Undisputed Guide to the Best Floor Mat In 2017

Installing the best floor mat for car owners to inexpensively customize their car. Additionally, car floor mats help you show off your style while at the same time protect your car floor from different harsh elements.


Clearly, there are many reasons why you need to purchase the best car floor mat.

To settle for the best one, you must consider a number of factors.

Before looking at the various considerations you need to make when shopping for a car floor mat, let us first look at why it’s a necessary purchase.

Why You Need a Car Mat?

To drive the point home on why you need the best floor mat, I’d related a car floor mat to a mat used at home. Personally, i need a floor mat in my home for an array of reasons. In the same light, I need one when it comes to your car. Actually, I believe my car floor mat changes the look and feel of my ride in various way.

By installing them, I’m able to make my car look more luxurious or update its interior.

Fortunately, you can choose from dozens of combinations of themes and materials. Each of them of offers various benefits and a unique look.

On top of the above mentioned benefits, here are some of the other reasons you should buy a new car floor mat:

  • Car floor mats prevent wear on the car’s floor and carpet that are normally caused by feet rubbing
  • Protect the car’s floor from damage brought about by sand, salt, water, dirt and mud
  • They shield your car’s carpets and floor against stains from drink and food

Factors to Consider When In the Market for the Best Floor Mat

The following are the main considerations you should make when shopping for a car floor mat:

  • FACTOR #1
  • FACTOR #2
  • FACTOR #3

Safety Features

One of the most important considerations you should contemplate has to do with safety features. An essential safety feature is a heel pad.

They are designed to prevent moisture from getting to the pedals. With a heel pad, you’ll be able to shift your feel effortlessly.

Additionally, a heel pad protects your floor mat against wear thus ensuring it lasts longer.

Another feature to be on the lookout for is anti-slip backing. This feature prevents your mat from moving around in the car. Check out this video to learn more about how to prevent your mat from sliding.

Most if not all-weather mats feature grooves and lips, which help, contain moisture.

Some other floor mat styles bring with them recessed areas in honeycomb shapes. Furthermore, to trap moisture the mats are handy for scrapping snow or dirt away from the shoes’ bottom.

My Top Five Best Floor Mats

***Below are more information on the recommended Floor Mats, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Armor All 78840 4-Piece Rubber Floor Mat

These floor mats are not only long lasting; they’re also highly effective at protecting your car’s interior. Made of heavy-duty rubber, they feature deep tread pattern that offer utmost protection to your car against mud, snow and rain.

They also bring with them carpet claw anti-slip cleats that keep floor mats firmly in place. They’re ideal for SUVs, trucks and cars.

Use them today to protect or enhance the attractiveness of your car’s interior. The floor mats are available in black, gray, and tan.


  • Customizable to fit all vehicles
  • All weather
  • Doesn’t crack, harden or curl even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Tailored to be trimmed


  • Leaves a repugnant smell
  • Small and deep grooves
  • Material is thinner

2. Husky Car Floor Liners

The Husky car floor liners are engineered to fit even the most sophisticated contours of the car’s carpeted cargo, trunk, and floor areas. The liners feature raised containment and form-fit design walls that are handy at keeping your car clean even in bad weather condition.

The fluid containment treads and rids channel away from shoes.

Their unique design is effective at keeping debris, water, snow and mud off the car’s hard-to-clean and expensive carpet. The fact that the liners incorporate vital elements from your car’s interior means that you can enjoy a customized feel and look.

Their rubberized material withstands most harmful chemicals including battery acid, gas, and oil.

They feature an impressive technology that holds them in place thus preventing them from shifting.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Stay-put cleats that prevent them from shifting around underfoot
  • Wide enough to cover the entire footwell
  • Raised ridge which runs along your car’s door jam thus protecting it from different kinds of mess


  • Tend to be flimsy
  • Doesn’t fit all cars

3. MotorTrend FlexTough Tortoise Car Floor Mats

The FlexTough Tortoise series of mats are tailored to offer nothing short of maximum protection.

They feature uniquely constructed diagonal and linear ridges that are placed strategically in order to maximize dirt-trapping abilities of your car floor mat.

The fact that they’re made from high quality polymers, means that they’re highly durable.

The mats are trimmable for additional customization.


  • Built for utmost durability
  • Inverted shell design to trap all debris, mud, snow and water from effortless removal
  • Nibbed rubber backing for a no-slip action
  • Tough and flexible


  • Cut-to-fit does not fit
  • Dish might be too deep to fit in some cars

4.  Mopar 82213860 Black Car Floor Mats

The Mopar 82213860 black car floor mats feature deep ribs that are great at trapping and holding water, mud, and snow.

That feature ensures you carpet always remains clean regardless of the type of weather.

Its two front row mats have a Jeep logo that gives the mat such an attractive look. Have you been looking for a classy and stylish car floor mat? If yes, then your search has come to an end.

This is my best car floor mat because of its effectiveness at protecting the floor.


  • Deep ribs not only trap but also hold mud, snow and water to keep your carpet clean and protect it from any form of mess
  • Impressive Jeep logo that makes it attractive


  • Doesn’t fit all cars
  • They tend to be flimsy

5. WeatherTech Car Floor Mats

The WeatherTech Car Floor Mats are handy at protecting your investment and making sure you get superior all-season protection. They’re custom-molded to perfectly fit your floors.

You can rest assured that your car will always be protected from muck, moisture or any other harsh weather elements. The mats are adequately strong to take any form of beating yet extremely flexible to conform to your floors.

You don’t need to cut or trim these mats. Their digitized computer modeling guarantees a perfect crevice and/or groove. One of the best attributes about these mats is the fact that they are very easy to clean.

Via Amazon.com

          Our Rating:


  • Highly durable
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Strong grip to prevent them from moving unnecessary


  • The edges stick up
  • Thinner material

As We Wrap It Up

By now, you must already have established that car floor mats and liners provide cover to your car’s floor as well as the footwell area. They protect the carpet from mud, snow, dust, water etc from the outside world that get tracked in by shoes.

Instead of staining your car’s carpet, the floor mat takes the abuse. The mats are especially handy in regions with terrible winters. Without mat protection, the frozen slush can go straight to your vehicle’s floor thus causing rust.

To prevent all these nasty elements from harming the floor of your car, installing a car floor mat is necessary.

Clearly, a car floor carpet is handy for numerous reasons. The highlighted ones are just some of the major ones.

Have you enjoyed reading this primer? Did you find it helpful? If yes, then share with the world.

Let’s join hands to help anyone out that might be having a difficult time making a purchase settle for the best car floor mat. Feel free to share you shopping experience in the comments section below.

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