Easy Ways to Depict the Best Tire Pressure Gauge Without Being a Genius

Did you know that the most important components in your car are properly inflated tires? Or this is news to you? Well, let me be more generous with some more info to add on that, tires are directly linked to your safety on the road.


Okay may be to you, the airbag or the ABS system, or somewhat the backup camera seems to be the most significant component, but with me, I think tires are!

Trust me, I am not kidding. So, how true is that?

As you know, your tires are the ones that come in contact with the road; therefore, they must always maintain a standard pressure to withstand the hostilities of tarmac, potholes and stones. Excess air can cause tire burst when the car is at high speed and that may lead to a serious accident. Now, do you see where your life’s safety comes in? Sure.

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Are there Other Consequences of Improper Tire Pressure?

Absolutely, many negative consequences come with not keeping your car’s tire pressure to the required levels. Incorrect-inflated tires will cause the following:

Under-inflated tires

Over-inflated tires

Wastage of fuel

Tire bursts

Brake problems

The tire to wear off at the center faster than at the ridges of the tire

Pose safety hazard to other road users

Bumpier road

And drag the car

Vibrations and death wobbles

Now, How Do You Ensure Proper and Consistent Tire Pressure on All the Wheels?

It is time that you think of keeping the right tools in your car to be able to maintain proper tire pressure. Thus, get a compressor and the best tire pressure gauge. Obviously, the gauge is for checking the pressure levels and the compressor for adding pressure when it is below parity. Check in the photo below, the tires illustrate the required and the unrequired tire inflation levels.

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Important to Note about Tire Pressure

Virtually all tires lose pressure slowly over time, even when the car is stationary, or the tire is not mounted on the vehicle. With a properly mounted tire, most of the pressure loss emanates from air mitigating via the rubber sidewall and not via the inflation valve. The valve stem's dust cap does not prevent air leakage; its purpose is to keep dirt out.

Tire pressure reduces as the weather gets colder. A typical vehicle tire gauging 30 psi when at 80 degrees temperatures will record 25 psi on pressure gauge when the outside temperature lowers to 30 degrees.

Outside Temperatures

Tire Gauge Reading

At 80 degrees

30 PSI

At 30 degrees

25 PSI

If I may ask, Are You Conversant with Tire Pressure Gauges?

If no, don’t worry. Consider yourself smart with the following information. There are three common types of pressure gauges, which include:

  • The Stick Gauge
  • The Dial Gauge, and
  • The Digital Gauge

The stick gauge looks like a small metal pen. When using it you place one end on the valve of the tire and the air force will push a measuring "stick" on the gauge. Many people use the stick gauge, as it is simple and straightforward.

Another design of a pressure gauge is the dial gauge. This possesses a short hose that is connected to the valve stem and an analog dial for reading the pressure level. In most cases, good dial gauges cost much than the average ones but come with greater accuracy.

The digital gauge is next in line. I don’t know why people seem to jump into anything digital, but I must confess that I also had to get buy one of these. At first, it was not my choice because I used to trust analog-made or mechanically functional gauges.

How Do You Know a Pressure Gauge is Good Enough?

A measuring instrument is termed reliable if attains a set level of standards in usability. Thus, below are major traits that define a perfect pressure gauge:

#1: It Must be Accurate

The pressure gauge you choose must be accurate in its reading. Bad reading can be very misleading as that means you are not in control of your car’s pressure needs.

#2: Easy to Use

Your gauge should be easy to use because you may not always have enough time to operate it. In my experience, a quick to use pressure gauge will encourage you always to do the exercise when required as opposed to a complicated gadget that will require much concentration. Some digital gauges are so easy to use that one hand is enough to operate it.

#3: Easy and Quick to Read

Some tire pressure gauges are hard to read precisely in low-light conditions so if you like traveling at night, choose wisely. That is, pick a gauge with a backlit LCD display that will be faster and easier to read.

#4: Priced right

In many occasions, pressure gauges are not that expensive, but of cause, anything that is extremely cheap should raise your eye brows. Most lowly priced pressure gauges can be found at the doll store or at the gas station, but some have a history of failing and inaccuracies. Therefore, it’s good to inquire why a gadget is abnormally cheap while another is priced highly yet they perform the same role.

#5: Durable

Certain types of stick gauges are known to malfunction when dropped even if the drop was not a hard one. On the other hand, a digital or dial gauge made with a rugged surface may not look attractive but it’s the most durable and reliable. So, read between the lines if you are after the best tire pressure gauge.

The 5 Best Tire Pressure Gauges to Focus on!

***Below are more information on the recommended Tire Pressure Gauges, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

It’s a simple brass plated stick gauge with an inherent style that you will most likely fall in love with. The gadget is elegant to behold.

Milton S-921 possesses the advantage of being durable than most lesser stick gauges. Nonetheless, it is not easy to see the reading at night as compared to how a digital or dial gauge would be.

