6 Innovative Car Accessories That Will Soon be Standard

As time goes on and technology improves, we are seeing more and more accessories in cars that aim not only to make traveling more comfortable or even entertaining, but safer too.


There truly are some innovative things happening when it comes to car accessories, and this month’s article takes a look at a few that you can expect will be sold as standard very soon if they aren’t already.

1. In-Car Wi-FI

Wifi is being made available in more places these days, and now even your car can provide a wifi signal. Many new cards have this hotspot feature included, meaning passengers can log in and browse the internet with a strong signal.

This enables you to play music, videos or even access maps for significantly cheaper than you would when using 3G for example, making it a very handy feature indeed.

2. GPS Navigation

This has become a standard built-in feature of many new cars and has come a long way since it was first released all those years ago.

Nowadays, GPS units can provide traffic reports, on-the-fly-directions as you drive and 3D maps, constantly tracking your position and suggesting the quickest way to get you to your destination no matter where you are in the world.

With many being able to be installed into your car and portable GPS systems that can be attached to your dash, you have no need to be using your mobile phone to look for directions while driving, which isn’t only dangerous but is actually illegal.

One of the most well received KIA accessories, sat-nav comes with complementary map updates at 12 ad 24 months after the purchase of your KIA vehicle.

3. Self-inflating Tyres

This truly is a technological breakthrough. Self-inflating tyres have been available since 2014 for commercial trucks and will soon be available on the car market too. They essentially work by monitoring the amount of air in tyres with the use of a sensor which is attached to each wheel.

An inner pump automatically fills tyres that are lacking in air, which ensures greater fuel economy and better handling on the road too. This will save you having to check them regularly and fill them up at service stations or when you have the vehicle serviced.

4. Parking Assist

Another already popular features on many new cars, parking assist has seen a number of important improvements that have made it much more user friendly.

There are various car parking assist systems on the market; some will provide as little as a beeping sound to indicate to drivers when they are approaching other parked vehicles. Others have cameras fitted at the back of the car so drivers can see how much room they have and can adjust accordingly.

But more advanced ‘self parking’ systems are make parallel parking even more easy. Utilizing rear and front sensors and a radar system to pick up on other vehicles and the size of the parking space, parking assist has evolved to the point where it can steer your car into place - all you have to do is reverse!

5. Vehicle Protection

Our cars are obviously exposed to the elements and it’s only natural that over time, this will have an effect on the surface of your vehicle.

However, KIA car protection these days gives your car a better chance of looking it’s best for longer, with Titanium dioxide that protects the exterior surface and breaks down substances that collect there and can damage the paint.

Tinted window technology has also become more effective, protecting from glare, UV rays and limiting the amount of heat that can enter to the interior of your car, as well as providing for increased privacy.

6. Front Center Airbag

The amount of airbags in new cars is greater than ever before. In the past, airbags where standard for the driver and over time we’ve seen them available for passengers in the front and back seats and the side of the car too.

We are now at the point where airbags can be used to protect passengers from each other or from being thrown the side. The front centre airbag is design to inflate for side-on collisions which have typically lead to higher rates of injury.

The airbag inflates between the driver and front passenger seats, increasing the likelihood that passengers remain in place.

If you already have these car accessories consider yourself as one of those who can be called innovative while they are choosing their everyday necessity of accessories. If you don’t have those, it’s never late consult your local car part and accessories experts and be a part of update auto industry.

About the Author Alice Brown

I am just a car girl. Simply interested in the automotive and vehicular world. I started out as an apprentice mechanic working at my father’s garage. I'm hoping my two cents will help you fix a blinking light on the dashboard or that cranking noise that you don’t seem to know where it is coming from.