Smart Tips to Choosing the Best Car Freshener for Life! Which One Is the Best

Are you displeased by your vehicle's smell despite the fact that it is still new? Or, are you pissed off by the engine oil’s smell, smoked tobacco scent or an odor you are not sure of its origin in your vehicle?


For sure, it is hard to enjoy the comfort of your car when the atmosphere inside is intimidating; I know this from experience, trust me. That’s why you may need the best car freshener to completely get rid of the odors and unpleasant smells from your vehicle.

So, What is a Car Freshener?

A car air freshener is an accessory used to eliminate bad odor from cars. Besides, that you can use it to better or create a wonderful atmosphere in the vehicle and around you whenever you are relaxing in the car.

It is a common commercial product, and you can easily find it stocked on various online shops. There are many brands of air fresheners, but not all of them will provide the best scent you may want, that's why you need some searching.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Freshener!

1. Does Car Air Freshener Work?

Absolutely. There is no doubt about that, air fresheners work, especially if you manage to get the kind that goes well with your taste of smell. Once get your suit, you'll always be enjoying your ride, or even the time you spend relaxing inside the vehicle.

2. And is it Harmful?

Most air fresheners are completely harmless because the components used to make them come in very minute measures. These chemicals include petroleum distillates, aerosol propellants, formaldehyde and the rest. Check on the table below on their usage level, and recommendation.



Use in Minimal Quantities

Use in Large Quantities


Petroleum distillate


Not recommended




Not recommended




Not recommended

On the other hand, many companies prefer using natural scent other than chemical-made fresheners. So, it is upon you to ensure the air freshener you will be using is of the best quality.

3. But Do You Need a Car Air Freshener?

When you’ve purchased a new car, there is that unique scent that comes with it. The smell can be appealing at first because of the excitement that comes with a new car, but after three days or one week, you may find it bothersome. To suppress the odor, you’ll have to use a car freshener.

On the other hand, it is common that you may accidentally spill some yogurt or something inside the car. As obvious, the spilled substance will begin to rot and smell bad. Thus you'll need to have the best car freshener to purify the atmosphere.

4. Now, How Do You Choose a Car Air Freshener

The car is a daily use item, and you may find yourself in it almost seven days a week either going to work or running your errand here and there. The fragrance you choose ought to be smooth and likable. As a matter of facts, people have been using these fragrances and scents for a long time both for their cars and for homes.

The usually challenging part is picking the best product that will serve you efficiently, and for the longest time. However, you can use the below ideas as a guide to the best car air freshener:

5. Is it Safe to Your Health?

Are you wondering why I put this as the first point? Well, your health is very important. While the work of an air freshener is to create an excellent and welcoming car atmosphere, it also must be safe to use. How do you confirm that? Simple, look at its ingredients as well as the product features. Is it from a natural source, or is it chemical-made?

Nonetheless, most of these products don’t have harmful components, but a few people may fall allergic to certain ingredients. That means don’t buy a product with potential allergic ingredients; that info may be stated on the pack.

6. How Long Will the Fragrance Last?

You may want the fragrance for a quick fix, or for a long-term solution. For instance, if you need to fix a bad odor quickly the aerosol can type is a good option. However, for an effective freshener that could last longer, you can go for vent sticks, auto plugin fresheners or oil wicks.

7. Mind the Size of Your Car

A bigger car obviously has much air space, and the opposite is also true. Now, a smaller car will work best with vent sticks, while a plugin or Can style car freshener would be the best choice for a big car in terms of effectiveness against space.

8. Is it Refillable?

Do you want to save some bucks, time, and avoid buying a new product every other time? Then, ensure your the freshener is refillable before ordering for it. Check out on the details regarding this feature on the product’s user info. Tip: most top quality fresheners are refillable.

9. Does it Function Like an Air Purifier?

A car fresher that at the same time works as a purifier in your vehicle is a great plus. That tells you not all of these products have that property. However, while that is not really a necessity but it's nice to note that some items with this property are capable of eliminating bacteria, virus and smoke particles from car thereby boosting your respiratory health.

10. Price

Some people have the inclination that expensive air fresheners are always top quality, while in most cases that may be true, sometimes it’s not. Your guiding principle should be quality as well as the outstanding benefits of a product.

Now Let’s Focus on the Below 5 Best Car Air Fresheners and Analyze Them

***Below are more information on the recommended Car Fresheners, but you can click the link of each product to get an update on the current price and customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Chemical Guys AIR_101_16 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener

This is a natural enzymatic car freshener known for eliminating odors and reducing new vehicle smell enzymatically. It has premium, conc., and long lasting air freshening components that have the ability to reduce recurring odors immensely. Because the solution is highly concentrated, you can decide to dilute or use sparingly to avoid wastage.

Our Rating



  • It is formulated to last longer than most conventional car air fresheners
  • It smells like a new car but with a fantastically modified scent, which is great
  • All Chemical Guys fresheners are naturally derived, so they are not harmful to the environment
  • It can be diluted with nearly up to 2 gallons of water (use distilled water)
  • One application will last for weeks, so it is economical
  • It takes only one spray for a full size can which means less work
  • Being a superior perfume, it provides strong deodorizing abilities
  • With the spray gun, you can target the particular smelly zones places that need some quick fixing


  • It is not automatic, which means you have to spray
  • At first, it can be very on some people

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

2. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

The Moso freshener comes sealed inside a stitched, 200gms linen bag. It has a metal grommet for hand on a hook, which makes it convenient to be placed at numerous locations in the car.