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Other Pros

  • It is able to read up to 50 psi or 350 kPa making it suitable for a wide range of tires including motorcycle tires, bicycle, and vehicles
  • It is long lasting because it is made of plated brass.
  • Has a 4 side nylon indicator bar for convenience when using
  • If offers trouble free performance even when used on daily basis
  • Milton gauges are known to be very accurate
  • It has a weight of 0.8 ounces, and a dimension of 9 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches which makes it very portable and can easily fit in the gloves kit
  • Has a deflater valve for lowering pressure if it is in excess


  • It's hard to read at night, so you'll need another source of light

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

This pressure gauge comes in three pieces, the Premium Pressure Gauge, four aluminium Valve Caps and a Tread Depth Gauge all packed in a secure zippered case. The premium gauge component is for specifically ensuring your tire pressures are correct. While the tread depth gauge helps you quickly measure the tread and affirm it is at a safe level.

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Other Pros

  • This is a larger “2” dial gauge which makes it very comfortable to use
  • Has a pressure reading hold function so you can focus and get proper reading
  • Has a 360 degrees swivel chunk for easy fitting on the nozzle
  • The solid steel construction makes it far lasting and hard to be destroyed
  • It is a mechanical designed gauge so no batteries are needed for it function
  • Its operation is not affected by weather condition as it with digital gauges
  • The swiveling chuck is 5mm, which seals and avoid any air leakage
  • It has an integrated bleed button for easy and fast air adjustment


  • The zippered case may seem bulk since it may not fit into the glove kit
  • The premium gauge and the tread gauge exist as two separate items which is somewhat cumbersome

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

This is a heavy-duty quality dial gauge, meaning you can expect a mix of high-performance reliability. It comes with rugged brass fittings protected by a grip surface.

It is also ANSI certified in terms of accuracy making it recommendable in the list of best tire pressure gauges. It uses an improved analog technology.

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Other Pros

  • Has a sun-light depended rechargeable glow dial so that you can read it in dark
  • Comes with a unit’s bleed valve to let out excess air
  • It is battery-free, so there is no fear of digital failure with this device
  • Comes with 4 free valve caps for keeping dust away
  • Has a 360-degree turning swivel that makes it flexible and can reach your vehicles’ valves from different angles


  • Can be less responsive in freezing temperatures
  • It is much expensive

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

This is a die cast metal-bodied digital pressure gauge you will certainly like. It is accented with a rubber, which enhances grip and resistance to weather elements.

However, that makes it heavy though durable. Its LCD display glows, and the nozzles lights-up to guide you quickly to the valve stem during bad conditions.

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Other Pros

  • Has an offset nozzle which makes placement on the stem valve easier
  • Has a sensitivity of +/-0.5 accuracy, so it is very precise in the amount of air present in the tires
  • It gives instant results, so you'll not have to wait for a whole minute or two
  • Gives clear reading without deflating the tire
  • It has non-slip grips to ensure it is comfortable whether you have small or big hands
  • It is made of an extremely durable metal body


  • You might need to replace the battery when it runs low
  • You may not like its outside appearance

This digital pressure gauge is 7-inches long. It is angle shaped which makes it the easiest gauge to attach to a tire nozzle. The long handle is rubber coated giving it a good hold.

A friend of mine who owns a Volvo uses this gauge and he says it is extremely reliable in cold temperatures as opposed to others that fail in the same condition.

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Other Pros

  • Its LCD display is "extra-large", so you are sure of the figures displayed
  • Its design makes it withstand shifting around in your gloves
  • It comes with heavy duty construction for long lasting use
  • It is ergonomically designed for quick handling
  • The exterior is smooth so you can use it without gloves if you have to
  • Its automatic shut off prevents tire deflation


  • It doesn’t have a nozzle light
  • It is limited to reading 5-150 PSI and nothing beyond that

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

So What Should You Choose?

Now here comes the question, which one of these is the best tire pressure gauge? I have done an analysis of all, and the Ionox ION-15S Digital  Tire Pressure Gauge seems to qualify the most. See their summaries in the table below:

Tire Pressure Gauge




1. The Milton S-921 Tire Gauge

Stick gauge


Hard to read at night

2. TireTek Automotive Gift Set

Dial Gauge

Very accurate

Large 2’’ gauge, no light

3. Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge

Dial Gauge

ANSI certified

Glow at night

4. Ionox ION-15S Digital Tire Gauge

Digital Gauge

Defined: +/-0.5

Lit-up LCD + nozzle light

5. Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Gauge

Digital Gauge


Extra Large, lit-up LCD

In addition to what you see in the table, the Ionox ION-15S has an offset nozzle for faster placement on the stem valve. It also performs nicely in bad weather as well as gives instant results and is covered by a metal body that makes it outlive other gauges.


So which tire pressure gauge do you think is best for you to choose? Knowing that is very simple. Check on its main properties, as in, is it accurate, easy to use, durable, priced right, all-weather, and reliable for all cars, trucks, bikes motorcycle, SUV and ATV? A pressure gauge may have many good features but what matters most is if it will satisfy your needs.

For instance, if you find yourself driving during the night in most cases, get a pressure gauge that lights-up the LCD, is accurate and has a nozzle light. In this case, your choice should be the Ionox. However, if you want quality durability, and of cause accuracy, then the TireTek Automotive Gift Set should be your choice.

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