How To Use Sea Foam In Oil: Simple And Easy Guide To Keep Your Engine In Top Shape

Have you ever heard of cleaning your car’s engine oil and fuel system with sea foam? Want to know how to use sea foam in oil and fuel system of your car. A lot of people are confused regarding sea foam. They hold misconceptions about this product and its specific purpose or use.


Do you know that sea foam can enhance your engine’s performance by keeping it clean? Yes, you heard it right! And, this is more so if you own a high-mileage car. By using sea foam regularly on your car’s engine, you can protect your engine from the vicious carbon deposits over time.

Sea foam has been used for a long time as a cleaning agent for oil and fuel system. It is the only sure shot way to evade carbon deposits and keep your car’s mileage on top.

What Is Sea Foam?

Sea foam is formulated specially to liquefy hardened varnish, sludge, carbon deposits and gum safely from engine parts so they can easily be flushed out. It lubricates all the moving parts, especially in the vehicle’s fuel system.

Ethanol additives in fuel dry the seals leaving behind a varnish. This makes it difficult for the engine oil to lubricate the parts. Sea foam helps to remove the varnish and return the engine to its pristine working condition. Sea foam is capable of absorbing water. Thus when used inside a fuel tank, it can burn up easily without any problem.

Advantages Of Using Sea Foam

Due to fuel combustion carbon or the black colored soot collects on the cylinder wall, head, in the valves and piston. The deposits affect engine performance causing it to consume more oil. This leads to low fuel economy, difficulty in starting, engine knocking, more emission and overheating of engine.

When you notice idling problems, gunk in your engine oil, clogged injectors or very low fuel economy, using sea foam is the right solution. The sea foam additive helps take care of all the above mentioned issues. Here is a before and after picture of how effective sea foam is in clearing clogged valve.

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Using Sea Foam

Regular use of sea foam or other decarbonizing agents will help improve engine performance and give you a better mileage. But you need to use caution while using it, as it is a very powerful compound. That is why we have come up with this simple step by step guide to help you learn how to use sea foam in oil and fuel system:

Things You Will Need:

Before we move to the process of using sea foam, ensure you have all the right tools needed for adding the sea foam.

  • Two cans of Sea Foam
  • A rubber hose of small diameter
  • Funnel
  • An open space with proper ventilation.

Pro Tips:

It is best to be prepared for changing the oil and spark plugs after the sea foam treatment, if you have a car with high mileage. And make sure the fuel tank is half full.


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Now that you have read our guide on how to use sea foam in oil, you are sure to find it easy and simple to perform. We hope you liked this guide. We would love to hear your comments and please share us on your social media pages.

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