Looking for the Best Car Wax this 2017? We Got You Covered – Here’s Our Top List!

Do you want to give the best shine for your ride and make it last longer? Then right now you must be searching for the best car wax in the market today. And with numerous products available, it must be a great headache to you on which one to choose!


Waxing your car is as important as washing it. Car waxes are vital to protect your ride from corrosion, contaminants, oxidation, and many other factors that will hasten its deterioration. If you want to keep your vehicle last longer, you should protect it only with the best car wax in the market.

In the next sections, I will reveal to you tips in choosing your car wax and the top products you must try.

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Why You Need to Wax Your Car Regularly

We don’t want to purchase something very expensive like your car only to enjoy it for a short period of time. To make your ride last longer, it starts with giving it the right care products not just to make it shine but also to protect it from corrosion and airborne contaminants.

Here are my reasons why waxing your car is important:

  • To protect the paint from contaminants like dust, bird droppings, smudges, road grime, and bugs.
  • To protect the paint from the excessive heat of the sun and during cold weather seasons.
  • To prevent corrosion from forming.
  • To make your car clean, shiny, and last longer.

Hints on How to Pick the Best Car Wax

I know choosing a car wax is challenging! You can read all the gimmicks in the advertisements and almost every product claims that they are the best. Well, not all of them are true to what they say.

Sometimes, you need to experiment which products to use and this can be costly and time-consuming. I don’t want you to experience the same ordeal! So let me show you ways on how to select the best car wax in the market below:

1. Safe for Clear Coat Finishes

2. Easy to Apply

3. Eliminates Swirls and Micro-Scratches

4. Provides Protection from UV Rays, Rain, Contaminants, and Corrosion

Don’t like to experience the nightmares of other car owners for picking the wrong product (and regret about it throughout the week)? My best advice to you is this - learn from their mistakes. I myself have tried a car wax on my vehicle before and really had regrets after seeing some residues on the paint. Research is really a must if you want to use only the best car wax product.

Now, here are my top recommended car wax products which I believe is worthy to buy for your car:

Top 5 Best Car Waxs in the Market

***Below are more information on the recommended Car Wax, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

Unlike the previous version, Meguiar's G12718 NXT is easier to apply since you only need a thin layer to do the job. It doesn’t cake up and is easier to remove. I personally like to use the blue applicator pad that comes with the product. For better results, you can partner the wax with a polisher for a glossy finish.

Mequiar’s NXT is a synthetic protectant you can easily apply on the car surface without leaving powdery residues. If you want to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks, then you should consider this wax.

Not only does it protect but also gives your car a wet-look shine like it has just been out from the showroom. Not to mention its capabilities to repel acid rain and protect the paint from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Via amazon.com

Our Rating


  • Ideal for light and dark-colored cars
  • Has hydrophobic polymer technology that is resistant against to water spots and surface degradation
  • Very easy to apply and take off, even without a power buffer
  • Provides a deep glossy finish
  • Protects the paint against corrosion, oxidation, and contaminants


  • Some customers complained of the streaks it leaves on black paints

Liquid Glass product is one of my favorite car wax products! Although not totally a wax, the Liquid Glass is worth buying if you are looking for a product with high-quality outcomes. What I personally love about Liquid Glass is its durability, mirror-like finish, and great protection capabilities against almost any types of contaminants.

Seeing your car contaminated with stubborn dirt, bird droppings, saps, bugs, and grime is a pain in the eye. But Liquid Glass really helped me a lot to protect the car against all of these elements. You can appreciate the results even more once it is air-cured.

Liquid Glass easily solidifies and becomes durable like glass to protect the paint against discoloration, scratches, peels, and cracks that damage the exterior look of your ride.

Via amazon.com

Our Rating


  • Provides high quality gloss finish
  • Doesn’t crack, chip or peel and turn yellow
  • Works against acid rain, tar, corrosion, and minor scratches
  • Safe on all paints and glasses
  • The more it is exposed to the sun, the better it bonds to your auto’s paint


  • Can cause stains on plastics that are difficult to remove
  • May leave small clumps or chunks on the surface if used with ordinary cloth

The Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell is an unremarkable product when it comes to providing your paint the luster and convenience.

