The Alternate Guide to a Fabulous Touch Screen Car Stereo to Purchase in 2017!

Could you have seen your friend or neighbor’s vehicle with a fabulous touch screen car stereo; full of entertainment features and an automatic rear camera, and felt the envy level rising up?


You must have wondered, wow! What was that!

Perhaps you thought the stereo is in built, or the car came with it? Well, you can have your share of the amazing experience bought by the best touch screen car stereo right with the recent car you are having, no matter it’s age, model or even size. You don’t need to buy a new car to enjoy that.

Sounds good to be true, huh?

That’s the truth, I am not kidding!

A car stereo is just like any other addable part of cars. It can easily be fitted or mounted to any vehicle, on the dashboard. And, it will sit-fit as if it was built with the car at the point of manufacture.

The amazing thing with a touch screen car stereo is that it avails all the entertainment you want in your car with a single glance. The screen is often sizable enough that you’ll not have to bubble your hand when you what to place your CDs, Bluetooth music or online music into play. The automatic rear camera is also very reliable and makes reverse driving accurate and easy.

So, What Exactly is a Touch Screen Car Stereo?

This is an electronic device with a huge LCD touch screen -that functions like the traditional in-dash receiver but offers many other functions. It avails a rear camera feature, which you can use when reversing the car. Comes with other numerous and complex features, music source diversity, and maximum exploration in a car stereo. It accommodates Bluetooth connectivity, SD cards, USB inputs, as well as your phone and all its functions.

That means you can have your phone apps and control them on the touch screen stereo; isn’t that amazing! In fact, you can make hands free calls through this device thereby making you stray focused on the road.

But, do I really Need a Touch Screen Car Stereo?

Talk of the possibility of streaming your online music right on the car screen; making and receiving calls hands-free, playing your phone's playlist via the blue tooth, all these necessitates for a reliable car stereo. It permits you to fully manage your sound system on one screen as well as the whole car via the rear camera. Therefore, it is obvious that you need the best touch screen car stereo much urgently than you can wait!

Having maximum entertainment in your car needs to be equally safe. So, it is dangerous to rely on your phone screen when you want to make or receive calls. On the other hand, your traditional car’s stereo would definitely obstruct your so much needed concentration required while on the road.

With this device, you are able to make hands-free calls as well as operate your radio at a glance.

There is also the traffic jam, the noises and mad driver factor that you’ll have to mitigate. As in, the stress on the road can be unbearable. A good touch screen car stereo with amazing features and functions can guarantee a smooth and superb experience every time you hit the road on your way to work. From work, or even when you have guests to entertain inside your car.

The Exact Benefits of a Touch Screen Car Stereo

Below are some bullet-listed benefits of a touch screen stereo you might need to peruse over:

  • Its comes with a fantastic look that adds value to your car
  • It displays all the info about your music system and phone at a single glace
  • It adds an accurate rear view camera, which enhances safety in your reverse driving
  • It offers you alarms on sudden dangers
  • The display is big and convenient for controlling all your entertainment needs
  • Most of them offer GPS and Voice navigation guiding
  • The blue tooth connectivity can help to expound your play-list...

The advantages of this device are more than may fit in a list because each touchscreen model is special in its ways, as we will see in the below five top picks.

Top Five Touch Screen Car Stereos Picks in 2017

***Below are more information on the recommended Touch Screen Car Stereo, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

1. BOSS Audio BV9986B1


Our Rating

This is a 7 inch, digital touch screen car stereo with an LCD monitor. Its detachable front panel comes to add some style to your vehicle. The monitor is multi-colored and gives illumination options, so you can only expect the best viewing experience.

Coupled with a wireless remote, this increases its usability as you can operate it without touching the screen. In the pack, also expect to see a USB adapter that coordinates the system with other external gadgets like your phone pod or tablet.

It receives USB devices and also allows you to play your tunes from CD, MP3, and DVD with great convenience.


  • You can play your favorite radio stations from anywhere as it has strong signal receivers
  • Allows you to plug in an SD card or hook up an MP3 gadget to have your custom play list
  • Has a built-in preset EQ that transforms the sound style
  • You can make quick and easy adjustments with the wireless remote
  • The panel quickly auto detaches when you leave the car
  • It supports apps like Pandora and Spotify for online audio streaming


  • The clock display hides itself automatically after a few minutes
  • Installation may require soldering for some cars

2. Kidcia 7” Double-Din


Our Rating

The Kidia Double-Din comes with a 7” TFT touch screen and supports a rear view camera. It has a screen resolution of 440 x 220 and a video form of 1080P both of which assure perfect viewing.

Backlight adjustment option permits you to have the screen light that bring contentment to your viewing. The built-in Bluetooth facilitates for hands free calls, and inter-link Bluetooth music play. It supports FM Radio, and other Aux inputs. While the head offers support to audio formats such as OGG, WMA, WAV, ACC and video playback formats like VOB, DVIX, MP4, ASF, RM and RMVB.

That means you can easily enjoy any type of music and video formats.


