All the Things You Need to Know When You are Traveling with Kids in the Car

Do you know that kids experience an alarming rate of burnout here in America just like us adults? They join sports competitions, they excel in academic matters, and then they have to experience peer pressure on top of their social obligations. Don’t let that happen to your child! They need a vacation and so do you.


I understand that you have some questions at the back of your mind. Some parents would even hesitate because they believe that holidays are expensive. But you are wrong! You do not have to shell out a hefty amount of money to unwind with the entire family. 

Leave all your worries behind because I am going to teach you how to have a memorable and fun-filled road trip. This article is aimed to give you fool-proof tips for traveling with kids in the car.

Read on as you will learn the following here

  • How to prepare for your travel
  • What are the important things you need to bring
  • What to do during the travel
  • Fool-proof tricks to make your vacation worthwhile

Things You Need to Prepare

These are the necessary things that you need to have at the car. At first, you might get overwhelmed but these are very good investments. These things are treasures which you can even use on a daily basis.

  • Car Seats

Why is it necessary to own a car seat? It is primarily for the safety of your kids. It is also the major reason behind the implemented rules here in the US about having appropriate car seats for your children. 

I have shared a story about car seats saving lives of 2 children in a terrible accident in my previous blog here.

Please check it out so you will understand its importance.

  • Travel Pillow

After the kids are done passing time with their activities, they would need some naps. Don’t allow them to have sore muscles because of uncomfortable positions. Buy neck pillows and stuffed toys to hug. Alternatively, you can just bring their bedroom pillow as long as it is not that bulky!

  • Travel Tray for Kids

The ultimate technique in not making your family road trips lackluster is to entertain your kids at all times. Have them bring their sources of entertainment without making your car full of clutter.

  • Organizers

Back seat organizers are mom’s best friend as they make important things within reach like paper napkins, sanitizers, barf bags, medications, food and drinks, and so much more.

In the same light, a trunk organizer makes your car’s rear part in order. Segregate the clothes, toys, food, and other stuff neatly so you can easily get what you want when you need them.

  • Toilet Needs

You will also have to bring changing pads if you have babies on board as this will allow you to change their nappies anywhere. All you have to do is to set up the changing station at the back of the car – no need to look for gasoline stations at all.

If you have toddlers on the other hand, that is still toilet-training; you could put them in diapers momentarily or bring your portable potty.

  • Sources of Entertainment

Toys, books, gadgets, or handy musical instruments; let your child help you decide what to bring as well.

Lastly, do not forget clothes, food, water, and most importantly first-aid kits and medicines.

Tips for Traveling with Kids in the Car

1. Before the Trip

Don’t let your children get hungry or become dehydrated. Bring easy-to-prepare and eat snacks. Make sure you bring your kid’s non-spill sippy cups. Organize your containers in an accessible area. Go for high-quality and nutritious food than chips with empty calories.

  • check
    Car Check

Thou shalt not forget to have your vehicles evaluated! Check the brakes, air-conditioning unit, navigating system, etc. Have it fully assessed just to be safe. You do not want to destroy your trip because of a sudden car breakdown, do you?

No matter how hard we try to be cautious, there is still a possibility that we would be encountering troubles on the road – we might end up passing by a nail or sharp object which could lead to flat tire. In cases like this, having your own inflators can save the day.

That’s not all; there are times wherein we fail to switch of the lights of our car. This eventually drains the machine’s battery and you will not start your car in the next morning. But you do not have to worry if this happens if you have your own jump starter as this will initiate the momentum of the engine once again.

  • check
    Get Ready to Have Fun with Kids Safely

A long drive could take up a minimum of 2 hours on the road. Unfortunately, with the diminishing attention span of kids these days, this could mean a few things. 

First, you have to be prepared with lots of activities so that they will not feel bored and throw a bad temper. You also have to understand that not entertaining your kids properly might lead to uncontrollable crying and tantrums which could distract the driver. This is what we would like to prevent especially because it can cause accidents.

While preparing for our holiday, I came across the website I realized this is what I am looking for! This was the solution to all drivers who are traveling with kids in the car.

This website created different books that can stimulate the brains of your young ones. They focus on three different subject matters: reading, creativity, and that dreaded subject mathematics.

As parents, we should be able to facilitate interaction and communication with our children. This is the why I am happy with the series of e-books I got from that website.

  • check
    It taught me how to smooth the progress of learning complicated subjects such as math.

It assisted me to enhance the creativity of my kids through different games and riddles. As we all know, not everyone enjoys reading and or math. These e-books present the subject in fun-filled ways your kids would not even notice that they are already learning!

  • check
    It taught me how to handle my kid’s mistakes

More often than not, we have the tendency to be impatient with our kids. We get mad or frustrated. We fail to realize that the way we react to our kid’s mistakes can either make them love or hate learning. There are lots of games and activities you can choose from to help them embrace their errors and not get embarrassed about it.

  • check
    The next thing I love about this book is that you can make use of it anywhere!

While waiting at the grocery line, while you are stuck in traffic, or while you are having long drives with the family. This can be entertaining for everyone! Stop wasting your precious time anymore and use it to bond with your children instead.

  • check
    Great for your kids’ classmates, friends, and relatives

Whether they are at school, they just had their soccer practice and you’re driving his playmates home, or when you are having family reunions; the leisure interests found in these e-books are truly enjoyable.

Buying one book is great but did you know that it is better if you get the entire series? Trust me. If you would want to make your vacation exceptional, if you would like to make education filled with exuberance, purchase the complete set just like what our family did.

2. During the Trip

You might get caught up with the mesmerizing view whenever you get down your car but do not forget to do the following

  • check
    Be Careful When You’re in a Crowded Area

We have heard lots of horror stories wherein kids get lost during holidays. Don’t let that happen to your family. Make sure that someone is always watching your kids.

  • check
    Don’t Leave Your Children Unattended

This is most especially applicable in rivers and other campsite vicinities. You have to be extra careful because toddlers are naturally curious. They can wander around, fall and injure themselves. 

Also, you have to be aware that wild animals can also be present in the area. Lastly, keep all hazardous materials out of their reach. Examples for this would be knives, butane, and other chemicals, matches, and the likes.

  • check
    Teach Your Children Beforehand

If you can teach your kids to say their names, you should also orient them about their parent’s name and contact details. Remind them not to talk to strangers and most especially not to go with people they do not know. If you have several children, teach them the value of buddying-up.

  • check
    Know Basic First Aid

Kids are prone to accidents. Make sure you are equipped with knowledge of curing wounds or concussions. Know what medicines you can safely give them if needed. If they have medical conditions like asthma, make sure that you always have their bronchodilators and maintenance medications with you at all times. Do not forget to bring Band-Aids, bandages, splints, wound cleaners, and emergency medicines.

  • check
    Health Check

Ask your children how they feel every now and then. They can feel dizzy from reading books or playing computer games inside a moving vehicle.

Prioritize their safety over entertainment if you must. Although writing and coloring can really distract their minds from monotony, pens can cause injuries if the driver suddenly hit the brakes.

Tell them to give you heads-up when they would like to drink so you can slow down. This will decrease the chances of them choking. See to it that they are wearing their seatbelts at all times.


I hope that the article made you feel enthusiastic about planning your vacation with the kids. You all deserve some breather! You can avoid boring and stressful long drives if you are equipped with proper tips for traveling with kids in the car.

You can make the most out of the time by strengthening the bond between you and the members of your family. Play, sing songs, joke around and make your kids love learning through the thought-provoking Mind Power Series books while you are on your expedition.

Enjoy… and remember,

Do you have additional tips to make our family road trips more enjoyable? Share it with us!

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