The Definite Guide top 5 Best Car Dusters 2017 Edition!

Have you ever wished for a better and fast way of dust cleaning the interior and exterior of your car? That’s a yes, right? You are not alone. Myself I used to wish if only I could have a way to keeping my car sparkles clean without having to wash it always.


However, one day I spotted my neighbors cleaning the inside of her car with one of these special car dusters and he seemed to enjoy the task.

And you know what? The envious nature of competing in me rose up so I had to investigate further.

So far, I can tell you for free that using the best car duster is the way to go...

But why?

Car cleaning is a tedious task that sometimes demands great skills. There are soft parts inside the car that if you are using ordinary dusters or brush, the areas may end up fading in a short while. Ordinary dusters may also leave white scratches; of cause, you don’t want that! Or do you? Surely no, then search for the best vehicle duster for your valuable car.

But First What Exactly is a Car Duster?

That’s a good question. Personally, I used to think any rag or brush can dust-clean the car, as in. I never imagined about something special for the task; well, now I know better. So what exactly are we referring to when talking of a car duster? This is a soft and special tool used in cleaning the car.

Car dusters are particularly made with soft-clustered fibers. They are gentle enough for car surfaces and give great results. The fibers are wax coated, which sticks to the dust thereby removing it from the car.

Why Exactly Do I Need a Car Duster?

First, this tool makes the task of cleaning your car extremely easy that you’ll like doing it more and more. You can use it to keep your car’s interiors and exterior completely dirt free. It helps to minimize the use of detergent thereby making the vehicle to shine and maintain its aesthetic looks for years. Its benefits are endless!

Another very important aspect is that using a car duster helps you to easily reach out dirt and dust from the often unreachable places such as the windshield’s far corners, the dashboard and others. That means your car will be much cleaner with the best car duster in use.

The Benefits of a Car Duster

The top one benefit of a car duster is it allows you to clean-dust your vehicle’s interior and exterior without necessary using water and soap. Other outstanding benefits include:

  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • You’ll need to wash your car less times
  • It keeps your car shining like it was just washed

Five Topmost Picks for the Best Car Duster

Below are details of 5 best products. Check the one that goes down to your exact needs as well as coincides with your budgetary requirements.

The Ultimate Duster is made from superior microfiber, and its size allows it to be flexible in the hand. It has a large dusting head that increases the surface cleaning area to reduce the time needed.

Besides cleaning your car’s interior as well as the exterior, you can employ to use it in removing pollen and other tiny particles on home or office surfaces. It’s unbreakable and extended handles make the cleaning task very easy.

So, if time is also a concern this should sort you out as it makes the task convenient and fast.


Our Rating


  • It is of a professional quality meaning it will not leave behind residue or lint like some do
  • The electrostatic property in the microfiber ensures no dust escapes
  • It comes with a storage bag that guarantees to boost the lifespan of the duster
  • No cheap wood or plastic handle to break off
  • Its size is also convenient with all hand sizes and the grip is supportive


  • It gets very heavy if you use it as a wash mint
  • It is round shaped and could be a misfit to some people

The carrand car duster is fast changing the way a car cleaner performs, which is a good move towards customer satisfaction. As you can see its size, it is made innovatively to quicken chores.

A bit shorter compared to other dusters, but with big soft bristles, this gives you the liberty to move the tool where you want, including those hard to reach areas.

Besides cars, it is also designed to function super effectively on other surfaces like window blinds, glass, and kitchen shelves.


Our Rating


  • It has long chenille microfiber that makes it reach more dirt and dust
  • It is round shaped, which makes it grab dust from all sides
  • It is very ideal for cup holders as well as pockets
  • It has a comfortable modeled handle that fits into the hand well
  • Professional dealers and car collectors prefer it for its size and effectiveness
  • The handle is rough to ensure it sticks into the hand and reduce friction


  • It is approximately 6 inches, which is a bit shorter, some people prefer longer dusters
  • It is very soft for the touch stains

This is a standard car duster and it comes with a strong wooden handle. Its bristles point downwards and that makes it very comfortable to use. It also enables you to focus on the particular dirt you want to clean because of its shape.

In essence, you don’t need to strain in your chores. I liked its size because it allowed me to sweep off the far corners at a sizeable distance. It will help you hit the dust at the right end of the windshield while standing on the left side, even if you are not that tall. Of cause that it is good news for some of “us who are short!’’


