A Systematic Guide to Choosing the Best Fifth Wheel Hitch in the 2017 Reviews

Hey! are you aware that you don't have to be the most qualified rig driver to use a fifth wheel? Anybody including recreational hikers, horse carriers, travel trailers and so on are hitching up fifth wheels on a daily basis, why not you!


In fact, the breakfast you had this morning, or the laptop/smartphone you are reading this article on most probably came off the back of a truck. That is why everyone is now after the best fifth wheel hitch, and it has become this popular.

So, are you saying I should leave my standard or traditional trailer hitch?

Exactly, and that is if you want safer driving every time you have to tow something on your vehicle’s back bed.

A perfect fifth-wheel hitch is designed to optimally distribute weight. This makes the tow car easy to manage, and increase safety.

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When you add some weight to a trailer hitch on your car’s rear end, the front wheels may begin to lift. Reason being, the rear axle will be acting as a pivot point. Also, the majority of weight can rest upon the rear suspension exposing some parts to the risk of either breaking or wearing faster.

But What is a Fifth Wheel Hitch to be Precise?

A Fifth Wheel Hitch is a device created to support the weight of a semi-trailer when it is being towed by a pickup truck. The hitch is installed in the back bed, on the truck and it is highly important that the mounting be done well. In essence, the weight of the trailer will press down amidst the rear axle and the truck’s cab.

In addition, the fifth wheel hitch acts as the connection between your pickup truck and the towed trailer. Thus, it is important that you know the weight of your trailer because getting a hitch that may not support its weight is a blunder and dangerous as well.

With the best fifth wheel hitch, the weight of the truck is placed between the rear axle and the cab, thereby removing the pivot point. This helps to spread the load to some extent even if the rear end still bears the brunt. As such your trailer breaks will works wow.

And, Do I really Need the Best Fifth Wheel Hitch?

You don’t want to continue with the traditional trailer hitch because of these three things.

  • It has more flaws when it comes to your safety as the driver
  • It may compromise the safety of your tow car
  • You care about your trailer and the safety of the goods on board.

The dynamics of your tow vehicle becomes compromised with weight increase. Therefore, when you are using a common trailer hitch you may not control the load at a corner comfortably. In addition, the front wheels may rise when you hit a pothole thereby resulting to a very serious accident.

Well, let us stretch even more... A standard hitch makes the car unstable when it hits a pothole and limits the turning radius of the car. That is why you really need a quality fifth wheel hitch.

So what are the Exact Benefits of a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

  • It offers a significant means to support and pull any type of trailer
  • You can detach the hitch when you want anytime, thereby making it very convenient
  • It keeps your trailer from possible damages
  • It gives both the truck and the load stability
  • Most hitches come with few weight limitations thus are dependable for various tasks
  • It eases maneuvering by providing better turning radius of up to 90 plus degrees
  • Provides a much safer towing experience

The benefits of fifth wheel hitches are overwhelming. However, it’s important that you check each product differently because some have more features and more advantages than is general. The pleasure is your to check the below top picks!

Top Five Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Available in 2017

***Below are more information on the recommended Fifth Wheel Hitch, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

CURT E16 fifth wheel hitch comes with a gross trailer weight of 16, 000 lbs and confirms to withstand a vertical load ranging up to 4,000 lbs. That gives you the assurance that you’ll do a lot with its capacity despite being an economic option wheel hitch.

For a smoother and quieter ride, it operates with an anti-rattle skid plate. It has a dual pivoting head that offers 10 degrees of lateral movement, which makes it flexible.

Its four height adjustable positions ease adaptability on unique truck beds, making it highly versatile with various truck bed wall heights.

Also, very vital is that it gives you the liberty to single-handed operation it with ease.

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  • It comes with an auto-locking mechanism that ensures simple and secure coupling.
  • Its standard legs, rails, and brackets come ready for mounting
  • Has a durable carbide powder coat that makes it last really long
  • It mounts comfortably on all industry standard base rails
  • It is compatible with OEM puck systems leg rollers and various others
  • It has a versatile design


  • A few reviewers cite that it’s lacking in some areas
  • Some people complain of legs compatibility in their already existing car bed

The pro-series is 15, 000 lbs in vertical load tow power capacity, meaning it’s strong to a wide range of trailer loads. It features a four-way pivoting head that is specially designed with a 5 degrees side tilt. The tilt makes it very easy to hookup, thus you can rely on it even if you are running against time.

Another amazing feature is the rounded slide bar joint mechanism. Particularly, this is designed for auto-self latching; it includes a mounting kit that ensures less time wastage. It is easy to install, and bearing the fact that its warranty goes beyond three years, that means the quality is super and assured.

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  • The right side operating handle is long and easily accessible
  • It's made from high-quality metal frames
  • The four-way pivoting heat gives your car some design
  • The self-latching mechanism guarantees safety
  • It comes with a rounded slide bar jaw contrary to some
  • It works on 99-16 F-250 prime duty and the rest
  • The package comes with a complete mounting kit, including 4 bolt rails.


