Best Oil Filter Wrench 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

Did you know that changing your car’s oil filter is as important as changing the oil or conducting a break-fluid refill? …Sure, that is extremely necessary for both the performance and life of your vehicle’s engine.


But Why EXACTLY should you Change your Car’s Oil Filter?

The filter sieves the oil as it is pumped all around the engine. After a while, the filter becomes stuffed with dirt, dust and worst of all, small metal particles. As such, it can no longer do its filtering job as required meaning these tiny metals or contaminants will continue circulating.

The worst happens when the iron fillings reach the crankshaft and camshaft bearings. Because, they lead to friction, which could completely damage the engine or cause it to wear out faster.

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See above examples of affected bearings:

The rough lines you see on the inner part of the bearing as opposed to others are scratches from metal fillings. As a result, the abrasions greatly affect the car’s performance as well as damage the conduct parts, which are the crankshaft and camshaft. This happens when your car’s oil filter can no longer trap the iron-fillings because it is stuffed.

Changing the oil filter

Well, to ensure your car’s engine is working right the filter needs to be replaced after some time. The filter could only be lifted hand-tight but in most cases removing it proves challenging and can take lots of time. That is why you need the best oil filter wrench to move faster in your task.

My expert’s advice

At some point, I avoided changing the filter because untightening it proved involving and time-consuming.

I bet you are not into that “mischief” as I was, but if you are-- watch out! That is not a smart move for pure car aficionados like you and me.

“You need to change your filter after every oil change without fail,” that’s according to confirmed findings from one of my car experts.

Should I Use an Oil Filter Wrench or my Hands?

When you have an annoying oil filter that doesn’t seem to come off, or, you find it had to trust your sense of “hand-tight” you need a tool to help you either remove it or tighten the new filter back to its place. That is an oil filter wrench.

Obviously, you expect disaster when the engine oil is leaking from a loose filter that didn’t sit well on the gasket after replacement. The engine generates compressor when running and the slightest opening at the filter joint can jet away the oil dry.

As a result, that would mean your car's engine could cease or break some part due to reduced lubrication resulting from oil insufficiency. That’s why the filter needs to be sure tight under wrench.

To be Exact; what is an Oil Filter Wrench?

This a special tool for removing spin-on kind of oil filters. Such filters have a smooth, cylindrical canister surface that could prove difficult to grip with bare hands, especially when they are oily.

The wrench behaves exactly like an adjustable spanner, which enables it to handle filters of various sizes.

For particular types of old wrenches, a loop of chain is placed and turned anticlockwise till it wraps itself around the filter. Then a socket wrench is used to turn a hexagonal bar in the required direction, to either untighten or tighten it. Other common types use metal bands or a plastic cup that is often shaped like a socket.

And, do I really Need the Best Oil Filter Wrench?

Sure! ...An oil filter is an important part of your car as it is used to trap dirt that could otherwise circulate in the engine to cause harm. You cannot rely on your bare hands to be untightening the used filters, and tightening the new one during installation.

At times, the filter is smooth-round, oily and slippery hence it may not unwind easily with using the hands. Or, when placing the new one, your hand-tight level could as well result in oil leakage.

An oil filter wrench comes in handy to save you time in removing the old filter, ensure you don’t harm the new one, and also make the whole exercise easier. In fact, the tool also aids in tightening the filter to the required rate thereby evading leakages.

So What are the Exact Benefits of an Oil Filter Wrench?

  • Convenient to use when you are running against time
  • It helps you keep-up with ensuring your car’s engine is fully serviced after the oil change.
  • Eases the removal of oily or slippery filters
  • It will not damage the new filter
  • The tool is cheap yet very important and fun to use
  • It avoids leakages which could otherwise cost you car’s life

Top Five Picks of Oil Filter Wrench Available in 2017

***Below are more information on the recommended Oil Filter Wrench, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

The Neiko 2-Way comes as an adjustable oil filter wrench with a 3-jaw design. Its unique patented design allows users to remove oil filters with ease. On top of that, the universal design makes it work on almost all types of SUV and passenger oil filters.

Ideally, a vast number of filter sizes can be aloof with it - from 11/2 to 4-inch filters. It is stress-free to use. As in, you don’t need to be technical minded to operate it.

All you need is a 3/8th-inch or 1/2th-inch breaker bar or drive ratchet. Additionally, it comes with a low profile design meaning it can tightly fit in low clearance areas.


Our Rating


  • It is adjustable to hold varying filter sizes
  • It comes with an adapter included in the package
  • Comes with 3-jaw patented design, which saves time
  • It’s easy to use
  • It grips spin-on filters tighter but safely


  • It may be size specific

The Tekton 12-inch is designed with an adjustable slip joint design and large teeth. It looks and operates exactly like pliers but its mouth is wide and the slip joint is easy to adjust. This gives the exact required grip.