Our Rating


  • It is fast in lifting dust and dirt but won’t scratch the paint
  • It is 100 percent cotton made making it a good mop
  • The bristles are treated with paraffin wax that facilitates removal not just moving
  • Its wooden handle and duster quality is built for years of use
  • Its design and shape is focused to reduce effort and save time
  • It does not scratch finish
  • You will not need to use spray waxes, it’s already waxed
  • It is non-toxic and safe to use even with bare hands


  • The box will have to indicate what is inside during shipping, so no privacy
  • In rare cases, bad usage may make the waxy tendrils to infuse the car’s paint

This is a microfiber car duster. It is perfectly scratch, streak and lint free, great features, right? Well, it is particularly designed to facilitate proper care for your car.

It comes with an expandable but very strong handle made from steel, what does that tell you? Simple, it is unbreakable and I am sure you will like it. Blue, is its color in most cases, but trust me it is “amazing-blue” so to speak.

As always, anything versatile is so welcomed into our daily life that is exactly what this car duster is; besides car cleaning, you can use it to clean your household.


Our Rating


  • It is bigger and fuller with a reliable 360-degrees microfiber head, which makes cleaning super easy
  • It is highly safe on painted and glassed surfaces
  • It saves water, money and time because of all its features
  • It is light in weight so you will not get tired using it
  • Its performance will reduce your car wash visits so you will recover the cost of the duster within a month or so.
  • You can always adjust it to be extra-long up to 32-in in reach.
  • It’s multipurpose, you can use it on your car, house windows, mini-blinds, appliances and patio furniture


  • It may appear a bit bulky for some people
  • It mostly works best on smooth surfaces

This is an Ultra-Premium dash duster with a super soft handle and well-arranged tendrils. Essentially, it is the most notable professional car-detailing tool. Has a 10-inch dusting head, which is more than enough to pick up dirt in a given surface area.

With its electrostatic functionality you are able to pick up dirt or pollen with each single sweep and not having to repeat where you have already passed over. This duster is not limited you can as well us it on your motorcycle, RV, or home surfaces like the window pans.


Our Rating


  • Takes up pollen, dust, and dirt with just one sweep
  • It is professionally made for cars so it is more result oriented
  • Its size allows it to be easily stored in the glove compartment
  • You don’t need to fold it so it will live quite longer
  • It does not drag dirt around but instead removes it with one pass
  • Has a 5 ½- inch soft grip handle that easily fits anyone's hands


  • The handle is made of soft foam material instead of steel
  • Can clean the car’s exterior only in some areas

So what are the most outstanding features to dwell on when comparing these best 2017 car dusters above? First, the type of cleaning material is very important, followed by the size and type of the handle, and finally the size of the cleaning head. Check below:

Comparison Table



Handle Size, and Type

Head Size

1. Ultimate Car Duster


Average, steel made

Big, 16-inch

2. Carrand 97372 AS

Chenille Microfiber

Short, strong plastic


3. California Car Duster

Waxed Cotton head

Long, wooden handle

Extensively, big

4. Drought Buster


Extendable,steel handle

Big full, 360˚

5. Prestige Auto Care

Premium Microfiber

Very short, but ok

Average 10-inch

So Which One Should You Choose?

Well, there are features to look for when you are in the middle of deciding which car duster to go for. In my opinion, I would advise you to choose the California Car Duster 62442. Reason being, it has very interesting features that made me love it. Let’s check them out below.

It is fast in lifting up dirt thereby saving you time. Its tendrils are cotton made, which makes a good mop, thus it will not spoil even if you use it with water.

In addition, the cotton making California car duster is paraffin-wax-coated, thus it will not scratch your vehicle’s paint or leave spotting. That also means you will not incur other expenses of needing wax sprays, isn’t that cool? Sure, it is! Its bristles have electrostatic properties that help to trap dirt and dust for removal and not just dragging.


Factually, the above five car dusters are good picks, but of cause, you need one, right? Well, I suggest you specify your needs and compare them with the properties of the duster you want. As in if, what you need is something small, but effective, your picks can revolve around the Carrand 97372As and Relentless Drive. However, if you are after a scratch-free, time saving, long-lasting and versatile product, the California Car Duster 62442 is exactly what you need.

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