and keeping it in good performing condition, you will be free of the ant menace and any other pest infestation. If you have the habit of eating inside your car or bringing along food when you drive, take care to not spill any crumbs or stain the upholstery. The tiny crumbs or stains may not be easily visible but make sure you clean the car thoroughly, so you are not attacked by an army of ants. And there is no such thing as overdoing the cleaning.

Make cleaning the car a routine habit, so you are not caught unawares by the ants biting and causing a major distraction to you. Now that you know how to get rid of ants in your car, you are sure to be free of the pests once and for all. We hope you liked our guide. If so, please share it on social platforms and spread the word around making everyone benefit from our guide. And don’t forget to post your comments here.

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