The 5 Best Car Steering Wheel Covers You Should Try For Your Car Now!

Have you noticed a part of your steering wheel showing signs of wear lately? Or are you looking for an accessory to preserve your wheel? If yes, then you need to consider a steering wheel cover to do the job.


At first, a steering wheel cover may seem to us like a decorative accessory rather than an important item until you spend a lot of time behind the wheel. While it is true that it can personalize the interior of your car, you will soon realize that having this accessory will add comfort for your driving while it protects the steering wheel from early deterioration.

Having so many variations of covers in the market today might confuse you which one to buy for your ride. But since you have made it to my page, I will show you the 5 best car steering wheel covers that might help you decide to give style and protection for your vehicle’s interior.

Why Purchasing a Wheel Cover Is Important

At first, you might not immediately realize the need to buy a steering wheel cover for your auto. Believe me or not, the steering wheel cover was not only designed as a decoration but also for a number of important purposes.

First of all, holding the steering wheel frequently can cause calluses on your hands, just like my hands on the picture below. For most people, especially the ladies, this condition is undesirable because it makes your skin rough. If you don’t like this to occur, then you should definitely consider buying a steering wheel cover right now.

Other reasons why you need a steering wheel cover:

  • To prevent calluses on hands
  • To add a textured grip on the steering wheel, thus promoting safety driving
  • To make your driving experience a comfortable one
  • To help reduce your fatigue while driving
  • To protect the steering wheel from early deterioration
  • To hide any signs of wear on the wheel
  • To add a style or character in the interior of your vehicle

As you can see, adding a steering wheel cover will have lots of benefits for your car. As long as you choose the right material, you will surely not regret of spending a few bucks for the cover in exchange for the protection, comfort and safety it provides.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Steering Wheel Cover?

Choosing a product can be often the most difficult and time-consuming task you could do. But hey, you have fully decided to care for your vehicle and get the best driving experience so I’m sure your effort will not go to waste.

To help you out make a wise decision, I have made a list of criteria you should consider when buying a steering wheel cover:

1. Size of the Steering Wheel Cover

2. Type of Material

3. Cover that Adds Grip

4. Color that Match to Your Car’s Interior

5. Cover that Provides Comfort

Dying to know the best car steering wheel covers today? Please check out our top 5 list below:

My Top Five Best Car Steering Wheel Covers

The first one I would probably recommend is the steering wheel cover. So I bought this few weeks after I had bought my second car because I got convinced from its high customer reviews and recommendations from the car community.

What I like in this product is the comfort it adds to my hands through the paddings. It is also able to help me get a strong grip so I can easily turn the wheel without a lot of effort.

Another feature which I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate is that fact that it’s odorless (if you have sweaty palms like me, then this would not be a problem). My only comment about the product is that it made my steering wheel a bit bulkier but as time went by I already got used to it.

Our Rating

Overall, the comfort and grip of the product is worth a few bucks you will shed in exchange for the comfort and protection of your steering wheel.


  • Provides soft padding to add comfort for your hands
  • Color is neutral for both men and women car owners
  • Product is odorless
  • White inner rubber is high-quality yet environment-friendly to prevent slipping
  • Easier to put on your steering wheel


  • The cover can make your steering wheel thicker
  • The paddings might feel like bumps for new users

If you are looking for a steering wheel cover that’s colorful and a bit playful to look at, then I’m sure you will have this product as your first bet.

This product has already been tested through time. And yes, it provides comfort as well as good grip on the wheels.

Aside from the pretty design (I’m sure the ladies will love it), the cover is a great option for those who doesn’t like the feel of bumps or thick covers. You don’t want your cover to come off easily, and this one will surely give a snug fit on your wheel.

Our Rating


  • Fun and fashionable cover design
  • Doesn’t have thick paddings which might be undesirable for other users
  • Provides neutral temperature for your hands
  • Made of soft and smooth material for added comfort


  • Can be a bit challenging to install
  • Have rubber or toxic smell the moment you first use it

For car owners who are looking for high-quality yet elegant-looking steering wheel cover, then I would suggest this product. The cover is durable yet soft because it is made of PU leather (so its pricey tag is justified).

Moreover, it helps protect your hands from the heat. Car owners who love to use eco-friendly products will appreciate this steering wheel cover since it is not made of materials harmful to the environment.

My cousin has a steering wheel cover ever since she bought her first car. The reason is that she doesn’t like to touch the hot surface of the steering wheel whenever she parks her car under the sun for a few hours (she lives in a country with tropical climate).

Our Rating

This is heat resistant so the moment she installed it on her steering wheels, she was able to hold on to the wheel immediately (after her car was cooked under the sun the whole afternoon) without waiting for it to cool down.


  • Cover is made up of PU leather which is soft to touch yet durable
  • Elegant design that blends perfectly with your dashboard
  • Materials are eco-friendly
  • Stable and heat-resistant
  • The product is designed to last longer


  • Some customers complain about the packaging since the product is folded into 4 parts, making it a bit challenging to remove the folding marks

If you are looking for a classy steering wheel cover with 14.5 to 15 inches diameter, then you should consider purchasing Velvet car steering wheel cover.

The product from Velvet features a cover made of Plush which can give softer and better grip than leather. Other customers have also appreciated its breathable design to minimize sweating.

I would also recommend this product for you if you are looking for a cover that doesn’t wear easily so you can enjoy having it on your wheels for a longer time.

Our Rating


  • Product is designed with Plush which is softer and more comfortable than natural leather
  • Resistant against cold and hot temperatures so that you can hold your wheels safely even under extreme weather conditions
  • Design includes breathable material and comfortable padding
  • Cover looks elegant and a bit sporty


  • It can be loose on some cars and thus may affect handling of the wheel

As what the name suggests, This steering wheel cover is made of PU leather that does not only contribute to its modern look but also to its soft and breathable texture.

This can fit for wheels having diameters of 14.25 to 14.75 inches. What most customers love about this product is it’s a great accessory to protect your hand from a steering wheel surface that’s either too hot or cold to touch (remember those days when the sun is so hot or those extremely cold months).

It perfectly fits so it doesn’t slide on your wheel, allowing you to have a strong grip yet enough comfort while driving.

Our Rating


  • Provides a cool and modern look on your steering wheel
  • Made of PU leather which is durable and resistant against stains
  • Ideal for wheels with diameters between 14.25 to 14.75
  • Animal cruelty-free material and can be easily cleaned


  • The cover does not fit on large steering wheels

The Winner among the List

Choosing the right cover for our steering wheels can be tough but if you know what to look for in a product and weigh the pros and cons, it will be much easier to know which one you will need for your car. In my case, I would highly suggest the Black Odorless Steering Wheel Cover for the following reasons:

  • The product doesn’t give off that annoying toxic smell
  • Very easy to install
  • The design is fit for both men and women
  • It has high-quality inner rubber to help give a stronger grip
  • Comfortable for your hands and thus reduces fatigue while driving

All Done!

If you have been considering getting a steering wheel cover yet confused which one product to buy, then you should start listing the specs you want and check the pros and cons. Here, I have presented to you the top steering wheel covers in the market today to help you make a wise decision in choosing your wheel cover.

So have you decided already which one to buy for your steering wheel? If you still have questions or something to add here, please do type them in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to spread this info to other people because I know a lot of car owners out there need to know this.

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