What Are the Best Car Speakers for 2016 – 2017. Which Features to Check?

Most of the integrated stereo in cars do not truly deliver high excellence of sound and are not deliberately designed to be intense. Hence, to renovate this system you can install a pair of best car speakers.


Best Car speakers will allow you to increase the volume even more, deliver great amount of clarity, reduce any sort of distortion and give a hint of bass to the music.

For those of you who are wondering, what are the best car speakers? Following is the over-all info and most pursued features of topnotch car speakers.

Basic Info on Car Speakers

Types of Car Speakers – Coaxial and Components

Car Speaker system generally has two distinct speakers- ‘woofer’ and a ‘tweeter’. Both of them have different assets and produce different sound ranges.

Woofer is the larger speaker that covers low to medium frequency ranges of sound whereas the tweeter will be handling the high-frequency ranges of sound and blasts.

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1. Coaxial Car Speakers

Coaxial Car speakers have 1 Woofer and 1 tweeter with an inner crossover integrated to split the sound frequencies. All the frequencies are handled in the same unit; hence, the coaxial speakers are of low quality as compared to the component car speakers.

People looking for an affordable car stereo might opt for these coaxial car speakers as they offer a fair amount of clarity and bass, are of good quality, are comparatively cheaper and also less complicated to install.

Usually, coaxial car speakers are two-way designed (1 woofer, 1 tweeter) but there are also some brands that offer 3-way designs or more (a woofer, mid-ranger, a tweeter). Installing Coaxial Car speakers can be done by you easily if you have basic installation knowledge.

Watch the following video to know how to install them step-by-step.

2. Component Speakers

Component Speakers are of superior in quality as compared to the coaxial ones due to the fact that they have separate design of woofer and tweeter; frequencies are made separately. They shell out high quality of sound with maximum clarity and low distortion.

However, they are also very expensively priced and their installation is complicated, best done by professionals.

3. Subwoofer

It is the unit that will handle very low range frequencies. Installing a subwoofer will excellently boost the overall quality of the sound and eventually deliver high clarity of sound.

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Following video explains the difference between these types of speakers and their features.

Most desirable set of car speakers will be the 6.5” Component Car speakers. For exceptional quality of sound and amazing effects, these speakers should be positioned on each side of the car.

What Are the Characteristics of Best Car Speakers?

#1: External Amplifier

The receiver that is usually integrated into the dashboard of your car plays a vital role in delivering great sound quality with the help of incorporated channels.

All of the car stereos come with 4 channels or lesser. If this receiver is of poor quality and does not amplify the sound superiorly, then installing an external amplifier would be an optimumoption.

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Watch below-given video to know how to install an amplifier in your car stereo.

#2: Sensitivity

Sensitivity of the speaker signifies its capability of proficiently converting power into sound using the amplifier’s energy. It is represented by a specific number and increases by 3dB. respectively.

The sensitivity of the car speaker can be measured by the standard of 1 watt/1meter. More is the sensitivity of the car speaker, the better. High sensitivity car speakers will draw less power.

#3: Impedance

Impedance is the measure of the speakers’ electrical resistance to the flow of power. Commonly, many of the car speakers are found to have 4 ohm of impedance, meaning it consumes 2W of power.

However, the speaker with high impedance, say 8 ohm, will pull 1W of power (less power consumption). Meaning, the speakers with low impedance will have greater power consumption.

For best car speakers, make sure to look for a unit with ample impedance rating. Too low impedance will cause poor durability of speakers and too high impedance might rupture the speakers.

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#4: Quality

The core purpose of installing new Car speakers to your vehicle would be the low quality of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) speakers.

These are generally underrated while designing the car and tend to worsen as time passes. Opting for high quality-made New Car speakers will definitely enhance your stereo system andbenefit you over a longer period of time.

#5: Materials

Make sure the surrounding frame of speakers is made from rubber that is of high durability rather than foam surrounds. The woofers made from solid, heat-resistant and lightweight materials will generally deliver a premium quality of bass to the sound.

Metal-made woofers will prove of very high durability and quality but are also equally expensive. Polk Audio 2-Way Component System is the best speakers that feature durable and premium quality materials used for woofer as well as tweeter.

Tweeters that made from hard materials like metal (like aluminum) or fiber will be the optimum choice for a longer period of use. Low-quality tweeter will be made from a cheap plastic-made housing.

#6: Fit

Make sure to check the make, model and year of your vehicle and whether it is in accordance with the car speakers that you are planning to purchase.

Also, see if the Car speakers are provided with the multiple options for fittings so that they can be adjusted as per your convenience.

#7: Frequency range

The greater is the frequency range of the car speakers, the higher will be its capability to produce complex sounds. The uttermost frequency that a car speaker can make is up to 20,000Hz while the lowest frequency is 10 Hz.

The speaker that has ranges between 18Hz up to 20,000 Hz can fairly provide supreme quality of sound.

#8: Capacity of sound representation

Many times, the quality of car speakers are judged with the thumping sound that the bass causes. A high-end subwoofer will create deep sound truthfully instead of blasting thumping noises.

Capacity of audio representation can be determined with the ‘high quality of the bass’ and ‘sound fidelity’ instead of just ‘high bass’.

Dual BP1204 Illumination Bandpass Subwoofer is also another 12” Subwoofer that will provide fine amount of bass output with stylish blue illuminated woofer cones.

#9: Dangers Related to Car Speakers

High-end Car stereo systems can reach up to 140dB, which is dangerous if your ears are exposed to it for longer periods. Sound level above 105dB can eventually cause permanent hearing issues if listened for more than 15 minutes per week.

Also, lower noise levels like 80dB to 85dB can also cause hearing loss if your ears are continuously exposed to them for several hours in a day (say, 8 hours).

Some of the symptoms of hearing issues include buzzing sound in the ear or inability to hear sound temporarily.

With increase of 3dB each, the energy of sound doubles with it and this eventually reduces the time you should be exposed to it. Following article will hand out more info about the time and sound level you are not supposed to listen to.


If all the above-mentioned features of the Car speakers are carefully taken into consideration, then you might be able to find Best Car speakers for your car. Some of the top-class brands like JBL, Boss, Pioneer (A-series and D-series), Rockford, Infinity, etc. have integrated advanced technologies to build some amazing quality of car speaker models.

As per your budget, music taste and desired sound quality, you can opt for any model that best meets all your requirements.

Following video might help you to choose between coaxial speakers or component speakers.

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