It gives a high-quality finish by enhancing the car’s vibrant color and gives protection against harmful UV rays and acid rain that can last for up to 12 months.

The only downside might be the need to use a mechanical buffer if you want optimum results. Otherwise, it may require a lot of effort to take off the wax through manual buffing.

Overall, if you like a nice deep shine of your auto using the traditional way, then Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell you be your option.

Via amazon.com

Our Rating


  • Provides super hard shell protection
  • Formula can last for up to 12 months
  • Resistant against to the harmful UV rays
  • Multiple coats will last even during rainy seasons
  • Protects the car from rust while making it shine for months


  • Can leave swirl marks if applied in heavy coats
  • Some customers complained that the wax is hard to buff

I’ve included this product on my list because it deserves to be on the top list. It is non-abrasive, works perfectly on any paint, and works like mild cleaners to take off any residues left by the previous wax applied. Another plus side is that it truly protects your paint from sap, bird droppings, grime, and even UV rays.

There was a time when it rained a bit in our place and I was a bit worried because I just waxed the car the other day. The next day the sun was shining bright and I was so surprised not to find any streaks or water-marks on the surface.

So from that day I started recommending this carnauba wax to my friends.

If you have a black car, this product works great! It has a non-abrasive formula and doesn’t leave any residues on the paint. Using it regularly will truly bring longer lasting benefits on your auto.

Via amazon.com

Our Rating


  • Pure Carnauba wax with non-abrasive formula, making it gentle on your paint
  • Mixed with mild cleaners that remove old residues and wax on the paint
  • Provides an almost wet-look finish on the paint
  • Product comes on and off easily
  • Dries easily and can be wiped off even without a power buffer


  • May not last very long on extreme temperatures
  • Applying heavily may cause difficulty in removing the wax

The P21S Carnauba wax is a non-abrasive formula and doesn’t contain dyes and perfumes. You can expect it to last for months and appreciate its water-repellent feature. What’s even better about this product is that it doesn’t stain on plastics and rubber!

Since P21S Carnauba Wax doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, it is safe to say that it’s more environment-friendly compared to other common car waxes. The wax has a soft texture that provides ease in application.

You don’t need to worry about buffing since it is very easy to remove, plus it doesn’t leave any powdery residues on the paint.

Via amazon.com

Our Rating


  • Formula doesn’t cause stains on plastics and rubber materials
  • Leaves no powdery residue
  • Doesn’t leave white stains and streaks
  • Provides deep shine and protection
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals, making it safe and gentle on your paint


  • Should be removed immediately right after it begins to haze (about a minute or two), otherwise the product will be very difficult to remove

Which Product Should You Buy?

After reviewing all features of each product and weighing down the pros and cons, the winner for me is Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish. Here’s why:

  • It’s very easy to apply and remove.
  • The product is non-abrasive, so it doesn’t cause swirl marks and scratches.
  • The formula is safe in the paint and glasses.
  • It provides a complete protection against all kinds of contaminants, hard water spots, and many other factors that cause early deterioration of the surface.

My car looks exactly the one below before and after the application of the car wax:

Via blog.asautoparts.com

Although you can still find other products that may be as good as this one, for me the Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate is already giving all the good points you should look for on car waxes. I believe you will truly appreciate this product once you give it a try on your ride.


Babying our cars does not only involve regular check-ups but also making sure it gets the right care through the right products. And a shiny, fresh-looking car can truly make your day! You don’t even need to call a professional to give it a glossy finish. Just pick the best car wax (some of them I recommended here) and follow the instructions in applying the wax on the paint. Then you’d be happy to see your car looking glossy and almost brand-new!

Enjoyed reading this primer? I hope you found this very helpful in choosing your next car wax product! Please do share this with your friends to let them know the best car wax products in the market today.

Do you have something to add to the list above? Or do you have questions and suggestions? Please do type them in the comment section below so you can share it with everyone reading this post.

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