  • Its 3 meters-long rear view camera wire facilitates for around the car viewing.
  • It works perfectly with your car’s 12 Volts DC battery
  • Features like the hands free calls, Bluetooth and USB are in-build so you don’t need to install them
  • It supports a clock throughout
  • It has a Breakpoint Memory Playing feature, as well as a Rewind option
  • Comes with a controllable power switch


  • You will need professional skills to install and that may cost some bucks
  • Does not support GPS

3. EinCar PC 800 MHz Stereo


Our Rating

This 6.2”Upgraded EinCar version includes a powerful camera for around the car view. It has a PC 800MHZ CPU that makes the stereo radio super powerful. The touchscreen is digital hence fan to operate. It operates on Windows CE, which means you can update it to the latest version.

The 256 MB RAM gives it the speed required to play CDs, DVDs and online videos of all natures. It also has other amazing elements such as a Subwoofer output, Mic, 3D interface, steering wheel controller, FM transmitter among others. The touchscreen outstands for its 16:9 display options, the 800 x 400-screen resolution, both of which ensure image and display clarity.


  • Has an amplifier output feature of 45w”4 for sound boosting
  • It comes with a phonebook diary
  • Has a voice navigation feature that guides with the GPS
  • Has built-in microphone that helps you call hands free
  • The rear camera is set on auto switch for convenience when reversing
  • The car radio included supports FM up to 108.0MHz and AM up to 1620KHz
  • It shows your car logo in the screen


  • It may not support RDS when you play with the country cord.

4. Planet Audio P9640B


Our Rating

This double-din. 6.2-inch T-Screen, DVD player stereo comes to give you more music options. It pumps out tunes from a CD/DVD superbly like nothing else. Besides that, you can hook it up with your MP3 or Smartphone via the Auxiliary plug and input provisions.

It has a Bluetooth technology that makes it easy to control and play your online music apps. On top of that, you can comfortably choose your sound mode using the preset EQ that is in-built. Its wireless remote technology gives you full control over all your sound levels and quality expected. Its 80 Watts by 4 Max Power gives your sound system an irrevocable command.


  • Has an RDS that is switchable to your country region
  • Has output slots for Sub Pre Amp, Video, Front and Rear cam
  • It enables audio streaming for additional entertainment
  • Has smart balance and controls for Bass, Treble, Fader, which helps in sound clarity
  • It gears up Trim Bezel and an External Mic for more choices
  • Adjustment become faster with the wireless controller


  • It lacks a few non-standard features

5. Upgraded Pyle 6.5” LCD Monitor


Our Rating

This Pyle Bluetooth 6.5-inch receiver, AM/FM turner and more combines and coordinates Bluetooth wireless to answer/make calls and stream audio music in one convenient unit. It is purposely designed to help upgrade your auto entertainment and bring accessibility. The digital phone dial display pad gives you the liberty to have a detailed contact list from your phone when making hands free calls.

The multimedia function supports VCD, CD, DVD, CD-R and more for diversity. It also comes with a customizable EQ sound controls that help you to go to the previous settings automatically. You can as well slip-in your USB because it has special Flash Drive Reader.


  • It also comes with Micro SD Mem-card reader for additional music resource
  • Its player options are compatible with WAV, JPEG, MP3, MP4 and more
  • The picture configuration adjustment give the quality of video you need
  • The AM/FM radio feature collects over 30 stations in ram memory capacity
  • The wide TFT, LCD display provides maximum entertainment
  • It has an impedance of 4 Ohm to music balance and clarity


  • It shipping may have to indicate the item inside.

Now, let us do a quick comparison of the above five picks with focus on their outstanding features, to see which is best. Ready, go!

Comparison Table!


Screen size/type

Usability/Sound qlty


1. BOSS Audio BV9986B1

7-inch, Digital HD

Easy, improved

Rear Cam

2. Kidcia 7” Double-Din

7-inch, TFT/LCD

Advanced, best

Rear Cam

3. EinCar PC 800mhz

6.2-inch,HD digital

Easy, Super best

Auto camera

4. Planet Audio P9640B


Advanced, best

Cam & SWC

5. Upgraded Pyle 6.5”

6.5-inch, TFT/LCD

Advanced, good

Rear/pc cam

Which One Should You Choose?

I would suggest that you choose the BOSS Audio BV9986B1. Reason being, it’s simple to use but built with high technology that allows more additional features and entertainment. Talk of being able to listen to your favorite AM/FM radio station from anywhere, play the best of your CDs, DVDs, MP3, SD, WMA format files and more.

Its 7” digital touch screen supports HD viewing, which offers high quality image experience. In addition, the screen has illumination options for night use; It’s also multicolored.

The auxiliary input hooks up with any phone, permitting you to make hands free calls. While the inbuilt Bluetooth technology facilitates for online music streaming. You will also like the detachable front panel, which helps to deter from theft. There is much more offered by this touch screen car stereo, but to top it all, the rear camera comes into safeguard and ease your reverse driving.


Besides the features availed by each product, it is also important that you consider the “looks.” Something attractive will boost your car’s aesthetic value in case you will want to sell the car in future. However, go with the touch screen stereo that meets your exact needs in terms of features and functionality. Good luck in your selection among these five top picks!

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