How to Keep Cats Off Your Car? Protect Your Car from a Feline!

Do you see cats frequently jumping on your car? Is the hood of your car the bed for a feline? No matter if it is your own dear cat, a stray, or your neighbor’s cat, you’d not like it to pounce on your car even if you adore it. Cats leave scratches and paw prints everywhere on the car on which they lay on, thus damaging your car’s paint job and finish.


So, if you are worried about the nasty paw prints and gouges on your car when you wake up in the morning, it’s time to take measures to get rid of this issue altogether. This means you need to discourage the cat from pouncing on your cat rather than just yielding to its fun laying peculiarity. This guide will tell you how to keep cats off your car in some easy-to-follow ways.

Why Do Cats Love to Sit on Cars?

Felines love to lay on warm perches, particularly outdoor cats since they do not have much choice for warm places. The hood of your car seems the best place for them for basking since the hood of a car gets warm after a drive. This entices cats on a cold day, which is why they curl up on a car.

In fact, cats even love to lie inside the car, particularly if you have leather seats in your vehicle. In case, your cat has made your car’s leather seat dirty, you can clean it easily by using one of the best leather cleaners in which case this guide will prove to be really helpful.

No matter whether it is your own cat, a stray kitty, or a neighborhood feline, seeing scratches or paw prints on your car can be really infuriating and exasperating. Even if you are a cat lover, you’d not want your cat to jump on your car and leave its scratches everywhere, including the roof, hood, and on the pain.

This is especially when you have bought a new car. This is why you need to find a way to keep cats off your vehicle. You can use a natural or electronic car repellant in order to repel the cats from your car without hurting them. You can also opt for other ways to avoid cats from coming near or pouncing on top of your car.

Ways to Keep Cats off Your Car

There are several ways to avert your furry friend from your valuable car. These ways are jotted below.

Make Use of Natural Cat Repellants

  • Cat Repellant Spray

There are manifold cat repellant sprays available on the market. You can buy an all-natural spray that can help keep felines off your car as well as not damage your car’s paint.

First, spray the repellant around your car on the ground and check if the cats are repelled by it. And, if you see that cats still pounce on your car, you can then spray the cat repellant directly on the car every night.

  • Cat Repellant Powder

You can also opt for a cat repellant powder. Make sure that it is chemical-free and organic so that you can use it around household pets, plants, as well as kids.

Although cat repellant powders are low-cost, they can be blown off the vehicle by rain or winds. You can buy such powders from pet stores or online.

  • Cayenne Pepper

When it comes to a natural cat repellant, cayenne pepper is what comes to my mind. Believe me, I’ve sprinkled cayenne pepper around my car and all the cats literally stayed away from my vehicle. You just have to scatter it close to your car, not on it.

You can sprinkle it on your car if you want it to be more effective. And, when you see that a cat comes back after a few days, repeat this step or maybe you can use some other way to fend off cats.

  • Mothballs

One of the other cat repellants is mothballs. You can purchase and disperse them near your car as well as on the roof of your car. You can also choose to put these mothballs in a bag and then hang the bag near or on your car. Mothballs have a strong scent, which will avert the felines.

  • Dry Herbs

You can make use of dry herbs to repel felines. You can opt for herbs like rosemary, lavender, or rue near and on your car, like the hood, wherever the cat prefers to lie.

You can also use the herbs alternatively or a mixture in order to see which one is the best.

At first, just sprinkle a small quantity of the herb and increase the quantity if the cat continues to jump on your vehicle. Herbs are an inexpensive way to drive back cats. Plus, they are simple to use. However, just like cat repellant powders, dry herbs too can be blown off the car by winds.

Give a Try to Electronic Cat Repellant - Ultrasound Pet Alarm

You can set an ultrasound pet alarm, which is triggered via a motion detector. It runs on electricity or batteries. This means when the repellant senses motion, it emits a high-pitched sound, which is inaudible to humans but irritating to cats. This scares off the felines without damaging your car.

You can buy an ultrasonic animal repellant online or from your nearest pet store. It will cost you around $30 and is really easy to install. You can install it on your car’s roof.

Motion-Controlled Sprinkler

You can also fix a sprinkler that works on motion detection near the area where you park your vehicle. These types of sprinklers are particularly made to dissuade cat nuisances. You can connect it to your hose and make it point at your vehicle.

As soon as the sprinkler senses motion, it’ll spritz a huge curve of water, which, in turn, will chase off the kitty.

However, this will make your car wet. Therefore, it is advised that you roll up the windows of your car and don’t walk near the sprinkler.

Otherwise, you would be sprayed rather than the furry animal. You can buy these exclusive sprinklers online or from pet stores. You can also make your own motion-controlled water sprinkler like shown in this video:


You can use a ScatMat, which is useful in scaring animals off and ensuring that they don’t come near to the vehicle. 

Rather than an alarm, a ScatMat is equipped with static to annoy the cats. And, when you see that the cat is frightened, you can remove the mat until you feel the need to use it again.


Ways to Prevent Cats from Getting on Your Car

Besides repelling the cat from your car, you can also prevent it to jump on your car. This is how it can be done.

Keep Your Furry Friend Indoors

If it is your cat that perches on your cat, then it is better to keep him or her inside the house or at the max within your yard. This way the feline will not climb on your vehicle. Additionally, when you keep your cat indoors, it is safe from an accident by a car, injury, slaying by predators, attracting parasites, etc.

You can also ask your neighbors to do this if it’s their cat that is putting scratches or paw prints on your car. Make sure that you are polite when you explain your problem to them. However, this method is not applicable to stray kitties.

Put on a Car Cover

You can cover your car with a car cover every night before you go off to bed in order to ward off the kitty. This will help you to prevent the paw prints or scratches on your car as a result of the cat jumping on your car.

However, a car cover can cost you a bit more than other options on this list. Still, it will safeguard your car from the damage made by cats as well as foul weather.

Lay Mats

You can lay passive mats or X-mats on your car’s flat surfaces. These mats have bumps, which dissuade a lot of cats from lying down or walking on your vehicle.


So, now you know why cats are lured by your car and how you can keep them away from it. By using the above-mentioned steps you can stop any type of damage to your vehicle, such as scratches on your car’s paint and paw prints on your car hood.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found answers as to how you can ward cats off your car. Do not forget to share this article with your friends to inform them about this exclusive guide. Additionally, put in your comments and let us know whether this guide proved to be useful and how it helped you.

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