5 Best Products Car Wheel Cleaner: How to Choose the Best in 2017

Public humiliation aside, you must clean your car wheels to prevent rust. Accumulated brake dust on the wheels is not only unsightly and corrosive, it’s also high difficult to get rid of. To thoroughly clean them, you need to choose a solution from the 5 best products car wheel cleaner.


Before looking at the 5 best products car wheel cleaner, let me first show you why you need to clean your car wheels.

***Below are more information on the recommended car Car Wheel Cleaners, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

The Need to Clean Your Car Wheels

The following are some of the reasons you need to clean your car wheels regularly using the best car wheel cleaner:

#1: Prevents Corrosion

From the unavoidable accumulation of dust to the accidental scrapes and scuffs, alloys, tires and wheels take a serious hammering while out on the road. Consequently, they’re susceptible to more day-to-day wear and tear compared to any other car part.

Allowing brake dust to build-up on the wheels for an extended period of time leads to corrosion of the coating. Brake dust consists of carbon fibers and an adhesive which come off the small metal shavings and brake pad from the rotor.

The intense friction and heat generated by the wheels make the mixture to be highly corrosive. Since you drive every day, chances are high that more brake dust constantly builds up.

Through regular cleaning, you can be able to effectively prevent your car wheels from suffering from corrosion.

#2: Enhances Their Appearance

Cleaning your wheels on a regular basis ensures that they look and feel much better. You are able to eliminate any dust, mud or particles which are unsightly thus improving their appearance.

How to Choose the Best Car Wheel Cleaners – Factors to Consider

Effectively cleaning your car wheel is dependent mostly on the cleaning solution you use. Because of the numerous car wheel cleaners in the market today, choosing the best one can turn out to be challenging. To help you settle for the best, here are some factors you should consider when in the market for one:

  • Factor #1
  • FACTOR #2
  • FACTOR #3


Just like with the rest of your vehicle, cleaning car wheels usually requires the utilization of high quality solutions. When you settle for something simple such as water and soap, you stand to suffer from poor results.

Professional cleaning products on the other hand are not only effective, they require less elbow grease.

Top 5 Picks for Car Wheel Cleaner

***Below are more information on the recommended Car Wheel Cleaners, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Sonax (230200-755) Wheel Cleaner

Sonax wheel cleaner is not only highly effective but also acid-free. You can use the cleaner on any kind of wheel since it highly safe. Whether your wheel is painted or with a clear coat, the formulation is safe and effective. When you use this product on a fluorescent green surface, it turns red.

The product is great at loosening brake dirt and brake from any kind of surface. Its full effect brings both lettering and white walls back to life. When using it, it’s highly important to utilize plenty of water in order to rinse it from the wheels.

Dry with a premium microfiber or clean towel. It ranges from red to green as it works perfectly to loosen the brake dust and dirt. Spray the bottle six to eight inches on a dry and cool wheel.

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  • pH and Acid-free balanced formulation
  • Easily penetrates grime
  • Highly safe for use on different wheels with various finishes
  • Excellent results on high-end alloys and aluminum
  • Safe on clear coated, anodized and painted wheels


  • Fragile bottle
  • Ineffectual on certain types of stains

2. CarGuys Best Tire and Wheel Cleaner

Have you been looking for the best wheel cleaner the market has to offer? If yes, then look no further than the CarGuys Best Tire and Wheel Cleaner. Your search has surely come to an end. One of the best attributes about this cleaner is the fact that it’s safe on each type of tire or wheel on the market.

It brings with it a super concentrated gel that reduces the cleaner you need. That means that in the end, you save quite a huge chunk of money.

Another impressive attribute of the product has to do with its ability to cling to wheels thus giving minimum runoff for utmost cleaning power. It is great at protecting your wheels in order to ensure they remain cleaner for longer.

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Another reason you should settle for this product is the fact that it has such an appealing smell. If you’re worrying about a cleaner being toxic, then that shouldn’t worry you with this cleaner.


