A Step-by-Step Detailed Guide to Finding the Best Portable Air Compressor That is also Affordable!

Do you now find yourself frequenting to the gas station to refill your car, more than before? Also, have you been feeling like your car’s steering wheel has become harder while turning either to the right or to the left, especially when the vehicle is slow moving? Something in you says; this steering will place me in a dangerous situation one of these days?


Well, could be, you indeed found yourself in a quagmire relating to the above situations, after a nail or a sharp object made through the tube to give you a flat tire. Maybe you wished you had a portable air compressor, right? You are not alone.

I have been there too:

Let me share the calamity that hit me recently and how I was assisted by a stranger.

A few days ago, I have a long trip from OHIO to COLORADO on a business trip. There was not any problem until suddenly I felt my car’s steering wheel became harder, and the front wheels began to wobble. I packed by the roadside and got out to investigate where the problem could be. And you know what, the worst had happened so to speak because the tires were flat and I didn’t realize all along. At the time, my smartphone said it’s 11.46 pm and there were hardly any cars on the street.

After a long wait one driver came along, I thought maybe I'll be assisted but unfortunately, they didn't have spare wheels to offer. Being a girl I am, in the middle of nowhere –trust me I was so worried. Thank goodness about 40 minutes later, a good man with a Volvo stopped by and asked me what happened. I showed him my flat tires; he rushed back to his car, got something and went straight to my flat tires. After 3 minutes he’d worked on my tires then he said, “Now you can keep driving, find somewhere to rest then, you can take your car to the service tomorrow.”

I was happy and extremely excited that finally, I was out of danger. Nonetheless, I was keen to ask him what he did with my tires but the only thing he showed me was his AUDEW inflator.

Was it a Serious Problem?

I took my car to the service for fixing and the mechanic actually highlighted that I was so lucky to have stopped because it is really dangerous to drive on insufficiently inflated tires leave alone flat tires. The engineer also advised that flat tires make the car to burn more gas, harder to drive and may push you to dangerous ends.

Why Should You Have an Inflator?

  • It helps you keep your tire pressure in check
  • The gadget can help your solve low-pressure issues quick
  • Helps to maintain your tires making them last longer.
  • It’ll help you save time when you have to
  • The gadget is user-friendly and doesn’t need a tech-mind to operate

Things to consider when Choosing The Best Portable Tire Inflators


Having a budget is the sensible thing to do. Make sure the unit you have in mind offers enough capabilities for its price.

Portability and Storage:

Easy to move around your car is one of the most important things in your long trip. Make sure that it’s small enough so that it doesn’t take up much space in your trunk.

Inflation Time:

When choosing the best one, you should check how long it takes for the unit to fully inflate small, medium, and large car tires. That means you should know your car size well.


As an ideal tire inflator, it always will have some extra features make you enjoy. Some units will come with additional accessories allow you to inflate other items.

AUDEW has been creating innovative products for tire care. The AUDEW 12V DC Digital Tire Inflator is one of the most compact and convenient automatic portable air compressors on the market. It offers a minimalistic design with optimum output, capable of reaching and measuring up to 150 PSI.

If you are not very familiar with digital tire inflators, PSI (pounds per square inch) is the amount of pressure this air compressor pump has the capacity to build, and 150 PSI is the appropriate level for your vehicle.

Reasons Why AUDEW Digital Tire Inflator Is Best Choice For You:

1. Excellent Auto Shutoff

It uses a pre-set pressure mode with automatic cut off. All you need to do is set your desired pressure level and then press the “start” button. The inflator will auto shut once the set pressure is achieved.

This feature enables anyone, anywhere to reach optimal air pressure in very little time and with very little effort. If for any reason the inflation needs to be stopped or paused, there is an option for that as well, pressing the switch for the second time will do just that.

It is ideal for stabilizing tire pressure during weather changes, making a trip to the gas station for tire checks obsolete. It also memorizes the previously imputed PSI number, so all that needs to be done is to move the inflator between tires after the automatic shutoff.

