All You Need to Know about the Best Tire Shine Product to Avoid Making a Stupid Blunder

Do you have an oncoming interview, function, or you just want your car to stand out in the crowd? Well, the idea of dressing up those tires with the best tire shine would come in handy. Practically speaking, people seem to notice the condition of our tires much easier than other parts of the car.


Ever thought about:

That friend, neighbor or workmate whose vehicle seem to always “wear new shoes, I mean TIRES? Know what –it’s not that the tires are ever new or that he or she cleans them that much, most likely than not, they found the best tire shine, dressing product.

The funny thing about keeping those tires sparkling is that onlookers will think you are stinking rich (for changing your car tires every time and then.) And, a few of those who know about the product -they’ll definitely tag you “high class,” for using the most advanced tire shiner.

Well, that’s not all!

Your tires need maintenance because they go through a lot. First, they are ever in conduct with the merciless road, they pick up dirt, ta, suffer from grime, water and grease, salt, oxygen-ozone and worst of all – the ultraviolet radiation.

As in, factually speaking, tires need great care, that’s why the police always head over to investigate the condition of your car-tire at the roadblocks. If they look forsaken and old, that may add weight for penalization, something you could avoid with a few minutes of spray dressing them.

The reality is tires cannot be hidden from the public view, hence they say a lot about you, as the owner, and more so how keen you are on road safety matters-that is why professors suggest that a special life-span limit be set for auto-tires to evade sudden failures! Well, that’s not yet come -what you need is to have your car tires stand out!

But, What Exactly is a Tire Shine Product?

This is a surface dressing chemical, which may come in form of a spray, foam or gel. A shine product may also come, either as water based, solvent based or oil based -and all have their special benefits as well as cons.

Some folks prefer water based tire shines because they sparkle, don’t need extra caution when applying and are easy to wash away if need be, and -as in, they won’t stain the body paint or stain the user’s clothes.

On the other hand, the oil-based tire shines stay longer, offer a water-proof and dirt-free layer, blocks the UV rays better, and are cost effective. When it comes to giving your car the aesthetic value it deserves, the below picks of Tire Shine products would do best.

But fast: what are the Precise Benefits of a Tire Shine Product?

While these tire shine chemicals come in handy to boost your vehicle’s appearance, set it apart on the road and at special meetings, below are other amazing benefits they offer, which include:

  • Blocking harmful ultraviolet rays from scourging the rubber
  • Keeping the tires dirt free (the chemicals are dirt proof)
  • Prevent tar from sticking on the sides
  • Water-based shines are environment-friendly
  • They are easy to use
  • Take short time to apply
  • And they offer much at a lesser cost

So do I really Need the Best Tire Shine or any can do?

Well, there no doubt that you need to have and keep a tire shine product, for regular dress-up of your car, right. The big question is whether you need to get the best product or anything available can just do.

Picking any other product when it comes to tire shines may be the worst mistake you can do. Some chemicals are mere solutions designed to sip money from you -as in, they don’t work, and some can be harmful to the tires.

Personally, I always take products that have been tested by other users –are well praised and possess fewer complaints in the reviews. To keep you from the hustle of having to turn every other tire shine upside down reading about their details and contemplating whether it's good or bad, below is a precise list of best five tires shines in 2018.

Top 5 Picks in Best Tire Shine Products You May want to Focus on in 2018

***Below are more information on the recommended Tire Shine products, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

The TriNova Shine Spray makes your tires look as if the car just rolled out of the showroom. It offers a slick and dark finish, which brings out that rich fee feeling to the car owner. From its bag of varying options, you are rest assured of a long-lasting gloss on those faint-looking tires.

The spray is easy to use -with its extra-long tube and adjustable nozzle, you can reach down those corners with a slight bent to sip it up all. Set the screw nozzle to the preferred spray-droplet-density, and then tilt the bottle a bit as you spray -that way you’ll siphon the chemical to the last drop.


Our Rating


  • Gives a reliable layer of protection against aging
  • It is grime and dirt repellent so you’ll need to keep on dusting the tires
  • Offers the liberty to adjust to the degree of shine that suits you
  • Offers a lasting shine
  • Being oil based makes it waterproof
  • A single coat wipes away those aging signs of your car tires


  • The item maybe oil or solvent based -thus needing caution during application, to avoid staining yourself and the body

The CarGuys comes in Gallon Bulk Refill and a separate spray bottle. Its patented nano polymer additives have been proven to offer product longevity and performance. Besides giving your car that trim-of-show car finish, the solution is a dependable UV protectant.

Another property that sets it apart is that it’s easy and quick to dry which off cause would save you tons of time. In addition to that, particles in the chemical bond tightly, to prevent possible sling or run-off during speeding. It is a perfect deep rich dark shine -which offers an acceptable and collective taste from most people.


