How to Avoid Texting While Driving on Car – A Reminder to Keep You Safe on the Road!

Every day, car accidents seem to be a common misfortune event on the road around the globe. And whether you like it or not, texting while driving is among the top reasons why these road accidents happen.


We all love multitasking (especially when we want to be more productive). But when it comes to driving, focus is very important and you cannot afford to do other little tasks (such as checking your phone) while you are on the road.

Being distracted when behind the wheels even for a few seconds will increase your risk by about 20 percent to meet a road accident. Apart from learning how to drive a car, you should also know the rules on the road and how to be responsible.

Constantly being alert of your actions as well as with the other drivers will truly help lessen road accidents. If you are the type of person who just can’t get your eyes off of your phone, then this article might help you think twice before doing again the dangerous habit.

Texting While Driving on Car – Why It’s Dangerous

While many people are already aware how dangerous it is to text while driving, only a few can actually avoid the negative habit and follow the rules on the road. In fact, a lot of drivers still give in to the temptation to check their phone (I even saw one drive playing clash of clans while driving)!

This is only one of many “Texting While Driving Accident” examples I want you see before we go to the reasons why we should give up this negative habit.

Before it’s too late, let me remind you again why it’s dangerous to text and drive with the following facts I’ve gathered:

  • According to Asirt, around 1.3 million people are killed and 20-50 million injured in road accidents every year that involve distracted drivers.
  • Using your phone while driving will increase your chance of getting an accident by 23 times, according to The New York Times.
  • Car accident lawyers in San Diego revealed that distracted driving is on the top list of factors that cause road accidents.
  • Experts revealed that about 34% percent of drivers admitted of using their phones while on the road.
  • It takes you an average of 5 seconds to text and keeps your eyes off the road. This little amount of time is enough to trigger an accident on the road.

Here is a deplorable story about the cute girl who was reading the message while driving from her mom’s and she had the terrible accident soon after that.

  • Texting while driving will put you, your passengers, and the other motorists at high risk of road accident.
  • Some countries are implementing laws that make texting while driving an illegal act.
  • It’s possible that you can hit a person while crossing on a pedestrian because you were looking at your phone while driving.


My friend’s uncle got involved in a horrible car accident last 2013 due to distracted driving. I will not detail the gruesome accident, but it cut his life short, together with 3 other people who were with him that night.

Now that I have your attention after reading the list above, it’s time for you to think twice before getting tempted to pick your phone the next time you drive. If it’s a habit that’s difficult for you to change, then read on!

On the next section, I will give you simple tips on how to avoid texting while driving on a car to stay safe on the road!

How to Avoid Distraction While Driving – A Few Simple Tips that Could Save Your Life!

If you want to change for good to protect not only yourself but also the others who are sharing the road with you, then it’s worth it to try a few simple tips below to help you avoid the distraction.

Of course, there are many possible (and even creative) ways to avoid the negative habit of checking your phone while you’re behind the wheels. You may try any methods you are comfortable with to effectively keep your focus on the road.

1. Make Important Calls or Send Messages before Driving

If you want to avoid road accidents due to distraction, I would suggest you from now on to schedule your calls or send messages before you jump on your car. Prepare all the information you need along the way, call your friend or answer your mom then put away your device once you’re ready to start your trip.

The moment you pick your phone even for a few seconds, you will never know what you will hit while your eyes are off the road. Just like what happened to my friend’s uncle, he wasn’t able to avoid the huge truck coming because of distraction. Driving involves focus and alertness, no matter what.

2. Place Your Phone in the Backseat

Photo by iKross

Keeping your phone away from your sight temporarily could be the simplest thing you can do to avoid being distracted while driving. Not being able to reach your phone easily will keep your fingers from itching to swipe the screen. You will also be forced to prioritize your text messages and stop the vehicle in a safe place if you need to check an emergency message.

My aunt bought a device holder for her tablets and smartphones and she loved it! The device holder can be installed on the car headrest, so your eyes are away from your devices or your kids at the back can watch cartoons during your long and boring journeys.

3. Turn the Airplane Mode On

Putting your phone on airplane mode will disable incoming messages or calls. This will stop any temptations to respond to calls or texts while you are on the road. Besides, sacrificing a little of your time to focus while driving will keep you and your fellow motorists safe. We may live in a digital world but we all must be responsible in using our technology that will not harm others.

Whenever I drive my car, I always choose to put my phone on airplane mode and turn it back to normal once I arrive in my destination. I believe text messages and calls can wait rather than taking the risk while I’m on the road.

4. Download Apps to Block Incoming Calls and Messages


We are all living in a digital world today and it’s almost impossible not to find an app that will help you with your daily tasks, even in driving. To keep you away from temptations, you can use apps like DriveOFF and DriveScribe that temporarily disable your phone from receiving incoming calls and messages.

Most of my friends have tried DriveOFF and DriveScribe and found the apps effective. Just like setting your phone to airplane mode, the apps have the capabilities to temporarily block incoming messages and calls. I’m sure these apps do have a lot of interesting features which will help you make your driving experience convenient.

5. Drive with a Friend

If you are really itching to check your phone from time to time, you may ask a trusted friend to help you read and respond to the messages or answer calls for you while you are driving. Although it is still best to answer your phone when you’re away from the wheels, this method will at least help you lessen the temptation to respond and maintain focus on the road.

6. Be Patient – Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

The moment you feel like you want to swipe the screen on your device to check the notifications (while you are driving), you might want to ask yourself first.

Is it worth risking your own safety, as well as the lives of the others on the road, just to read and respond to a text message? Think again. If not, then do not read or respond until you have safely reached your destination.

7. Pull Over and Stop If You Really Need to Check Your Phone

Photo by Tolga Cetin

If you really need to check your phone’s notifications, then the best thing you can do is to pull over and park the car in a safe place. I will not recommend you to pull over in the middle of a busy highway, or checking your phone during a red light. Do this option only if you can find a safe place to pull over your car.

The Bottom Line!

Distraction is the top reason why many accidents happen on the road. While driving, you should not only care about yourself but also for the passengers and other motorists sharing the road with you. Being responsible will surely help a lot in avoiding accidents due to distractions such as texting while driving.

There are many ways to help you avoid texting while driving on car – I have mentioned some of those in this primer. It really doesn’t matter which method you will use just to keep you away from the temptation. Find the one that fits best for you to shake off that negative habit of yours.

Remember that it only takes a few seconds of distraction to cause a road accident. Your actions while you’re behind the wheels can either cause or prevent an accident, so please be responsible! Stay alert. Keep your eyes on the road.

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