  • May have to be shipped in different boxes meaning it will arrive separately or in bits.

The B and W Companion fifth wheel hitch has an RVK3500 part adapter and is considered top in quality compared to all other 5th wheel hitches. The adapter is what makes it so popular and most customers purchase it just to use it. It operates with the turnover ball and the under-bed mounting system.

To install it, you’ll need to pull the lever, in order to release the gooseneck ball. Then, slide the attachment and set the base shank well. Yes, it is that easy, meaning you can do the mounting yourself in less than 20 minutes on the higher side.

Of cause, if you are tech savvy the installation time should automatically drop down to 10 minutes!

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  • Its load power capacity is 2000 lbs which is far beyond most devices
  • It uses a B & W gooseneck making it easy to attach and detach
  • As you tighten the bolt the latch drops into place effortlessly
  • The adapter makes it movable
  • The frame is made from thick and bend metal folds making it super strong
  • Comes with an under-bed mounting system
  • The slider allows you to comfortably maneuver in tight spaces


  • It is much expensive than most other
  • It is quite heavy, may take at least 2 people to move it up and down

With the Anderson Hitch, there is no bucking nor chatter compared to others, it gives the smoothest operation. The three heights adjustments, which are 16-1/8 inch (lowest position,) 17-7/16 inch (mid position,) and 19-inch (upper position) makes it super convenient. Meaning, you can use it on pickup tracks of various heights. There is also the gooseneck version, which makes it even more easy to use on all model works with gooseneck hitch.

Its installation time is 45 minutes only, meaning you will not waste your precious time meant for other errands. Another time-saving aspect is that it allows you to quickly connect and disconnect your trailer, thus no hustle or need for technical assistance.

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  • It requires only one person to install (not complicated).
  • It is rated at 4500 lbs tongue weight and 24000 lbs GTWR, thus can withstand a tremendous weight
  • It works will almost all brands of gooseneck hitches
  • Removing and re-installing it takes less time
  • It is very light as it weighs only 75 pounds, yet very strong and reliable
  • Provides a great setup and you can customize it
  • It offers more swivels and in different directions


  • Averagely priced, which may imply lower quality to some folks
  • Some users are not comfortable with the pin box at the bedsides

The Draw-Tite Hi-Rise has become popular for its Hide-A-Goose gooseneck hitch feature. As an 18K, the fifth wheel is highly compatible with various pickups as well as offers a smooth and quiet ride.

Its head assembly tilts sideways, front, and rear which greatly boosts its flexibility. It also features plastic strips that you can adjust to confirm the pickup's bed thereby assuring safety. The kingpin latch is wrapped to facilitate for a more secure connection. The Hi-Rise is also notable in simplicity and reversibly of converting the gooseneck hitch into a noiseless fifth wheel. It comes with a 4-way pivoting head making it more usable.

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  • Comes with a self-latching jaw design for fast operation
  • The 4-degrees pivot provides better control
  • Has 2 bolts that allow bed height adjustment
  • Its offset legs enhance adjust-ability as well as and foster lock-ability
  • It is compatible with gooseneck hitch and series heads
  • Rated at 18000 lbs as the Gross Trailer Weight, while the pin weight capacity is 4500 lbs


  • May not be used with 9466 and 9467 hide-a-gooseneck hitches or the DT-6300 removable ball
  • It is also less compatible with sidewinder -doesn't support a device that changes the pivot point

Well, the features in each device are very useful but tricky to master all. That’s why I thought a comparison table such as the below would help you to focus on the main properties of these 5 best fifth wheel trailer hitches. Important areas to check include, the lateral movement capability, gross trailer weight and the pivot mechanism.

The Comparison Table


Lateral Movement

Gross Trailer Weight

Pivot Mechanism

1. CURT 16115 E16

10 degrees

16,000 lbs

C-yoke, 2 axles

2. Pro-Series 30056

5 degrees

15,000 lbs

4-way pv head

3. B & W Companion


20,000 lbs

Gooseneck head

4. Anderson Ultimate

3 height adjustment

24,000 lbs

Gooseneck head V

5. Draw-Tite

4 degrees S to S

18,000 lbs

4-way, self-latching

So, Which One Should You Choose?

In my careful examination based on the usability, quality, and safety of a fifth wheel hitch, I would advise you to choose the B & W Companion. It accommodates everybody’s needs, being a general mount for the center of any pickup truck model.

The B & W withstands a load of over 20, 000 pounds, which is a perfect capacity for most average and super loaded trailers. In itself, it is very light, 207 pounds only, so it will not add unnecessary weight to your car. It uses a special adapter that makes hooking and detaching of the trailer very easy, safe and reliable. It also features an under-the-bed mounting system that you will like.

And last but very important, the slider feature helps you to fast and easily maneuver in tight or congested spaces!


Among the five, what product answers your exact needs? The thing is, these top best fifth wheel hitches come differently in terms of price, quality, and other features. That off cause gives you the freedom to choose whatever seems to go down to your needs and financial strength. Have a big time in your selection!

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