In cases of prolonged use, it is best for the portable air compressor to be left to cool down for 3 minutes for every 10 minutes of continuous work, which can ensure a much longer life for the device.

2. High-Precision Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Different from the traditional analog gauge, the digital tire pressure gauge is invariably better. Analog tire pressure gauges were the standard for many years, but advancements in digital technology have improved on that standard. In the previous tests, we have found that digital gauges are the most accurate tested. Whatever you are enthusiast or beginner, you will find it easy to use.

If you're looking to enhance your car's fuel efficiency along with increasing the lifespan of your car, AUDEW under $40 digital tire pressure gauge is a great investment to make.

3. High Intensity LED Lights

Choosing an air compressor with high intensity LED lights is important. Tires tend to deflate when you least expect it, including at the night and in lonely places.

AUDEW Portable Air Compressor with LED Lamp gives you a nice range of features that make it easy to use. For a start, the gauge is lights at the back so that you can use it even if you run into tire glitches in the middle of the night on the road.

4. User-Friendly

With a cable length of 3 meters and a cigarette lighter socket accessibility, the tire inflator can easily reach both front and rear tires of the vehicle. Additionally, the back of the inflator has a convenient place for cord storage in order to avoid messy and tangled cables, making storing it that much easier. It’s portable with handles to move it.

5. Space-Saving

Space is certainly a factor to consider once you decide to buy a portable air compressor pump for your car. You just don’t want a large air compressor that will occupy too much space, leaving little room for other belongings. Compact and lightweight make it small enough to comfortably keep in your car, easy to carry around and use in times of need.

6. Multi-Purpose

AUDEW 12V DC portable tire inflator is not only ideal for cars, ATV, RV, SUV, trucks, motorcycles, and bikes, you can as well use it to inflate sports equipment, air mattresses, inflatable adaptors among others. At 150 PSI, it is pretty powerful.

A complete package of various adapters is included, making it usable on bikes, sports equipment, and other inflatables apart from tires. This makes the tire inflator convenient for any air pumping needs and by design it does not take up much space making it easy to store both in-house and in a vehicle.


  • Comes with a carrying case, very portable
  • Built-in LED light, very convenient during night
  • Digital and pre-set tire pressure/auto shut-off, so that the tires can be inflated precisely
  • Powerful, inflate tires in short time.

How To Inflate A Tire Using A Portable Tire Inflator?

You can look at here to summarize our steps below:

Check out the video for more detail:

Apart from the switch, the device has three other smaller buttons located under the display. An “R” button which changes between unit conversion and “+” and “-“ buttons for increasing or decreasing values. The device’s default value is set at 30 PSI. After changing the value once, the new value will be memorized in future use until such a time as it is changed again.

According to the thousands of security tests that the inflator has undergone, this portable air compressor is quite safe to use and it produces noise levels below 60 dB, which is quieter than the sound of human voice. It also boasts with high-speed cooling, making it more durable and long-lasting, as well as an increase in efficiency while pumping.

When it comes to tires, they bound to deflate at one point or another, so owning a dependable tire inflator is indispensable. You may also need to inflate other things such as sports equipment. Therefore, versatility among inflators is essential.

Some of the credible features to look for in reliable pump include; excellent auto shutoff, high-precision digital tire pressure gauge, high intensity LED lights, space-saving, and the ability to multi-purpose. In all these, nothing beats AUDEW Digital Tire Inflator.

This AUDEW portable air compressor can be a very thoughtful and welcoming gift for any car enthusiast or any person who might need an inflator on regular or semi-regular bases.

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Jeremy says January 17, 2018

How long time it takes to fill up the tires ?

    Alice Brown says January 17, 2018

    Hi Jeremy,
    In general, it only takes 1~3 minutes to fill up the tires, but it also depends on the tire pressure.
    More specifically, you timed inflating your tires from ~30 psi to 44 psi. It took about 1½ mins per tire. Inflating a soccer ball from 5 to 11 psi took a matter of seconds.

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