Looking for the Best Car Wash Soap? Know Our Top List You Should Try this 2017!

Doesn’t your car deserve the best care products to keep it on its best shape possible? While it’s true that you can easily go to the nearest car wash center and pull out a few dollars to get it done, often times it is not the good option for those who truly love their car. You want to select the best products that do not damage the paint or cause spots on the auto’s surface.


Today you can find a lot of car wash soaps in the market that promise high-quality outcomes. The reality is, not all of these claims are true. Here, I will show you the best car wash soap which I believe have the superior outcomes and worth every penny.

The Hard Truth: Why You Need to Wash Your Car with the Right Soap

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Experience is the best teacher. Before I explain to you the importance of choosing the right car wash soap, let me tell you first my own story.

A month ago, there was a time when the weather was so bad. It was really raining hard and most cars were covered with road grime and smudges. These contaminants are a threat to your paint because if you allow these to sit for a longer time, corrosion can easily be formed from air through the oxidation process. Eventually, it will be more difficult to remove and will not make your auto look good.

I hate to see my car look dirty from all those grimes! So what I did is I went to the market to purchase car wash soap. There were so numerous products to choose from and I really got confused! So I just took a random product (based on my feelings without doing any research) and used it to wash my car.

Few days after I washed my car, I noticed some marks and spots on the paint! It made my car look dirty even if I washed it (it looks like the one on the picture above). I got really scared so I went to my friend’s garage to have him look at my car. My friend is an expert in car care and repairs so I’m confident he would be able to help me explain what just happened to my auto’s paint.

So, he inspected the spots and told me the car wash formula I used was not suitable for my car’s paint! The pH level of the product was too low, making it acidic. Solutions that are acidic can be harmful to your auto’s paint and cause hard spots and marks that are challenging to remove!

As you can see, using the wrong soap for your car for a long period of time can really cause damage to the paint. You may not see the difference with your first few applications, but in the long run you will see the results you will truly regret!

If you truly love your car and hate expensive repairs on the paint, I would recommend you choose only the right car wash soap that’s safe and effective for your vehicle.

So why do you need to constantly wash your car with the right soap? Here are my answers:

  • A regular washing routine will keep your car clean from road grime and contaminants.
  • Proper maintenance will make your auto last longer.
  • Using the right soap ideal for your car will prevent paint damages and marks.
  • Unlike ordinary kitchen soap, the right car wash soap is formulated to remove stubborn dirt while being safe and gentle for your paint.
  • Contaminants left on your car for a very long time can be very difficult to remove and cause damage to the paint. Regularly cleaning your auto will prevent this from happening.
  • And the most important reason is to prevent choosing random soaps and cause damage on your auto’s paint (just like what I did above).

What to Consider When Choosing a Car Wash Soap

Your car is your baby and it deserves more love and care to make it last longer. That love starts with choosing the right car wash product to keep your auto squeaky clean and shiny.

You may need to spend a few bucks for the right brand but in the long run it’s all going to be worth it. A well-maintained car will save you not only from costly damages but also from the inconveniences in the future.

You may all hear these cool gimmicks in advertisements from different car wash brands but the truth is, not all of them may be effective for your car. So the question is, how do you choose the best car wash soap? Read on below.

#1. pH Balanced Formula

#2. Resistant to Water Spots and Streaks

#3. Gentle Formula for Your Auto’s Paint

#4. Effective at Removing Road Grime and Contaminants

Now you already know the hot tips on how to choose car wash soap, I would recommend you to consider the list of best car wash soap below which all have the factors listed above.

These products are my top favorites because they have good reviews in general. Moreover, my friend who’s a car expert recommended the products to me and I found them really effective!

Top 5 Best Car Wash Soaps in the Market

***Below are more information on the recommended Car Wash Soap, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

One of the best products I first tried and found effective for washing my car is the 3M Car Wash Soap. There was a time when my auto’s surface was covered with dust and some bird droppings after I parked it under the trees during one of my trips. I got really worried because the contaminants have dried up and was very difficult to remove.

Then I tried 3M and it worked like magic! The droppings were softened and became so easy to remove with just one wash.

I’ve also learned that the product is not harmful to your coat so you can feel confident every time you wash your car with 3M.

