How to Get Smoke Smell Out of the Car – The Best DIY Guide Every Car Owner Should Know

Have you recently bought a car previously owned by a smoker? Or do you just simply want to ditch off that negative habit and make your ride smell good once more?


Whatever the reason is, the stinky smoke smell in your car may not be tolerable for all your passengers, especially for those who hate second-hand smoke.

Moreover, the leftovers that smokers leave inside your vehicle can pose health hazards to the other non-smokers. Getting rid of the smoke smell is not an easy thing to do since you need to apply the right products and procedures to permanently eliminate the odors.

In this post, I’m going to show you some helpful ways on how to get the smoke smell out of the car and make the interiors smell better.

First Things First – Why Bother to Remove Smoke Smell in Your Car?

As car owners, we are all conscious about the cleanliness and proper maintenance of our vehicles. A well-groomed car does not only have shiny windows and paint but also smells nice on the inside.

As bacteria is built-up inside due to smoke and molds, your car may begin to smell bad which is undesirable not only for you but as well as the other car passengers.

Whatever your personal reasons are, the following are the general motivations for getting rid of the smoke smell in your car:

  • Cleanliness and maintenance of the interiors
  • Prevent health problems caused by thirdhand smoke (the residual toxins from cigarettes)
  • Prevent the growth of microbes that cause the odors (such as bacteria and molds)
  • Completely eliminate the bad odor which causes you and your passengers to feel nauseous
  • Make your car smell fresh and clean

Learning how to remove the smoke smell is as important as knowing how to keep cats off your car to maintain your ride at its great shape. To learn how to get the smoke smell out of the car effectively, simply follow the guide provided by our experts below.

What You Will Need?

  • Fabric Cleaner
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Car Air Freshener
  • Vacuum
  • Microfiber towel
  • Ozone Machine

#1. Fabric Cleaner

A fabric cleaner is a formula you can apply to remove stains and contaminants off your car’s upholstery, headliners, and carpet. The product also helps eliminate unwanted odors caused by molds and bacteria.

#2. Steam Cleaner


Steam Cleaner is a cleaning accessory that uses steam to clean and sanitize the interior parts of your vehicle.

#3. Car Air Freshener


The car air freshener is used to deodorize and kill bacteria that cause bad odors in your car. It is formulated with different the fragrances to make your car smell great.

#4. Vacuum


A vacuum is a helpful tool utilized to remove dirt and contaminants, especially those within hard-to-reach areas.

#5. Microfiber Towel

The microfiber towel is designed for wiping any surfaces of your car without causing visible scratches and damage.

#6. Ozone Machine


Ozone machine is a useful tool to sterilize and eliminate microbes causing the bad odors inside your car, such as fungus, bacteria and molds. It is an effective equipment to use if you want to remove unpleasant odors inside your vehicle.

If you have the materials ready, move on to the procedures below:

Step by Step Instruction!

Step 1: Clean the Interiors of Your Car

Step 2: Steam Clean the Headliners and Seats

Step 3: Wipe the Headliners and Seats with a Fabric Cleaner

Step 4: Clean the Ventilation System

Step 5: Further Clean the Interiors Using an Ozone Machine


We all want the interiors of our ride to smell fresh and clean. However, of all the odors, smoke smell can be one of the most challenging to eliminate.In this post, we have given you the expert tips on how to get the smoke smell out of the car effectively so that you and your car passengers wouldn’t have to complain about that horrible smell ever again.

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