  • Effective at cleaning away harmful winter and salt grime
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe on every tire or wheel


  • Quantity is too small
  • While it knocks grime and brake dust off extremely well, it tends to leave some white spots

3. Mothers 05924 Foaming Tire &Wheel Cleaner

This wheel cleaner is a non-acidic and foaming spray that’s perfectly formulated to easily and quickly clean both tires and wheels including whitewalls and black walls. It’s safe for wheels that are painted, chrome, factory coated, chrome, color coated as well as hubcaps.

The cleaner brings with it a hose off and spray on design that penetrates safely. What is more is that it suspends each type of grime, dirt, grease, and brake dust. You should avoid using on components, casings, or motorcycle wheels. Additionally, refrain from roughcast or polished billet, aluminum or anodized wheels.

One of the most impressive attributes about this cleaner is the fact that it brings with it a distinct and spot free rinse that leaves your wheel incredibly clean without the need to hand dry.

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  • Safe for all OEM/factory hubcaps comprising of chrome, modular, steel, color coated, clear-coated and painted
  • Brings with it a distinct spot-free rinse that leaves wheels incredibly clean without any need for hand drying
  • Effective at penetrating, dissolving and suspending different kinds of grime, dirt, grease and dust hence making rinse a snap


  • It sprays a narrow stream and doesn’t produce much foam with every pump
  • Leaves a residue on the brake calipers

4. Chemical Guys Rim and Wheel Cleaner

Diablo Gel Rim and Wheel cleaner is the premier product to utilize a concentrated suspension technology to lift brake dirt and dust contamination away from rims and wheels without hard scrubbing and rubbing that can damage and scratch surfaces ever. The cleaner remains the only pH neutral wheel cleaner that’s safe enough to utilize on any kind of wheels.

It features a suspension technology that’s oxygen rich infused. The concentrated-suspension technology eliminates dirt particles as well as lifts them rapidly away from any paint thus hanging them in an impressive pH neutral slippery gelatin.

In the end, it effortlessly rinses off wheals which leaves nothing short of sport-free results.

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  • You can easily dilute the cleaner
  • Easily applicable with a spray or brush
  • Its highly safe to use on different kinds of oils
  • Great at sticking to breaks dust and grime
  • Efficiently loosens contaminants for a spotless and safe rinse


  • Leaves some waterspots on the car wheel
  • The smell while pleasant can turn out to be overwhelming

5. TriNova Wheel Cleaner

The TriNova wheel cleaner is my preferred product to help you remove tire dust, oil residue, and dirt. It’s effective at not only clearing stain but also restoring shine.

Its rich acid-free formula works brilliantly on painted and polished chrome and alloy wheels. The cleaner gives dirty wheels back their initial shine through melting away grime and dirt, which accumulated from stuff such as oil and dust residue.

You can trust the solution to perfectly against salt and snow which is known to damage the appearance of your wheels during winter.

One of the best attributes about the TriNova is the fact that it’s suitable for any kind of wheel. From chrome and white-wall tires to aluminum tires, you can rely on its strength to provide the ultimate clean.

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  • Removes unwanted grime effortlessly
  • Tough even on the extremely hard to remove stains
  • Brings with an extremely acid free formula
  • Highly and safe cleaner


  • It’s acid in nature which might harm your rims
  • Slightly expensive compared to others in the list

In Summary…

There is no doubt that wheel cleaners make your job extremely easy. They’re handy at weakening any form of grime on your rims thus making it extremely easy to wipe off tires for a spotless and shiny look. But as everyone knows, shopping for an effective solution can turn out to be downright challenging. This is especially true with the vast array of new products that have found their way into the market.

The above list consists of not only highly powerful but also greatly effective car wheel cleaning solutions. All you need to do is point the cleaner and spray, leave it for roughly 30 seconds and finally clean off the residue with a wet cloth.

Did you enjoy reading this primer? Was it helpful? I really hope it was. If you are experienced at cleaning your car wheel easily and with the right product, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. If you found this guide to be helpful, kindly share with the rest of the world.

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