Maso Natural has the topmost feature of purifying the air through its ingredient, which is the Moso bamboo charcoal. Proves are on record showing that in deed this charcoal scientifically reduces ammonia, benzene, and other harmful chemicals.


Our Rating


  • It is chemical free, non-toxic and fragrance-free; thus it is suitable for use by allergic individuals
  • It is reusable for up to two years, which off cause will take away the hustle of buying car air fresher anytime soon
  • By simply placing it outside in the sun you will be rejuvenating the Moso charcoal for reuse
  • It also saves your lungs when it comes health matters, as it eliminates harmful chemicals
  • It’s easy to use, all you need is to hang or place somewhere, thus providing an easy and convenient strategy to maintain an odorless and fresh car environment
  • It prevents mildew, mold and bacteria formation by absorbing excess moisture
  • It is very safe to use around children as it is made from natural resources
  • It’s recyclable into the soil


  • It works over time not instantly

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

3. Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

Little Trees- Black Ice is a fusion of bergamot, lemon, and sandalwood that gives an adventurous masculine fragrance, which most people like.

It gives your car a tune-up of rich scent and makes it maintain a new car fragrance. Also, by the fact that it comes in a max pack of 24 pieces and a mini pack of 6 pieces, it means you'll not need to shop for car fresheners soon thereby saving you some bucks.


Our Rating


  • Has a strong and long lasting scent, which brings that refreshing environment in your car
  • It is available in various tastes of fragrances, thus giving you the freedom to pick what you like most
  • It is versatile as in; you can use it to freshen both your car and home
  • The Bayside Breeze 6-Pack gives a gentle coastal breeze that is a blend of summer melon and crisp apple, which is awesome
  • You will also like the Vanillaroma 6-Pack for its mixture of vanilla, sugarcane, and coconut milk that gives your car atmosphere a smooth finish
  • If your vehicle is a bit old, the New Car Scent 6-Pack tunes it up with a rich scent of new car fragrance
  • Most folks like that air of mystery that this freshener brings


  • You may need it shipped in a special box because the pack is somewhat small

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

4. Car Air Purifier, FRiEQ Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier

FRiEQ freshener provides a controllable and measurable quantity of negative ions, which practically destroys unpleasant leather smell, animal odor, and formaldehyde among others. It also has that property of neutralizing contaminants such as bacteria, ants, virus, and mold and makes breathing comfortable. It comes with an attractive style and a blue LED light that boosts its cool look.

Our Rating



  • It has a great design that facilitates easy plugging and works quickly
  • Its scent gives the air within the car a crispy and soft smell
  • It releases over 4.8 million negative ions that make it the best option for smokers who wish to eliminate smoke odor
  • Besides being a fragrance it also improves the quality of air other than just covering up the bad smell like other scents do
  • Has a massive odor fighting property, which makes it among the strongest interior car fresheners
  • Works to also eliminate old engine smell over time


  • Cannot work without being plucked in

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:

5. Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel

This scented gel helps to remove offensive and stubborn odors either from a car or from a room. It has a patented formula that acts best on bad smell in small or intimate areas like your vehicle. It also works very well at eliminating smoke particles. It comes in a 4.5 oz jar and can last up to 3 months. It is good stuff for smokers that don’t want the car to stink.

Our Rating



  • It comes in a compacted design which allows you to stash it beneath the seat or anywhere you like
  • At first, the freshener's scent persists strongly for a day to combat any stubborn smell
  • Has a variety of fragrance tastes so you can choose what suits you best
  • It uses science and technology to eliminate the smelly particles instead of masking them
  • The gel makes it possible to control the amount of fragrance released to avoid wastage, so it is economically convenient
  • In a one time application, the freshener perfume will disappear within 24 hours if you are using it as a quick fix


  • Long-term use may result in health issues because the chemicals used can be harmful at high levels
  • Some people just don’t like the scent of this freshener
  • The perfume at first may be overwhelming, which may force you to stay out of the car for some minutes

Please watch the video to know how to use this product:


So which is the best car freshener among these five? Off cause, the product that wins the round up must express most of the desirable features. In simple terms, the freshener should:

  • Act like an air purifier
  • Be healthy to use
  • Last reasonably longer
  • Work within the size of your car effectively
  • Cost reasonably
  • And be refillable (if you like)

Now, let us tabulate their 3 main features as below in to make a summary:


Is it an air purifier?

Is it healthy to use?

Lasting period

1. Chemical Guys AIR_101_16

Yes, uses enzymes


3 wks per spray

2. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Yes, Bamboo charcoal

Absolutely,- its natural

2 years per bag

3. Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

Improves air quality

Yes, in small measures

It depends

4. Car Air Purifier

Improves air quality


Approx 3 months

5. Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel


Only in small quantities

It depends

So Which One Should You Chose?

If you check carefully on the features and benefits of all these five, you’ll see that the Moso Natural made from Maso bamboo charcoal is the best car freshener. Reason being, it is absolutely chemical-free and natural-made. It lasts for two years; it’s safe to your lung's health and also has a compact design.


Despite the fact that it has become almost inevitable to stay without a car air freshener, ensure that the product you pick meets your key purpose of buying it. For instance, if you are a smoker, the freshener must be able to eliminate the smoke particles but not cover them.

The taste of smell on the fragrance should also be welcoming, and worth to mention, the price should also be reasonable. In this case, if you are after the best car air freshener, Moso Natural should be your first choice.

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