The device is able to unscrew and install filters of up to 4-1/2-inches in diameter. Its grip teeth can comfortably hold even the most slippery or oil-covered filter surfaces. The good thing about the tool is that you just need to unwind the claws and press them on the filter.

That’s all -and you’ll be able to dislodge the oil filter. The handles are designed like a seesaw to eliminate strain.


Our Rating


  • The grip-teeth are right-angled set to facilitate "sure" grip on oily or slippery filter surfaces
  • Its three-position slip joint design allows you to quickly adjust the pliers to the required size
  • It got long handles, which allows you to work on filters placed in tight places
  • It is flexible to turn to either direction
  • It works alone, no need for accompanying tools like screwdrivers or ratchets


  • It uses the pliers' principle to operate

The Motivx prides in its 3/8-inch thick solid steel top that can handily bend or break when handling the work. In fact, it comes with heavy duty jaws, which are nickel made and plated, meaning it is a top quality oil filter wrench. That is why it’s a bit costly.

The 4130 Chromoly steel sharp teeth are the ones that take hold of the filter. Holding it, you realize tension on the jaws. This comes from a thick .050-inch spring that has connections to the attachment points that make it not to come loose.

When you using it with an extension, you’ll not need to touch the filter with your hands. Yes, it’s that convenient!


Our Rating


  • The nickel sharp and integrated tooth is designed to remove spin-on filters with ease
  • It can work on filters of 2.5” to 3.25” outside diameter
  • It is usable on a wider range of cars, motorcycles, trucks and ATV’s
  • Can also be used on the hard to reach Polaris Ranger
  • It eliminates the need of side access when removing a filter


  • It is hardly used for filter installation but best in removal
  • It’s not compatible with some oil filter types

The ABN oil filter wrench is equipped with the 6-8 cylinder that relies on or uses the cartridge style filter housing. The tool rakes it praises from working best on Toyota, Lexus and Scion 6-8 oil filters among other car types. It is constructed from a very strong but soft alloy to avoid cracking or damaging the cap.

The 64mm 14 flute wrench is also designed for hex. And is particularly machined for cars with ordinary disposable screw canister oil filters. It engages the 64 mm ring to increase its contact area, which also reduces the chances of stripping the cap. It is liked because it gives multiple contact points that securely engage the filter housing.


Our Rating


  • Has a drive size of 3/8” and a hex head size of 1-inch
  • The high strength alloy steel guarantees its durability
  • Has precision that fit scion 6-8, Lexus and Toyota car perfectly
  • Best for cartridge style oil filter housings
  • Work on 2.5L to 5.7 L engines, which is quite a wide range


  • The square 3/8-inch ratchet port could strip out according to some reviewers
  • It appears as if it’s particularly machined for cartridge style oil filters only

This wrench removes all kinds of oil filters in the bracket of 2-1/2 to 3-1/8" diameter. That means most of the import car filters, as well as the common three-inch filters we are used to are covered by the Lisle.

Its steel jaw perfectly grips a filter without allowing it to slip, which means you’ll not carry many attempts trying to untighten the filter. That will off cause save you a big deal of time. To add on, it also works on tight spots.

How? From the front the filter and in this case you will be using the 3/8-inch drive –superb, right.


Our Rating


  • The steel jaw is strong and won’t allow the filter to slip even if it’s oily
  • The extra-large jaw makes the Lisle 63600 fit into most import car oil filters
  • It also works well with the common 3” car filters
  • It enables you to tackle the tight spot with ease


  • In most cases, it is a removal tool than a tightening device

Comparison Table!



Accompanying tools

Filter installation

1. Neiko 03421A

3-jaw design

Breaker bar /drive ratchet


2. TEKTON 5866

Slop slot joint

Works independently


3. Motivx Tools

Spring/Integrated tooth

box head , drive ratchet


4. ABN 6-8 cylinder

Cartridge type

Spanner/box ratchet


5. Lisle 63600

Expandable spring

Box head ratchet/spanner


With all that said, let’s have a table with the main features that one ought to look at when picking the best and most precise filter wrench. In this case, our focus is on adjustability, which should tell whether the tool can work on various diameters; whether it needs other tools to operate or it can work independently; and whether you can use it to both remove and tighten the oil filter or usability.

So which One Should You Choose?

Looking at the different features and properties that come with these top five oil filter wrench picks in our table, I would definitely recommend that you choose the TEKTON 5866. Top on the list in its superior properties is that you can use it without requiring any additional tool. No spanner or ratchet is required to handle the task it works independently.

When it comes to adjustability there is the 3-slop slot joint design that permits the handling of various oil filter sizes.

The super grip-teeth work great to provide a sure-clasp to oily filter surfaces. The long handles offer the benefit that you can work in tight places. And last but very important is that you can use it to both remove and install your car's filter, as opposed to other wrenches that only help during removal.


Now that you have a list of the best oil filter wrenches available, select the one that accurately answers your needs. For instance, you can go with the vehicle-specific wrench or the one that works on import oil filters if you have to. Well, that’s all, big time as you choose wisely.

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