Our Rating


  • Offers a high gloss gaze shine
  • It is versatile so you can use it on your wheelbarrow, motorbike or mountain bike
  • Dries quickly and easily
  • It comes in bulk so it is cost effective
  • Comes with wipers for effective application
  • No sling and no mess


  • It’s water based, so you need to reapply after a while

The Meguiar claims it space by being a high gloss tire shine product. By the look alone you’d think it’s something dark hot. It prevents tire cracking which often comes as a result of destructive weather elements. It also hinders browning and premature aging of synthetic rubbers, which the tire is made of.

Ideally, it’s a petroleum-based shiner and comes in a 24oz bottle, with its spray. The bottle is designed ergonomically to facilitate comfort during application, which means you can do the job much accurately.

When well done, the Meguiar gives the tires a gorgeous deep black wet look.


Our Rating


  • It is highly water-resistant, so you’ll not be afraid of wet roads
  • The Patented antiozonant technology proceeds to make the tires blacker for longer
  • Hinders browning, cracking and premature aging
  • The bottle which it comes with avails options of narrow and wide spray, so you can switch to what you prefer
  • It does not leave residue or foreign spots


  • The item may seem small, so you’ll need to reorder after some time
  • It's too cheap therefore raising questions of a low-quality product, which may not be the case

This tire shine comes as a gel; therefore, the means of application is though wipers and not spray. Made with an advanced formula to last longer, the Armor will remain on the tires weeks without dissipating. As in, it is made to stick richly on surfaces -that’s why it is rated with high resilience.

That would mean a durable shield against whether elements not mentioning the superb look the car will have for all that time. Chemically speaking, the Armor is made from a fortified, silicon high-molecular technology that facilitates maximum protection of the tires. After application, it appears deep black yet shiny on the tire surface.


Our Rating


  • Made from a complex formula that brings extraordinary results
  • Being a gel there will be no overspray, so no messy appearances
  • Repels harmful elements that may cause fading or cracking
  • It can last for several weeks between application, so it’s convenient
  • Brings up an even and rich-look
  • Gives full control on the exact amount of product to apply


  • It’s a get, so it will take longer time to apply compared to the sprayed tire shine
  • You’ll need to use a wiper

Like its name, the Black Magic Tire Foam covers, cleans and shines in one step. This is made possible by the specially formulated viscous foam, which clings fast to the tire dissolving all mud, grime and brake dust. While the foam is thick -which also minimizes wastage, its sprayer nozzle is designed to ease control.

This allows for an excellent coverage –with small pressing on the spray button. After application, the thick formula spreads to avoid spotting or residue formation. Meaning when done well, you should not see any whitish residue or power. Off cause its advisable not to focus one spot but ensure uniformity on the surface you are applying.


Our Rating


  • It cleans, protects and shines instantly in one step
  • Gives that enhanced pure wet shine
  • Clings and dissolve brake dust, mud and road grime
  • No white powdery residue after application
  • Lasts for 2 weeks, so you’ll enjoy the shine for 14days before the next application
  • No long-term use damage, therefore it's safe on your tires


  • Offers little use on black rims, as in, it will not stick for long one metal surfaces
  • Not advisable for use on bike tires

Well, since you have all the facts and the best product details you are almost ready to go! But before picking any tire shiner -below is a round-up table to help you make a much summarized decision:

Comparison Table!





1. TriNova Tire Shine Spray




2. CarGuys Tire Shine




3. Meguiar’s Hot Shine




4. Armor All Extreme Tire Gel




5. Black Magic Tire Wet Foam



Foam dispenser

Which one Should You Choose?

The TriNova Tire Shine Spray seems to take the lead according to my point of view and I would advise you to consider it first. For one, it makes your tires, as well as the car, appears brand new. It also actively repels dirt, lasts longer than other Tire Shines, and gives that slick dark finish you will enjoy.

It also comes with an 18oz bottle best value, yet at a reasonable cost. That’s not all, it possesses an extra-long tube able to reach down into the corner, enabling you to use up the last drop, therefore no wastage.



Now that you know the tire shine is one among those basic car maintenance tools that you should have, ensure that the product you are picking will serve you best according to your car’s private needs. In case you are one of those people who doesn't have spare time to waste, an oil-based Tire Shine like the TriNova should serve you best because it would last longer.

Nonetheless, you may also consider other aspects like how cautious you would need to be during application. As in, if you don’t want anything that could stain the body for even a day, leave alone weeks, then go for water-based shines, because you can wash it away immediately.

The bottom line is, a good shine would give your car the aesthetic value it deserves as well as protect the tires from fast aging. So, pick the best because now you know!

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