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Our Rating


  • The only product that has a phosphate-free formula
  • Made of liquid gel formula that’s gentle and safe for car paints
  • Provides a fresh cherry scent to make your car smell clean
  • You only need fewer washes because of its high concentration formula


  • The largest bottle available is only 16 oz.
  • May not work best for specific stains

Meguiar’s is the second car wash soap I tried in the market. For me, it’s the perfect car wash soap since it does not only clears away contaminants and stubborn dirt but as well as conditions your auto’s paint. It comes with a smooth lather to gently remove smudges while enhancing the shine and color of your car’s surface.

When I thought that stubborn spots are hardened bugs on my auto’s paint seem helpless, I found hope after using Meguiar’s product.

The soapy lather gently lifted the contaminants without too much effort and gave my car a shiny look with its conditioning formula!

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Our Rating


  • The formula acts as a conditioner at the same time to give a radiant and glossy finish of the paint
  • Cleans at the same time conditions with just one step
  • Safe on all types of car paint
  • Does not remove wax on the paint


  • Some customers complained about poor quality of the packaging which sometimes causes leaks when shipped
  • Has a strong and perfume-like smell which may not be desirable for some buyers

Mother’s California Gold Car Wash is a bottle of concentrated formula that is tough on road dirt, bird droppings, and other contaminants yet gentle on the paint. The concentrated solution makes the car wash product longer-lasting and money-saving as well.

When my friend introduced this product to me, I didn’t hesitate to try it. It gave me a lot of savings because you only need to mix an ounce of the liquid to a gallon of water (now that’s enough to clean my car).

Plus the product will not leave your paint any streaks which are painful to the eyes! Even if I apply a wax coating on the paint, it doesn’t take off the wax.

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Our Rating


  • Resistant against water spots and streaks
  • pH balanced formula
  • Highly concentrated formula which offers good liquid-to-water ratio
  • Gives a shiny finish without removing the wax coating of the paint


  • Doesn’t come in bottles larger than 64 oz.
  • Not ideal to use with electric pressure washer

I have included the Chemical Guys here because it’s an all-in-one car care product for me.

The formula gently breaks down dirt and stains while gently lubricating the auto’s paint to allow any debris to come off easily.

This is so far the fourth car wash soap I tried and I can really say that it is as good with the other products above when it comes to removing grime and dirt.

What I love about Chemical Guys though is the fresh lemon scent and the fact that it is environment-friendly.

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Our Rating


  • Tough on removing road grime and stains
  • Gives smooth foam for lubrication and scratch-free rinsing
  • You can mix 1 cap with 5 gallons of water, so you get more out of your money
  • Has a safe and biodegradable formula for deep cleansing
  • Derived from natural citrus that thoroughly cleans and acts as a glass enhancer
  • Does not contain artificial chemicals and additives


  • The shine-enhancer formula may leave streaks on windows and other glossy surfaces
  • Too much soap can strip the wax coating off your paint

What makes Optimum No Rinse Wash one of the buyer’s favorite is its higher concentration formula. I also love this product because it’s safe and biodegradable, thus you are not hurting mother earth while you clean your beloved car.

Recently I went for a long trip on a rural area in our place where roads were not fully developed (so you can just imagine how much dust and smudges my car has to endure)! I got home and tried Optimum to remove all the contaminants. Indeed, the product gave superior results as it easily dislodged the dirt off my car’s surfaces. The formula gave the paint a glossy finish and I had no regrets I tried the wash soap.

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Our Rating


  • The pH balanced formula protects the clear coat of your paint
  • Provides higher concentration compared to similar products
  • Safe for your hands and the environment
  • Safe for any types of vehicle surfaces such as trucks, motorcycles, cars, and fiberglass
  • Comprised of high lubricating polymers that perfectly blends with your car’s paint, giving it a nice and glossy finish


  • The largest bottle available is only 32 oz.
  • The product does not promise a streak-free finish


Your car deserves your love and attention. It starts with choosing the best car wash soap that’s not only effective in removing smudges and dirt but as well as gentle for your auto’s paint. I have shown you in this post the top 5 products I highly recommend for every car owner. I do hope you have chosen the one that fits your preferences. If you want to save your time or cleaning quickly, you can also use the car dusters to take care of your car regularly.

Did you find this post helpful in choosing your car care product? I really hope you did. Don’t forget to spread the love by sharing this information with your friends!

I would really love to hear your suggestions and comments. Please don’t hesitate to type them below!

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